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When Men Should Be Allowed To Hit Women.

In Rants on 19/11/2012 at 6:24 PM

Before you judge, know that I don’t condone males hitting females, but admit it, sometimes bitches need to get slapped off their face. Also, look at the title and note that this is all theory, I’m not looking for it to happen for real, for real, for real.

I HATE it when a bitch decides to go crazy, all loud and hype in a man’s face, finishing all the insults under the sun and then going as far as hitting the man, because that bitch knows that she can’t get hit back. I understand that sometimes a man deserve that bitch slap but I’m not talking about that situation, I’m on about the girl who randomly hits and goes wild on men for NO PARTICULAR REASON. Like WTF! In this case, I think men should be allowed to wallop her back.

Some girls think that just because they possess a vagina, they can just act which ever way they feel toward men. And the worse thing about this is that the one who goes wild at men step back when it comes to fellow females because they know that they are gonna get seriously KO’d (knocked out). So this proves that these women are just looking to feel good about themselves, feeling that they can just speak to men anyhow. ¬†Those bitches need to be taught a lesson. That’s my take.

Obviously I’m in touch with reality and I know that this will not happen in real life and I’d probably be shocked if I ever see¬† it happen with my own two eyes. But think about it, give me your opinion, if you want & if you don’t …. don’t.

Side note – I have plenty to put up on this blog, 1 book review and a Vampire Diaries Commentary & a some more (re)Views on Life as I like to call them & 5 Reasons Why Twilight Sucks Ass & a review of Breaking Dawn II which I’m seeing this Saturday, I’m happy cause I know it’s gonna be fucking stupid.

Thanks for reading, more to come. Thanks for the support.


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