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10 Types of People In Life

In Let's Talk About It on 16/08/2013 at 9:00 AM

Many of us are whores from something, do you recognise anyone….

1. The Mirror Whore

She is basically vain as hell, every time she looks at a mirror she has to stop and seduce it.

2. The Attention Whore

She will say and do anything to have eyes on her. Basically any bitch like Giovanna Plowman

3. The Social Networks Whore

She is always on facebook or twitter, or instragram or whatever the hell. The only life she has is in cyber world, she would move there if she could.

4. The Sight Whore

She looks like a tragic accident, as if all the mirrors in her house done broke. She is does not live the original whore’s lifestyle but parades herself in the attire.

5. The Material Whore

Now, she doesn’t want the world, oh no, she wants Mars and Jupiter in the deal. Designer this. Designer that.

6. The All Things Fake Whore

This bitch buys her mirror image from a shop. She can go and be like ” I want, that ones eye colour, that ones hair, that ones nails, that ones lips, that ones bone structure, that ones eyebrows, that ones butt, her skin tone….” When she gets ready in the morning, she becomes a whole other person.

7. The Product Whore

Jenna Marbles calls this disease goo hording. Let her elaborate… Things I Don’t Understand About Girls

8. The Make Up Whore
Now, she feels the need to slap on approximately 27,520,603 layers of make up on her face.

9. The Internet Whore (Cyber Slut)
She puts pictures on the internet looking like a street walker & she talks like a porn star to anyone who will listen – on the internet.

10. The Fame Whore

Bitches like Rihanna, Kim K, Katie Price, Kat Stacks. These creatures have little to talent so they have to rely on sever attention whoring to make a name and money. In some cases these creatures have something to offer but they fall off the sanity wagon e.i. Amanda Bynes

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