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Why I Don’t Wear Make-Up

In Let's Talk About It on 14/05/2014 at 11:32 PM

No. I am not a make-up hater. I just don’t like the idea of walking out my house with a mask on my face. Plus, I am hella confident. And no, I don’t walk around as if I own the world. I walk around as if I own myself.


What has inspired this post? I think it’s the whole “no make up selfie” campaign, it baffled me how some of those women were making out that taking a picture with your face bare was  a huuuuge deal. And then I realised that it is in fact big deal. Us women have set these utterly ridiculous standards of beauty, that no one even knows the point any more.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the point of make up, to various extents it enhances what you already have going on. But why has it been incorporated into a woman’s every day routine? Why is going barefaced seen as something that’s out of this world? Ask your self that the next time you’re in front of the mirror putting devices that look like torture devices near your face.

My skin is not perfect. In fact it’s no where near perfect. I’ve been battling with acne for a while now and I am presently winning the war (Sudocrem my darling, Sudocrem!). Yet I don’t have the first clue about foundation or concealer or whatever the hell women put on their face to even out the skin tone.  On the bright side, my eyebrows are literary perfect, so I don’t even tweeze them. The only “grooming” I do on my face is of course wash, moisturise with cocoa butter (what else is there), wear a Sudocrem face mask as well as coconut oil on my lips at night not forgetting I brush my lips for that extra softness.

I’ll admit that I do own two mascaras (which I wear about once a year), one that I permanently borrowed from my mum, the other that my mum gave to me because she bough make up sets for a crazy low price. And my lips are quite (very) nice so I’m all about my lip stuff, I do own only 4 lip products. The first a lip gloss that came with the mascara, it’s not my colour nor the colour of anyone I know so it currently just chills in my bathroom cabinet. The second is a lip balm on stick, I absolutely love it. The second is another lip gloss, that I wear every now, now and then, people often mistake it for lipstick. Lastly I have the classic, Vaseline because as we all know Vaseline makes a black girl’s world go round.

And that is what would be in my make-up bag, if I had one. So, why don’t I wear make up. The reasons are pretty simple, in no particular order….


1. I don’t like the idea of basing how I look, on something that can easily be wiped away with a Kleenex.

2. I’ve worn make-up before, while I was doing performing arts in secondary school. Maaaaan, I felt like I was wearing a mask.

3. I value sleep.

4. Lip gloss gets everywhere. I can’t even begin to imagine the horror of  full on make-up.

5. I like  being  able to just splash some water on my face during the day for the sake of waking me up, without even a second thought.

6. I can look up at the sky while it rains. (Seriously, I do that sometimes)

7. I touch my face way too much, to walk around with a mask on my face. E.g. rubbing my eyes is precious.

8.  I can’t help but feel as if make-up will only butcher my skin. I don’t trust none of these cosmetic companies. Look at all the trash they put in our food alone, what the hell do they put in cosmetics?

9. I am a bit of a natural to the core girl.

10. I was raised knowing that beauty does not lay in a make up bag,

With all that said, I think one day in the distant future I’ll be bored enough to buy some cheap ass make up and practice for when I’m going out somewhere, because as I said before, I understand the point of make up.  But would I put it  in my regular everyday routine…. NAH. Tell me, why exactly do you wear make-up, I’m curious.

Until we meet again, Miss More.


Make-Up Abusers

In Rants on 18/02/2013 at 9:16 PM

Hi, it’s me again. Just a couple hours ago, me & my friend had this hilarious conversation about cake faces up in our college & she said something that had me on the floor. I quote…. “there is a difference between wearing make up and looking like you got raped by a packet of felt tips….”

I died.

You know that stage in childhood when girls get into boys and make up &  fashion & little friendship groups and shit? I skipped that stage big time, I had no time for bitches & small small boys who still smelled of breast milk, honestly to this day – I don’t. For that reason, I personally know nothing about make up. I honestly can’t be bothered with that shit, but I don’t look down on any girl who makes the choice of putting on make up. I do however look down on bitches who wear waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much make up.


Really! Really Bitch?

Side Note – Let’s just clarify what a bitch means to me cause I use that word a lot.

Bitch: A male or female who is an embarrassment to the human population. If someone is worth the WTF look for whatever reason or under any circumstance – they are a bitch. On the other hand, you have a Bad Bitch and that is a female who is worth a salute, like me for example (jokes)

Somebody needs to explain to me what bitches have to gain from wearing practically eight thousand, five hundred and sixty four million layers of make up. I am walking around in my college and seeing clowns, actual clowns. Miss More does not lie. In the summer, in the heat, bitches be stripping like professional in the streets but bitches still choose to go full out with make up, looking like zombies. Layer, up on layer, up on layer of makeup. In the freakin’ rain bitches are still investing time in the morning to bake their faces when bitches know that it’s all gonna run off when they go outside. Is it for men? Because that’s pointless: no body wants go kiss someone and step back with their partner’s entire face on their face. Make up abusers understand, that stuff is ruining your skin, you’re just gonna end up using more and more to cover up the damage it does to your skin, creating an endless circle of you investing your time just so you can look like a hot ass mess.

And then you have the bitches who can’t even put that stuff on in the first place. Seriously. STOP. Dear reader, do not let your friends walk out their house looking like this –


That shit right there is NOT CUTE. I keep on seeing more and more of these girls who look like their 3 year old sister played dress up on them. Enough said.

I feel so sorry for the girls who can’t leave their houses without make up but I still wanna bitch slap them because they abuse it. But on a serious note, I class that as a disease. Parents should be teaching their children from the crib that they do not need make up to look beautiful or to attract men. Yes, make up is art and you know it can add a little or a lot of something something to the outfit, the rare times I wear make up it truly added to the look. Further more, make up can enhance your beauty, like say if you have nice eyes, eye liner can make them pop out even more. With all that said: ” there is a difference between wearing make up and looking like you got raped by a packet of felt tips” and these bitches have Usain Bolted past that line. That line is so far away the line is a dot to them. (that’s right I’m quoting Joey from Friends).

Ladies, fix up with the make up business. Stop making me feel ill, this one time is saw this woman near my house, believe me when I tell you, she looked like she had 10 pounds of make up on her face, it looked so wrong on her, it didn’t even match her complexions, it made me want to throw up, just thinking about it make me feel ill. What the hell are these bitches doing with their lives?

 What do you think about this problem-o? The floor is yours. Oh yeah, I’ve been doing so much blogging lately because it’s the holidays & I’m just in the mood, to rant on the world wide web. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Stay beautiful. Love, Miss More.


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