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For The Ladies; How To Get A Boyfriend

In Let's Talk About It on 06/08/2013 at 4:24 PM

If you clicked on this post because you were curious about what I was going to say, then that’s cool. But, if you are single and unsuccessfully searching for the love of your life and what not and you came here to actually get tips, you had your notebook on the ready and willing to try whatever “advice” I could give you.  Be honest with yourself. If I just described you, then there is your problem.

Why do women go to other women to find out what men want? It makes no sense what so ever. And the thing a lot of this women you look up to for guidance don’t have boyfriends themselves. WTF. If you wanted to charm a snake, would you take the advise of someone who is not a snake-charmer but it’s okay because she watches others charm snakes so you know she has experience. That is exactly what you’re doing.

With all that said, please consider the following…..

Stop getting advise from your clueless girlfriends, stop being so desperate to find someone and find yourself, do you even know who you are? If not then why the hell should someone else spend time finding out. And for the love of God, don’t just sit on your ass and expect for Mr. Perfect to magically manifest before your eyes on a random Saturday night, with flowers, chocolates and a CD mix of love songs he put together with you in mind. Last but not least do not play pussy games a.k.a the how long can I make him wait games because as Kain Carter said “no matter how long you make him wait, if he get’s it eventually, he’s still won” well, not exactly but it’s something to that effect.

Love, Miss More

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