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Hello 2013

In Let's Talk About It on 31/12/2012 at 11:02 PM

If you’re reading this then you are a survivor of….

· The bullshit end of the word prediction, which proved that a large majority of humans are stupid as frig

· The last twilight movie

· Jelena melodrama

· Lindsay Lohan

· Miley Cyrus cutting her hair turning into a hot topic, which proved that people need to get their own lives

· Kirsten Stewart’s cheating scandal

· 50 Shades Mania, this trilogy just pissed me off

· Nicki Minaj contaminating the airwaves (W in TF are starships & how exactly does one pound an alarm), this bitch needs to die.

· Fucking YOLO raping the ears of earthlings who possess common sense

· Hunger Games, being a freakin’ disappointment

· 2 Chainz, who is in the running for the worse rapper of all time

· Rack city bitch rack rack city bitch, (one of) the most bullshit song ever.

· Call Me freakin’ Maybe, which may be just as stupid as Starships, has anybody actually taken time to look at the lyrics? Humans

· Shit — Say videos

· Fuckin’ Rihanna just being everywhere like herpes, just when you think she’s gone and taking a rest, she comes back again. 7 albums in 8 years. Really! Really Rihanna?

· One fucking Direction taking over the world, Harry Styles is HOT though…. Zain ain’t so bad either. The rest are just irrelevant.

· That KONY2012 crap

· Kim Kardashian & family, these bitches need to die too

· And much much more

So congratulations my friend. May all the odds in 2013 be in your favor. I wish you love and happiness and all things that are good and holy in life. Thank you for all of those who have taken the time to check my blog out and if you’ve just come across it, here is and idea….  check out the rest of this blog, promise it’s worth it. I’m planning on putting some serious work on this thing, NEW views on life, NEW rants, NEW book reviews, sooo excited!  HAPPY NEW YEAR MY PEOPLES!

Love, Miss More

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