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Sight Whores

In Rants on 03/11/2012 at 12:45 AM

Can someone please explain to me how some women come to the conclusion that it’s okay to step out of their house looking like this….

It’s not cute. It’s not attractive. And it makes you look like a whore.

Below is The More Dictionary definition of a sight whore (pictured above)

Sight Whore: derived from the term “sight rhyme” (also known as eye/visual rhyme) describing females who do not lead the life style of a slut but chose to parade their attire, and end up looking like a hot mess

Hot Mess: Visual clutter that draws attention to itself.

I have one thing, ONE THING! to say on this matter. Why are sight whores always complaining about getting perved on by random men on road? When they are the ones who choose to look easier than 1,2,3? These days we have the whores, who are trying to take equality to a next level by demanding brownie points for knowing how to spread their legs, they also argue that it’s their body so they can do what ever they want with it. Fair enough. Sight whores are a complete different thing. Here is the thing whore and sight whores dress the same so it’s a bit hard to distinguish one from the other, if a whore gets hit on and stuff, she takes it in her stride, in fact she loves it! But when the sight whore gets hit on she is shocked (God knows why), and offended because she is not “that kind of girl” though she is fully aware that she looks like one. So they argue that they have the right to dress however they want without getting practically sexually harassed (I had a friend like that once but she wasn’t a severe case of sight whore). Whenever I hear someone say it, I am baffled that they are still on that la la land shit.

In a perfect world a woman should be able to walk around naked without a man blinking an eyelash but bitches need to realise that we are not in a perfect world. Men have eyes, eyes looks, if you are gonna walk around with ass out, titties out, face drowned in make up and shit, you are gonna get seriously perved on. Get the fuck over it and excuse my ears. Sight whores know what the hell they need to do to stop being treated like a human being instead of a piece of meat. There are a billion different ways to look sexy without looking “sex me”. If you chose to dress like a whore be prepared to live with the age-old consequences. You either fix up or stop making unnecessary noise whilst continuing to not keep relationships. Which brings me to a side note, a lot sight whores dress as they do because they thinks guys like it & they know that they will get attention. But what they fail to realise is that no sane man wants trash off the road permanently on their arms. Simple mathematics. Wake up sight whores!

Thanks for reading, more to come.


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