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50 Random Facts About Me

In Let's Talk About It on 04/11/2013 at 1:19 PM

I believe this needs no introduction.

1. Maisha More is not my real name

2. I suffer from APS; Acute Procrastination Syndrome

3. Bob Marley gives me life!

4. I have about a million voices in my head, how crazy does that make me?

5. Me and earrings have this connection that no one can understand

6. I am obsessed with Lions

7. I don’t wear make-up

8. I have 775 and counting songs on my phone

9. I tend to work very well under pressure

10. I’m in my late teens

11. I spend 60% of my day laughing about this or that because I surround myself with very entertaining people

 12. have 4 beauty spots on my right arm

13. Most of my friends enjoy blaming me for the corruption of their “innocence”

14. I am not psycho. AT ALL.

15. I’m a big texter, please don’t call me unless you’re dead or in danger of dying

16. I am the polar opposite of shy and insecure

17. I’m taller than my mum. By about an inch or so.

18. I speak fluent Swahili.

19. I’m definitely dreamer

20. I am a bonafide poet and have been published in several anthologies under my real name **** *******

21. To me brown is the new black

22. My “best friend’s” first & last name literally translates to Moon Light

23. My reading tastes ranges from Meg Cabot to Leo Tolstoy

24. I love old people.

25. I have a ridiculous sweet tooth

26. My favorite movie is Johnny Mad Dog

27. I am a Queen in the art of ranting.

28. I like in Birmingham, England. Yaaay.

29. The worst book I’ve read is To Marry A Prince by Sophie Page

30. When I first heard of the flesh eating drug Krokodil, my first thought was “That’s a great way to torture someone”. Told you I’m not psycho.

31. I’m the kind of person who stays up to unholy hours  of the night debating. With myself.

32. Drama is another one of my passion

33. I live in blue, purple, pink, green, black, brown & gold

34. To go against a stereotype; I’m black & I prefer fish

35. I have read over 300 books in my life

36. I am terribly impatient

37. I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to creativity, I don’t want a full stop out of place

38. I disowned maths the minute I found out that I got a B in my GCSEs

39. I have chocolate brown eyes with  black outlines that only show up in the sun

40. I have an incredibly dark mind, sometimes I honestly worry about myself

41. I love watching documentaries full stop

42. The last documentary I watched was about middle aged virgins

43. Azealia Banks is my favourite female rapper

44. I’m an English student but I can’t spell to save my life

45. I can be  crazy sarcastic

46. One of my favourite rap line is “cause you are getting fucked if you’re not on top” Wretch 32 in Game Over Reloaded

47. My parents have about 10 kazatrillion siblings between them but I’m an only child

48. Bags will be the end of me

49. I think I’m  dangerously addicted to water

50. The best thing someone can be in my opinion is honest, honest in how they act, speak & honest about how they feel

So, do we have anything in common? Love, Miss More..

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