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The Vampire Diaries – 5×17 Rescue Me | Commentary

In TV Shows on 29/03/2014 at 2:31 AM

Quote of the episode; “It’s very difficult to explain to your brother that you just broke up with the former love of his life and  then.. broke the bed.”

Yes I know I’ve been MIA for ages but now I am back and I am motivated and I am loving The Vampire Diaries more than ever. Let us take the time to mourn the dead, Silas, Amara, Qetsiyah, Dr. Masfield, Aaron, the owner of the dead head Damon patted in “No Exit”, Nadia and the incredible Miss Katherine Pierce. I’m sure some people have reservations about killing off one TVD’s best assets but hey this is why we all love  the show in the first place… No one is safe.

Now, let’s get to business.

Firstly, I have one word for you my people. Steroline!


A picture says a thousand words. I rest my case.

Secondly, Elena is back to being so freakin’ Elena. She loves Damon. Damon loves her. What the hell is her issue. Damon is not the good guy, she knew this before she accidentally stumbled on his bed. She defends him because that’s who she is. The girl shamelessly defended  a crazy witch who was seconds away from ramming a stake in her heart for goodness sake… that shows a lot. Urgggh! Not that I’m a Delena fan, as I predicted Elena turned Damon softer than soft scoop ice cream and we all know that bad boy Damon is simply the best

Little Gilbert finally got some balls. It’s true what he said about his life. How can we even expect him to have a normal existence when he’s a twice resurrected vampire hunter, with a doppelganger sister (cousin really) and a dead girlfriend. Talking about Bonnie, I think I’m at the stage where I can stand her, by some sorcery she pisses me off less,maybe because of the hair cut, the fact that she has less screen time and isn’t running around trying to save everyone with her annoying witchy shit. Anyways, I am happy that he’s finally running his own life and actually has a central storyline that he steers himself. This new Liv and (irrelevant because he isn’t hot, is his name James or something) twin brother storyline intrigues me so. I take it that Matt, Jeremy and Tyler are gonna be a little power trio now, only thing is what the hell is Matt adding to the melting pot of power other than a charm and dreamy blue eyes. (Please don’t hurt me, I love Matt really).

Enzo! *excuse me as I drool*


It’s like he’s looking straight into my soul… *sighs*

Ah Lorenzo, Lorenzo, Lorenzo. Why are you not in my bed? If he gets killed off anytime soon, me and Julie Plec will have problems. He’s just so tall, dark and handsome and his accent does things to me. And he has a thing for Caroline (so do I, with that said anyone who is shipping Enzoline needs to stop right there (refer to the first picture of this post)) and he’s fucking bad ass and he’s insightful knowing that Caroline could not kill that Tom Avery dude. By the way, Paul did a good job there now he and Nina are even at playing doppelgangers. (Only in body count obviously)

Last but not least…. The Travellers! Can we just take a second to think about all the endless stream of central villains that TVD cooks up season after season.

1. The Tomb Vampires

2. Katherine

3. His sexiness Klaus and The Original Family

4. Silas and Qetsiyah

And just when you think that they can’t do better than the first immortal being and a crazy 2,000 year old witch they present to you a…. what the hell are Travellers anyways, I mean I know they’re witches but they’re probably cooler because that ending scene blew my mind. I already know two things about Markos, he’s gonna be epic and he’s gonna be sexy, what more can a girl want? I love Sloan, I love their chants and most importantly I love their potential. I literally can’t wait to see their next move and what they have planned for Stefan and Elena. TVD returns on the 17th of April, because for some ungodly reason CW has put the show on break about three gazatrillion times  season.

Best 5×17 Moments

1. Elena’s science classroom sex fantasy… oh yeah.

2. Stefan and Caroline falling asleep together

3. Enzo, I swear if they had an episode of just his face I’d watch every single second of the 42 minute (give or take) episode

4. The ending sequence! I’ve re-watched it couple times and I’m still not over it.


Until we meet again, Miss More.

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