Miss More

Content & Schedule

I have decided that I am going to put in some serious work and for that, I need a schedule and to also tell you what you can find here. Note that I am still figuring things out +  I’m off to holiday in August, so I probably won’t be posting much that whole month, I’ll see if I can though. I advise you to follow me via email, it will make your life so much easier. I’ll also be making a Twitter and Facebook account in September, so you can also follow me that way.

Let’s do this by categories.


I’m doing a 50 Books In 365 Days Babbbyyyy!!!!

TV Shows

I will be doing fresh episode commentaries on the following when they begin airing, because I live in the UK I can only get the commentaries out 1 to 2 days after they air. This list is subject to change.

1. The Vampire Diaries

2. Pretty Little Liars

3. Reign

4. Revenge


I’m not a big cinema goer but I will be reviewing the rare movies I see.

I will also be doing a series called “A Movie To Watch” where I will be telling you the completely free oldish/old/ancient films that you just have to watch.

Rants and Views on Life

I am a master ranter. I describe this blog as my ranting temple. My Rants are just that, I normally talk about things that just generally  piss me off. Views on Life are just sophisticated rants, I talk about more serious matters. These categories are completely at random, it really depends on my mood.


It’s basically in the name. I’ll be giving my views on fuckery I catch wind about.

Let’s Talk About It

Well, the name of the blog is Miss More TALKS. So I’ll be talking about various things that take my fancy. Stuff like my favourite this and that stuff I just don’t like among other things. Again, there is no schedule for this.

What Are You Saying....

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