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Pretty Little Liars – 5×04 Thrown From The Ride | Commentary

In TV Shows on 06/07/2014 at 3:52 AM

So, what have we learnt this episode?… once you know something, you can’t un-known it.

Ali got me suspicious this episode because of her accidental A text. Was it a clue? It’s a clue. It has to be a clue. It has to be one of those tricky unstable clues but a clue nevertheless. What’s Ali’s involvement with this A psycho? Is she Big A. Oh Lord! I swear if she’s Big A I am gonna have trust issues for life. I did feel sorry for her during that examination, it’s either A) she was hell of nervous because she’s spun quite a large lie that could cost the girls A LOT or B) something really bad did happen to her while on the run for was it 2 years, that scar sure looked nasty. Maybe it’s both. But judging from her wide eyed look, I’d like to think that she is harboring some dark painful secret(s).

PLL 5x04 Collage 1

“It’s crazy isn’t it, I mean we’ve all wanted this for so long, a life without A and Ali back. I thought everything would feel like it did before but it hasn’t”

For once, Emily said something that didn’t make me want to shoot myself. I think her point is very important when you look at the girls relationship with Ali. She was the one that bought them together, once she was the core of their group, the girls only ever felt what Ali wanted them to feel, she was the queen and they were her puppets. And then she disappeared and they had to find their own identity, she bought them back together but this time she wasn’t that glue, a true friendship flourished. Ali has returned to the inner circle but not to her puppets but to her equals. It’s gonna be good watching how Queen Alison will deal with this situation. She’s obviously pissed the girls off with her nuclear lie. What next?

I love love love love love love love Hanna’s new hair!!! And what she wore was just…. yes!!

PLL 5x04 Collage2

In a world where everyone is  dip dying or highlighting or whatevering their hair blonde, Hanna goes for black. Here’s me thinking that she  would so pull off completely dark hair. Apparently she’s going back to her shop lifting tendencies, seriously? They can’t think of a better way to have the girl find herself. And that reminds me who the hell is stalking the girls, there was some creep hiding in the bushes at Emily’s and now some creep was in those changing rooms. That better be Big A rising.

The assault on Papa Hastings continues. Obviously, we’re being played stupid. Any time someone is made to look utterly dodgy in Rosewood it’s always the opposite.  Evidence? Ezra, Lucas, Toby…. With all that said though; where’s Mama Hastings!?

What I really want to know is why was Spencer BellaSwaning all through the Thrown From The Ride.

5x04 Collage 3

“There’s been monsters under my bed for so long  that now they’re not there anymore I feel like I have to create them”

As we all know Troian is a Kristen’s superior but all those expressions they had her making were classical Bella Swan. Okay maybe not the gasp, that’s classical PLL but the rest #BellaSwaning . Spencer has been Spenciring away since the end of last season, actually no she’s been Spenciring since the beginning of the entire series,  you obsessively seeking answers. And I like that about her, without her PLL would be just  3 teenagers dealing with sociopath, Spencer adds in the feelings.

Let’s just talk about the things I didn’t care for this episode real quick.

1. Andrew falling from the sky. I honestly didn’t remember his name until Spencer said it.

2. Lucas also falling from the sky. Honestly no one missed him.

3. Mona’s uber creepiness, she better have a better plan that practically threatening the girls with what she knows. Plus what in the name is she doing with operation MAkeAlisonWishSheStAyedDeAd is this just some NerdsUnite kind of thing or is she gonna go crazy?

4. The whole Pemily arch that’s just draaagging. Why can’t kill Paige off and then pull a TVD bring back Maya? A life for a life that works

5. Aria in general. She killed freakin A and the girls there moping about it *rolls eyes* Why couldn’t they make Ali kill Shana? No one would complain.

6. The writers trying to slowly build back Ezria from the ashes when everybody knows they’re totally gonna poke in the near future

Catch me next week my darlings and check out my last PLL commentary – 5×03 Surfing The Aftershocks.

Until we meet again, Miss More.


Pretty Little Liars – 5×03 Surfing The Aftershocks | Commentary

In TV Shows on 28/06/2014 at 12:56 AM

Emily: Coincidences happen

Spencer : Yeah all the time, they grow on trees like coconuts waiting for you to walk under them

So, what have we learnt this episode?… blood is thicker than water and it can also be very slippery. I swear Melissa has already won best line of the season.

Am I the only one who thought that Mrs. D’s funeral was a bit under done, I mean her death looks as if it’s going drive storylines for episodes to come and all she gets is the pretty much the first thirty seconds of the show. The whole dress thing was good I think, as powerful as it was creepy. Side note; why the hell do the girls look so stylish going to a funeral. Is Emily wearing a play suit?


 Okay, so who the hell is this new girl they bought, I don’t even remember her name. Was she just there to create the whole Emily and Paige episode arch (frankly I’m not a Pemily fan or whatever people who actually care about them call it, I admit they are cute together though but let’s be honest it wouldn’t make  a difference to anyone’s life) or is here to stay. Because I hate it when they introduce new characters just to make them disappear. And talking about disappearing, where in the hell is Jenna!! Whenever the girl is on camera, the tension rises to 1,000 degrees. We want Jenna! Well I want Jenna, don’t know about you. Personally, and I know that many would tell me I’m too harsh, I think Alison deserves all that has happened to her, she did what she did to Jenna in cold blood and then let Toby take the blame. I know that we all love the girls (I actually only love 3 and just tolerate the others) but we must also acknowledge that fact that they aren’t innocent at all.

I really like what they did with Hanna this episode. Let’s be honest none of the girls apart from Spencer get any, I don’t know what to say…. deep stories to tell. I feel like this episode we got to see Hanna like we have never have before. Because her episode arch focused on her, not her and some boy but her as a human being. I loved those flashbacks more than I can express, in fact they are my favorite part of the episode. The story of how Hanna became the it girl of Rosewood high could be it’s own movie. And that song they use… damn.

Hanna: Not me. I never knew who the hell I was

PLL 5x03 Collage 1

I hope that this is the beginning of Hanna becoming her own woman, after spending so long wearing  a mask that eventually became her face. You can tell she misses the old Hanna especially now that Ali is back,even though no one remembers her. Obviously Ali returning was going to raise certain things from the girls, can’t wait to see what else is in store.  And speaking of  Ali, her real face is surfacing. And it’s not very pretty.

Why does Jason have to go? He’s probably the only sane one in Rosewood. I don’t even think he has any secrets left. I say he stays and gets it on with Aria, because Jaria is probably written in the stars somewhere. I say this knowing that Ezria is sparking up again, judging from that last scene. All I wanna say is, they better make this the last time these two two lovebirds break up only to get back together again. It’s getting old now Marlene King. Ezra in crutches did break my heart harder than any of their little lovers tiffs ever did. Does anyone remember that kiss that Aria shared with Ezra’s pretty faced younger brother? What happened to that story line Marlene King?

Melissa: Now stay away from her and the rest of them

PLL 5x03 9

Now to the biggest part of “Surfing The Aftershocks”, the whole Hastings and DiLaurentis family fued thing – Or whatever it’s supposed to be. They’ve been building this up since last season, if I remember correctly. No one still doesn’t know why they’re so hateful towards one another but I’m sure it’s  juicy. Melissa in all her glory, gave us the best line I have heard in my life. This is a line that I’m actually going to be quoting in real life. I am soooo ready to know her secret. Did she kill Mrs D… nah too obvious. And then there’s Mr Hastings. Last episode, they took extra care to paint Jason as some psycho. This episode it was Peter Hastings turn and this I actually buy, that man is noy to be trusted at all. The scene he had with Alison creeped me out so much. If anyone has any theories about what he’s hiding, care to share.

42 minutes and 53 seconds end way too quickly in Rosewood. Catch me next week, and check out my last PLL commentary – 5×02 Whirly Girl or better still check out my next one – 5×04 Thrown From The Ride.

Until we meet again, Miss More

Pretty Little Liars – 5×02 Whirly Girl | Commentary

In TV Shows on 20/06/2014 at 5:10 PM

Quote of the episode; “Oh yes, and don’t expect any sovereigns because all she bought back was attitude… and secrets” – Mama Hastings

Is it me, or did Alison get prettier?


I feel as if this episode has set the true tone for the rest of season 5 which is bound to be killing. Even better than season 2, I hope. In Whirly Girlie we were taken straight in to Ali’s biggest lie ever!! Honestly I didn’t expect her to go for a kidnapping story that doesn’t really seem to add up ( and the question still burns… who’s the girl in the box!!) Judging from the way that Spencer reacted to that lie, I know for a fact that their relationship is gonna be balancing at the edge of a cliff. But you know… the more drama the merrier.

I am once again doubting Toby, something about how he was acting in the Hasting house didn’t add up, something about his London story just didn’t add up either. He was oh so convincing all up in Spencer’s bed but still but I don’t fully trust Toby as of this episode. Like when her phone was ringing and he just seemed so thirsty for whatever information the phone call would deliver.I’m starting to think that Melissa and all her secrets are in reality harmless in comparison to whatever Toby has been up to.  I honestly don’t care if  Toby is on the A Team, like hell I don’t care if Toby is freakin Big A, as long as Caleb stays golden my heart will go on.

They worked so hard in Whirly Girlie to paint Jason as some kind of villain, he looked soooo crazy this episode. But just like how I didn’t buy their whole Ezra is evil campaign, I don’t buy this Jason=Psycho thing they have going on. This is Rosewood and nothing is at seems. The girls need to stop getting their panties in a twist over Jason’s overall wierdness (it’s nothing new, Jason has always been wierd (and H.O.T)) and look beyond the obvious. You would think they’d have learn this by now! Urggh. The pain in Jason’s eyes when he was telling Emily that without his mum his dad can do whatever and the pain in his eyes when his mum was discovered was to real to ever conclude that Jason did anything to hurt her. Obviously he has his secret, it’s Rosewood. I didn’t expect that they would kill Mrs D. I do see it’s potential though. My theory is that A took Mrs D’s life in exchange for Shauna’s.

And talking about Shauna, Aria is back to being Aria. If I was her friend I’d just slap her with a butcher knife and hope that she has amnesia so that I don’t have to deal her shit. I know that I’m being overly harsh but I don’t care. If Emily manage to not piss me off after her whole.. what was his name? You know him Maya’s “cousin”… anyways, if Emily managed to keep her annoyingness to herself, why can’t Aria. That’s all =D


“You’re gonna wish you stayed dead.”

How do you solve a problem like Mona? I’ve never cared much for Little Montgomery (can’t remember his name) but what she’s doing to him is just cruel, the girls deserve being forced to pay for their sins but Little Montgomery is as sweet as pie, he doesn’t deserve to be used as… I don’t even know what she’s using him for. Marlene King needs to hurry the hell up and tell me what the hell is going on with Mona. In fact this entire A thing is pissing off. Who is Big A I wanna know!! One thing though is that they are a loser because the amount of time that they have invested in making the lives of five teenage girls a living hell is just sad.

What do you say about starting a ReveAl A  petition? Anyone….

Catch me next week and check out my last PLL commentary – 5×01 EscApe From New York  or better still check out my next one – 5×03 Surfing The Aftershocks

Until we meet again, Miss More.

Pretty Little Liars – 5×01 EscApe From New York | Commentary

In TV Shows on 11/06/2014 at 8:26 PM

Quote of the episode; “You once told me that the only way to trust someone is to not ask too many questions and then you sent me to Rosewood to ask questions” – Shana (honestly this line isn’t the best but the way she delivered it was just…on point)

Firstly can we all agree that if Ezra dies, we’re going to boycott PLL forever….. No? Okay. I understand.


EscApe From New York was more than I could have imagined, this episode is another example of how PLL will always leave you with more questions than answers. I don’t even know where to start…

It was just so good to see Alison is present day and know that she’s here to stay for good. That girl is is golden, I know that she wasn’t/isn’t a great person but her character is so great to watch. I cannot wait to see the relationship dynamics between Alison, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer. We saw a glimpse of that at the theater when the girls were talking and poor Alison looked like a lost puppy, it must be hard to go from being the glue that kept them together to be literary an outsider. What I wanna know is, Will Emily (she actually didn’t annoy me this episode) and Alison get together? Will Alison and Spencer be in constant power struggle as they were before? Will Hanna and Alison finally be equals in a friendship? Will Aria and Alison have a tussle over Fitz? *grabs popcorn*

What the hell is happening with Melissa? What’s her big secret That scene confused the hell out of me. Mines and Paige’s face were completely mirrored when she bossed into that room looking all fierce. And talking about fierce Muna was seriously on her A-game this episode. I hope that by the next episode we get a better picture of what in the pits of hell was going on. When it was reveled that Lucas was the one that Mona was talking to, I was so sad, couldn’t they at least leave one good guy – good. But the whole Melissa scene made me think that no, he’s not part of an A Team, this is some next level operation.

Oh yeah, I really don’t give two damns about CeCe. And Ezra. Ezra. Ezra. Ezra! Even when he’s lying in a hospital bed, I still want to eat him up. He better live. That’s all I’m gonna say. But just to round this up… what in the name was Aria wearing this episode. Seriously, that outfit burnt my eyes. Emily however looked hawt, maybe that’s why I didn’t mind her presence this episode.

Yes. These are the things I notice.

Okay now for the story of the night. This A bitch.

“There’s no art to this war Spencer” – Alison

I have no idea what exactly their plan was in the beginning but I know it was stupid. They are all aware that A is always one step ahead so why don’t they up their game instead of still trying these basic tricks, but hey at least they got the psycho off Ezra. I must say I loved the park scene, those voices, all those people in those creepy masks, that was brilliantly done. And Shana, was a surprise. I suspected her in the begging of the episode but when she lovingly put the coat over Aria, I was thinking” naaah…. we can trust her”, then Ezra freaked out when he saw her and I was thinking “what kind of psycho-ness was she doing to my baby!”

And then!!! She shows up in the theater bad assing all over the place. Shana went, but she went with a bad ass bang. That scene was perfect to the T. Just how she talked had me on the edge. The whole falling in love with Jenna thing was so cliche but it worked. See, I knew that they wouldn’t kill off Alison or the other girls, but I was scared for them which shows how good of  scene this one was.

And then!!! Aria killed Shana. You know what this means? She’s gonna be an even more dramatic prissy princess than before… yaaay.  (On  a serious note, that was really well done). I cannot wait to find out the story here. How did Shana just turn on Ali like that? That was coooooolllllld!!!

This A person needs to be revealed this season or I swear, I’m gonna got to their studio and wave my gun at them.

Catch me next week.

Until we meet again, Miss More.



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