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The Illuminati Does Not Exist 2.0 – The Reality Behind The Myth

In Views On Life on 20/07/2013 at 6:59 PM


My “The Illuminati Does Not Exist” post is by far most popular post on my blog and has raised a lot of conversation on and off line, if you haven’t read it yet be sure to check it out….. here. I must admit that the post was just a pure rant, I wasn’t really working towards proving anything, this post right here is all serious, I want to shine a light on several realities that you fail to notice because of this Illuminati BS.

If you look into The Illuminati Myth you are going to come across something they call “the new world order”, the foundation of that part of conspiracy is the The Illuminati are trying to control the world, I know that no one is trying to control the world, because the world has already being taken control of. In any country on Earth, you have a minority at the top of the food chain, a group of people who are at the melting point of power, they own and or control all the countries wealth and exercise all the real power. If this is the case for every country in the world, why is it so crazy that this is also the case for the entire world. All of us are getting raped on the regular by the minority at the top of the food chain, and it has nothing to do with the devil.  This new world order you illuminati-heads love to talk about so much, isn’t all that new, it has endured centuries.

This is the world order as it is now: You are born, you go through years of education to win a job, you work your ass off all your life, they pay you to work your ass off all your life and most of the money that you are paid goes straight back to them. How I hear you ask, well, ever heard of materialism?


Karl Marx said “the church is the mouthpiece of the state” or something to that effect. How did he come to that conclusion? It’s because the church worked in the best interest of the upper class, for centuries, church teachings have made the poor be content with being poor (and their for leaving the order undisturbed) while the rich just kept on living that life. In our day and age, religion no longer has that relevance in the lives of the masses and the people at the top have long adopted a new way of keeping their world order; materialism. Apparently modern Marxist say that “the media is the mouthpiece of the state” because like the church, the media promotes the best interest of The Minority, by filling their head with what they want our heads to be filled with so that we spend our entire lives as slaves to them and their world order. The poor stay poor and the rich keep on living that life.

For your information the media does control us, nothing they do is by accident. The media is brainwashing your parents, the media is brainwashing you and the media is  brainwashing or will brainwash your children. It has nothing to do with the devil. Back in them days, people wanted to be as close to Jesus or this saint or that disciple or other, and how did they do that, they were kind and goodhearted and loyal to the ruling class blah blah, all to be closer to the church and there for to God. These days instead of Jesus and whoever else, we want to be close to celebrities, we idolise them and immortalise them the same way they did with Jesus and whoever else. This one of the way that the media has replaced the church. Celebrities are used to draw us into that materialistic lifestyle. The other day we went dress shopping and I saw a window display of this dress and next to the dress was a picture of Kim Kardashian wearing that same dress, I know that many girls would buy that dress because they idolise Kim Whoredashian and want to get as close to her and her life as possible.

Materialism is one of the things that keep the world order running. Many of us become slaves to the media and what it dictates. Get this. Get that. Or you won’t be happy. Buy Beyonce’s perfume, Rihanna’s lipgloss to be closer to them and this way your life will be so much better. Give us all your money and we will give you happiness for a while until we shortly bring something new out that you need. E.g. anyone with an iPhone 5 can tell you that it’s just a  thinner re-named iPhone 4 but they told you that you needed it and so you bought it. And you know what the joke is, word was out that they are making an iPhone 6 barely 2 months after they released iPhone 5 and many went crazy.

Finally I leave you with this, the reality behind the Illuminati Myth is that us humans are evil and we know it but we don’t want to acknowledge it. This Illumanti Myth is just further proof that humans will believe anything sensational anything that makes them look good because if a SECRET society is controlling world, nothing is our fault. Instead of us blaming The Minority for all that is wrong with the world and instead of us looking into out own evil, selfish, messed the hell up race, we blame some secret organisation.  Humans collectively don’t want to face up to the fact that we are the cause of our own problems. For centuries we have tried to blame something out of our control for our evil doings, before it was witchcraft among other things now it’s Illuminati.

Illuminati is not real, wake up and smell the bullshit.

Love, Miss More.


The 21st Century Girl & Her Non-Existent Value – My Take

In Views On Life on 13/07/2013 at 4:05 AM

Hey it’s me again. This is another View on Life. Can you imagine the number one search term that leads to my blog is whores. Yes, I do talk about them a lot and some people have tried to accuse me of (in essence) slut shaming. The truth is I have no problem with whores I just have a problem with how some act with it e.i. demanding the respect of a “stud” a.k.a a penis possessing whore.

Anyways, on to the post. Lately I’ve been thinking about the dire situation young girls are in at the moment. It appears to me that we have turned ourselves into nothing but a vagina, which is both undervalued and over valued the same time.

Overvalued because us females like to play pussy games or to be more precise how-long-can-I-make-him-wait-until-he-gets-the-kitty games. And after the game is over and he gets it eventually we expect him to stay. Many girls think that vagina alone will make him stay, forgetting that sex is not the only major part of a lasting relationship. Us girls have forgotten that we are more than ass, titties and thighs and we need to developed ourselves as human beings and because of this we over value the vagina because we think it’s what will make him stay. So we make him work hard to be with us for a night, maybe two or even fifty but never for life. We don’t sell the woman experience only the vagina experience

On the other hand, we undervalue it because some of us give it to anyone. I think girls sometimes mistake their bodies for a trash can, my theory is further proven as many of us look the same. Us young girls forget or in most cases aren’t taught that our bodies are sacred to us and so we should not simply give it away to anyone with a sweet tounge. Imagine many of us young girls are very particular about the shoes on our feet, the make up on our face, the polish on our nails and the earrings in our ears and yet we are not particular on who goes inside of us. It baffles me if anything.

It is the simultaneous undervalue and over value of the vagina that is a dominant cause for the over all low value of a woman. Popular culture teaches girls how to be sex objects from a very young age. Many of us then grow up wanting to be sex objects and measuring our value by how men we make want us. You want proof look at the profiles of young girls in many of these social networking sites, look at how young girls; the future mothers of humanity carry themselves. And then try to tell me that young girls don’t have a hand in their down grading.

Please help your daughters, sisters, nieces, cousins to know their worth.

Love, Miss More.

The Meaning Of Life + A Poem

In A Little Bit Of Poetry, Views On Life on 20/06/2013 at 11:30 PM

Often I wonder if I’m suicidal because death is something that I find in lack of better word “interesting”. I think about it all the time. I honestly can’t wait to die because I want to know what the hell happens after. One of my friends once said “the only thing guaranteed in life is death” and she was completely right, that is the sheer reality of it.


For so long I’ve been trying to figure out the meaning of life and I think I may have found answer. Life is simply to be born, to live and then to die. There is no set meaning. Life is what you say it is. Life only has the purpose you attach to it. Still life is beautiful, we must live it to the full, because we are here anyways so we might as well. I plan to dedicate my life to making myself happy, and no there is nothing selfish about it because making others happy, will also make me happy, for there is no truly selfless act in the world other than the actions of a parent to a child.

The meaning of life is to give life a meaning. 

Now I leave you with a poem, one of a personal favorite of mine. I believe one day there will be silence. I don’t believe the world will end, I believe that we will end, because Death, the King that conquers all hates life, more than life (as in us) hates Death.


Death snatches, steals, loots.

Does whatever suits.

Death a creator. Death a destroyer.

Death cripples hearts,

Crushes health.

Death cruel. Death ruthless.

You better be scared.

Death is your arch enemy,

You will one day shake it’s hand.

It will smile at you,

Knowing exactly what it’s done.

Death has to be a man,

As it like to conquer all.

It takes and takes and takes and

Takes again.

Until one day, there’s nothing but silence.

by Maisha More, 2013

Love, Miss More.


The Truth About Abusive Relationships

In Views On Life on 01/04/2013 at 8:51 PM

Hey it’s me again, what’s up, what’s good? Hope you guys had a nice Easter. Welcome to the new real talk & what we’re gonna be talking about today is abusive relationships, this is my take…

I’m the kind of girl that doesn’t like bullshit from anybody & you can catch me speaking to my friends about how I won’t take nonsense from none of these boys & I’d love for them to raise their hands at me so that I can teach them a lesson they’ll never forget. And I always tell my friends “don’t let me find out that your boyfriend isn’t treating you right, cause I will slap some sense into you”. So yeah that’s my attitude towards domestic abuse, but recently I’ve been thinking that I may have that kind of attitude but God forbid if I do come across an abusive man, I don’t know how I’d act.

I may just do the complete opposite of what I think I would do and that prospect scares me because strong women get into these relationships, women that just don’t fit that abused girlfriend/wife category. Some of them hide if from friends and families for years for many different reasons, some of them die with that secret, some of them die because of that secret. This is why If feel that me, as a friends needs to keep a close eye on my loved one so that if I ever have the slightest suspicion, I can pull her or him out of that situation effective immediately because I may be the only person that could save them from that life. The other thing is, we all need to understand that it can happen to anyone, even you.

An abusive man or woman doesn’t tell you on the first date that they are abusive and violent and have no problem smacking the shit out of you because they can. Abuse starts slowly, when you’re gonna eat something hot or cold, you don’t just stuff your mouth immediately, you take it slowly. That’s how abusive people work, one step at time, there’s no need to rush. They may start verbally and then to move on to bigger things and before you know it, you are in the abused girlfriend/boyfriend club. This means that when you get into a relationship, you need to wave goodbye the minute they try to fuck around with you in any way, cause yes, it may not lead to domestic abuse but they would still take advantage of you being so lenient and fuck around with you for a while or for ages and when they get bored and take all they can, they’ll just drop like a hot plate.

So back to topic. In the previous paragraph I said “ and have no problem smacking the shit out of you because they can” and this is very significant because this is the truth about abusive relationships, the abuser abuses the person, because they can, and why can they do that: it’s because the abused let’s them. Yes, you’ve read right. Although the abuser exercises control, the person who truly has it is the abused. This is because, no one can fuck you around without your consent. Simple mathematics. Once the abuser gets the consent, it’s over – until you decide that you aint living like that anymore. But the thing is, the longer you stay, the harder it is to break free. So dear reader, the first time they hit you is one too many. When they say “it won’t happen again” be like “damn right it won’t happen again, because we’re over and done, bitch”


Stay beautiful, Love, Miss More.

Friends, Family & Trust

In Views On Life on 02/03/2013 at 4:26 PM

Hey, It’s me again. In my opinion this blog has so far purely focused on entertainment, I’ve been talking about whores & TV shows & books and what not but I haven’t really talked about what I call real topics, the ones that you can actually sit down, jokes aside and think about. So now I’m starting my first series on thing thing… Real Talks. I’m gonna put one up in the first 7 days of each month. Most probably the first day but I’m gonna be safe here. So let’s get this show on the road…

It’s about to get real.

I have this really strange relationship with people and trust. I learnt, from a very young age that the people who are closest to you are the ones who have the power and potential to hurt you the most. This observation always has me trying to no get attached to people too much. It’s not like I’m paranoid, I’m just very aware of people & motives & I’m very particular about who I trust. To be honest I do not trust anybody expect for my parents 100% ,  I dare say not even 90%  and you know what it’s nothing personal. Frankly, I trust my friends more than I trust some of my family, why? It’s because of my personal experiences on my mum’s side & also hearing the messed shit that some of them did to her & also watching other peoples families. I came to England (where my dad’s side lives) at at that tween stage & you know when you have these things in your head very early on, they will stay with you for life.

The thing about family is that, they have no choice but to be there for you but friends have a choice. Every single person that I talk to, I like. It doesn’t matter how small or how little I speak to them, I genuinely like them for them. Don’t get me wrong I like all my family too, except for this one cousin that just hates me for no reason. But the thing is in many instances, many people have no choice but to like their family.

Nobody has the same relationship with two different people. So of course within my “friend pool” I have people that I trust  more than others, and again it’s nothing personal, it’s just that we have built up a friendship where we know certain things about one another that we probably would never tell other friends. Trust and friendship in general are work in progress, they will always continue to grow, and they all grow at their own unique rates. I may be closer to Friend A than I am to Friend B but that’s not because I like Friend A more that B it’s just because my friendship with A has developed in a different way than B and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

I do not believe in second chances. Once you have broken my trust you and I are never gonna be the same way ever again. In severe cases we are done. But in most we are on a “hi” & “bye” basis. I also do not deal with all this BFF nonsense. I just have a circle of people who would be in the running for my “best friend”, M, Moonlight, Teddy Bear, Kayla, Cath (the first two are nicknames by the way ad for  Teddy Bear you just had to be there). But that doesn’t mean that I value these five more than I value the rest of my friends, because I don’t roll like that. Each of my friends are very precious to me, even the ones that I recently met, my college peoples as I call them. I already know which ones are gonna be in my life for a long time & the ones that I am friends with because of circumstance but I still love all of them and treat them equally and I trust them equally too, even though I probably don’t act on that trust by telling them some serious shit about me.

I’m the kind of person who trusts you until you give me reason not to. I will believe you  until I find a reason not to. I am a “benefit of doubt” kind of girl, as long that “benefit” agrees with common sense. I am ready for people to disappoint me, hurt me, stab me in the back, betray me & frig all but I hope they don’t & that’s the most I can do. Honestly, I think it’s a smart state of mind. Always be ready for those close to you, to fuck you over. That way you can quickly wrap your head around it, get over it and move the hell on. If all my friends decide to stop speaking to me or if I found out that they all hated me, I would be upset for like a day & then I’d be pissed off that they wasted my time for so long & then I’d move the fuck on. Simple! Call me cold hearted, paranoid, call me whatever you want, I’m calling my self realistic.

Stay beautiful. Love, Miss More.

What I Don’t Undersand About Homosexuality

In Views On Life on 09/02/2013 at 7:38 PM

As I said before, I have no problem with homosexuals. They can do what they like, but as a self proclaimed social scientist I still have some unanswered questions.

Liiikkkkeee…. How are you gay? When & how did you realise you was gay? Are you born gay? Or do you become gay?  Is there a woman out there right now that can turn me into a lesbian? And if that’s the case is there a man who could then turn me back straight?

Male was made for female, female was made for male.  That’s evident in nature. Animals purely have sex to reproduce not for oh ah ah like humans. As humans nature has put these “urges” in us, so that we can have sex to make babies, ensuring the survival of our species. Self-preservation is naturally in us and so is reproducing. Two men or two women can’t make a little one, isn’t that proof that homosexuality isn’t right?

But if you take aways the whole sex thing, what you have is two human beings who have feelings for each other and have no problems honouring and  expressing them to each other and the rest of the world. What’s so wrong about that? If we go with the whole God thing, and say that homosexuality is against the law of God, blah, blah, blah…. apparently the bible says nothing about homosexuality &  if God makes no mistakes why are gay people in the world? These are Gods people, your telling me that God plans & decides every detail of your life, why is that in this case you choose to forget your claims?


One time I got bored and came across some lesbian vlogs on youtube. And I found that the lesbians try and recreate the male and female dynamics of a relationship. You have “studs” the boyish ones and femmes the “girly” ones. Studs baffle me. Are they female who want to be males and that is why they are attracted to females? Is it cross dressing taken to the next level? Same goes for feminine gays. I really don’t understand. Why do homosexual couple always have someone taking the role of a woman & someone the role of a man. Isn’t that proof that it should really just be man and woman in romantic relationships?

I hope you realise that this post is no disrespect to homosexuals, I’m just trying to understand a couple things. I believe that the more people understand homosexuals and homosexuals, they will let them be for good. I know homosexuality isn’t right – for me. If it’s right for you, drop me a comment about why and if you can answer some of my questions the floor is yours. And if it’s also wrong for you or if you think it’s just plain wrong, put in your own 2 cents. I think people should stop focusing on the “gay problem” and look to what really needs to be sorted in the world, like world hunger & all these little 15 year olds with a big pregnant bellies.

Love, Miss More

Save Africa Is A Myth

In Views On Life on 28/11/2012 at 12:17 PM

I have come to the conclusion that all this save Africa stuff we see all over the place is utter & complete feel good bullshit. I know it sounds stupid but how long have they been saving Africa? They ask you to give this a month, put all these depressing advertisements on TV with a little starving kid, (i hate when they recycle adverts, tell me why they are showing me the same starving 2 year old girl called Aishah that I saw 5 years ago?) but there is still no change. Secondly, what do the super powers of the world have to gain by saving Africa? Let’s be honest here, the only reason why Americans can eat themselves to their death bed is because somewhere in Africa and Asia and South America millions have not eaten in months.

Let me give you a little lesson on how shit works. For there to be good they has to be evil. For there to be happiness they has to be sadness. For there to be pleasure there has to be pain. All that I have mentioned above cannot have values unless it’s opposite exists. Simple mathematics.

Side note… lets take a trip to The Forever More Dictionary….

Simple Mathematics: since mathematics is a fact, referring to something  as “simple or pure mathematics” means that the the thing is an obvious and an unchangeable fact of life. e.g. violence begets violence, simple mathematics.

For there to be rich, they has to be poor. Someone has to pay the price of luxe and in our day & age, Africa & African’s bear that burden. Imagine if all these African countries went up to Western level? If Somalians & the Congolese put their guns down. Imagine if Zimbabwe & Swaziland eradicated HIV. Imagine if Ethiopia stopped starving?  Just imagine. Now imagine YOUR life if THEIR life improves. Admit it. You would be on the losing end. Do you think Primark would sell their shit so cheaply if poor little Bangladeshi kids didn’t work long hour for close to nothing? This dear reader is how the super power of the world thinks, Africa to them is nothing but a continent filled with all sorts unlimited resources that they have been raping for more than half a century. Africa & Africans are in no way or form free. Yes I know that all these black people countries are independent, Jamaica just celebrated 50 years of independence. I’m African & Jamaican (kind of, it’s complicated) but I didn’t even bother with all the hype, because as far as I’m concerned, all these black/African countries, are not independent they are IN-dependence this is  because the systems that European countries left in black/African countries were designed to oppress and exploit the people long after the oppressors and exploiters gave these countries “independence”.

I’m not saying that all these aid organisations aren’t helping. But did you know that not even 1/2 the money gets to the people you are giving for? The World’s powerhouses run shit. They have been fuelling African wars since the slavery days to today. Just this morning I saw on a newspaper that Zimbabwe owes  UK £197million, he has been using that money to spread terror in his country. Let’s look at the bigger picture. The UK government knows what Mugabe is like so when the gave him the loan, do you think that they thought he was going to invest in education, to sort our hyper inflation or to improve women’s rights? No! Of course not!

Between 500,000 to 1,000,000 African’s died in 100 days during the Rwandan Genocide, who do you think the weapons to conduct the genocide were bought from?Liberia has been through 2 horrible civil wars, the last one ended in 2003, basically yesterday, the country is a mess and to this day Liberians are still trying to recover? This is the basic set out of trading between African countries and else where. Africa gives raw materials for a relatively cheap price and gives it to say China. China manufactors goods that African countries can’t because most of them aren’t industrialised and then sell those goods at a crazy price back to African countries. Tell me, who wins here?

And the moral of the story and why I say that Save Africa is a myth…. The ones who want to save Africa are the same ones who are making sure that the situations stays the same for their benefits.  In the end whatever schemes and plans they have for “saving Africa” is going to serve them. I could go on and on and on and freakin’ on but I’ll leave it there.

Thanks for reading, more to come.


The Objectification of Women In Society – My Take

In Views On Life on 26/10/2012 at 2:29 AM

Am I the only one who wonders why, when girls are approached by guys and they claim to be lesbians the guy’s eyes almost instantly light up like an over decorated Christmas tree and it’s these same guys that don’t like homosexuals? I was watching clips of “Game of Thrones” just the other day & everybody was projecting their disgust at two particular gay love scenes. You have to understand “Game of Thrones” is not for the faint-hearted, it’s full of horror, gore, prostitution, rape…. all sorts, but people don’t say shit about them but they chose to protest about a little gay action. However, if a something was to include some lesbian action… e.g. “Jennifer’s Body” it would be no problem.









I have reasons to believe that this whole thing that means lesbians are more tolerated in society than gays is a sign of the severe objectification of women. Think about it. Gays are disgusting and lesbians are fire because until tomorrow, society will collectively see women as sexual objects, just another hole to sink in. When a man looks at two women making out, he can think of a nice threesome, where he gets to be king for the night. But when a man looks at two men making out, he see no way that he can get something out it so he immediately reflexes from it. Simple mathematics.

What is a woman these days anyways? Please tell me? We are used to sell all sorts from cigarettes to cars to tell me what not, wait let me rephrase that our bodies are used to sell cigarettes…… no one even needs to see our face anymore, it’s all about them titties and that ass and thighs and shit. Most of the “successful”  women, the ones that the next generation admire aren’t exactly role models. What can Rihanna teach your daughter other that “rude boys have to be big enough”? Lady Gaga can teach your daughter that disco sticks are to be ridden on and Megan Fox can teach your daughter that an effective way to make money is to spend two movies practically bent over and pressing your boobs together. I think it’s fair to say that the next generation of independent women are screwed. Side note – how the hell did Beyoncé sing “nasty put your clothes on” and then have the audacity to go on stage booty out, half-naked & showing her knickers (if your American panties) and shit?

Women have fought for centuries to see eye to eye with men but we still live in a very collectively sexist society today, we shouldn’t be putting all our efforts in getting rights in the boardroom, we should also work to take an active role as the pillars of societies, by reclaiming our power. And it starts with every parent in the world telling and showing their daughter from the crib that she is not an object, but a breathing, feeling human being who has as much potential as someone’s son. If a woman knows her worth, if she knows that she is sacred and that she holds full power over herself, she will not sell herself cheaply and become an object. And if boys are also taught from the crib about the value of a woman it would be of the greatest help. That’s my take anyways. I know that not many people are gonna read this but oh well, I have left my mark forever on the internet. Thanks for reading, more to come.

The Illuminati Does Not Exist

In Views On Life on 31/07/2012 at 10:46 PM

I can’t believe that people are still going on and on about the damn Illuminati. I am infinity%  sure that The Illuminati Conspiracy Theory is a bag load of delusional bullshit and I am very ashamed to reveal that during the Illuminati hype of 2009 I joined in the frenzy and I debated with friends, I watched videos and researched and researched and researched. But after the hype calmed down I stumbled on my common sensed, strapped it back on my brain and I thought “wait what the hell am I doing with my life?”. Below, is the urban dictionary definition of Illuminati;

1. Illuminati
The Illuminati is a secret organization of the most powerful and influential elite in the world. They go back for centuries and maintain the same bloodlines. They set up the council on foreign relations, the Bilderberg group and the tri-lateral commission. Those 3 groups all meet to plan the fate of the world. They consist of international bankers, top government officials, leaders in the energy cartel and media monopoly owners and have control over the U.N. and UNESCO. Their subdivisions reach into everyone’s daily life without most people even being aware of it. They also have ties to the Freemasons, skull and bones, and the knight’s Templar. Their ultimate goal is for a one world government which they will control, also a one world currency and they want control and ownership of all land, property, resources and people. Also they manipulate political parties, the legal and illegal drug trade and federal agencies related to all matters listed above.

How do I know that The Illuminati does not exist? Well……… I ask you dear reader what is the number one rule of a SECRET organisation. Wait,  don’t think too hard, below is the dictionary.com definition of secret.

It’s  funny how we all know the agenda of this so called SECRET organisation, how it SECRETLY operates, it’s SECRET symbols, it’s SECRET handshakes, it’s SECRET history and most importantly it’s SECRET members. If The Illuminati is a SECRET organisation that is as powerful as everyone makes it out to be then it should be a SECRET organisation that is just that – A FREAKIN’ SECRET. They should not be Youtube videos, documentaries, websites, books, blog posts and articles about them. Anyone who isn’t a member of this organisation should even be thinking about, thinking about their existence. Real SECRET organisations don’t mess about with their shit. Dear reader that is the number one reason why I think that The Illuminati is bullshit, because it’s a SECRET organisation that is public knowledge.

Secondly, this Illuminati stuff is all over the place and there is no solid proof.A lot of so called proof of the existence of The Illuminati is sourced out of our celebrities; apparently all our celebrities are either devil worshipers, member of the Illuminati or Illuminati puppets. People came to this conclusion because all these celebrities (let’s focus on the ones in the music industry), talk about “The New World Order”, “Illuminati” itself and someone called “Rain Man” who is supposed to be Satan. Also they have triangles and one eye(s) everywhere, they have subliminal messages in songs and music videos and are brainwashing us with music (they are devil worshipers and the devil was the angel of music once upon a time). Now, I know exactly why all these celebrities  in the music industry go around throwing up triangles like there’s no tomorrow.


You lot love  thinking that you are a part of a group of people who are aware of whats going on. So much so, that this whole illuminati conspiracy theory serves as free publicity. Yo! If I was a a celebrity I would put that bullshit to use. I swear I’d live in a triangle shaped house, I’d have triangle earrings, all my clothes would have triangles in them, my logo would have a triangle in it, I’d have a freakin’ one eyes tattoo just so you people can talk about it and generate me a steady cash flow. And that is probably what they are all doing! Telling me that a celebrity is Illuminati because they wear something with triangles on it (or some crap like that ) is like telling me that someone is automatically a princess because you’ve seen them wear a tiara.

One of the earliest way of proving that artist are Illuminati is by reversing their songs. This must be the stupidest thing I’ve heard in my entire life!! What the hell is that supposed to prove? Do you mean to tell me that people actually sit down and write songs backwards in the hope that they make sense the right way around. Are you people on crack! I’m not saying that there are no messages in songs. Remember that music is poetry and the same way you can analyse a Shakespeare poem, you can analyse a Beyonce song and find the meaning behind the lyrics. Back masking as they call it is just stupid! How can you decide to reverse songs and not expect to hear some weird shit?  I beg you please excuse my ears. Apparently the Illuminati has killed some celebrities……

  1. Bob Marley
  2. Micheal Jackson
  3. Marilyn Monroe
  4. Tupac
  5. Princess Diana

6. Whitney Houston, they say that she had to die to make room for Blue Ivy Carter in the Illuminati. What. The. Fuck! Do people understand how stupid that sounds? They say that the reason why Illuminati killed Michael Jackson back in 2009 is because The King of Pop was planning to reveal the truth about the industry in his This Is It Concert. Alright okay, let’s go with that theory for now; Illuminati kills whoever threatens to reveal their existence. A) They don’t exist B) Even if the Illuminati does exist, it has nothing to lose because it’s existence is public knowledge anyways C) If that is the case then why are Jay Z, Kanye & Rihanna to name a few, not dead yet since they go around on stage with triangles and shit hence revealing that the Illuminati does exist.  Seriously. Isn’t the image above as obvious as frig! That is how you know that celebrities are using this Illuminati stuff to heighten their fame. Which brings me to my next point. The Illuminati signs are way to obvious. For a SECRET organisation they are seriously unskilled in keeping their stuff secret. You must understand that real secret organisation keep their secret stuff on a serious down low. People say that it’s all meant to be hidden in plain sight but come on, seriously think about it!  How is putting a big ass triangle, 6 point stars and one eye all over the place, hiding anything?  The whole point of hiding something in plain sight is to keep that thing hidden in the last place someone will bother look. So if a secret organisation does exist and are hiding things in plain sight, their symbols are very small, slight and discreet. The only way you would recognise the symbols is if you was aware of the secret organisation and the only way you would know that is if you was a part of it.

Why is it that the minute someone achieves any level of fame and/or wears a triangle or something, the public (who made them that way (famous)) starts day dreaming about what the celebrity did to get it. It goes from selling your soul to the devil and sacrificing  loved ones – apparently that is what Jennifer Hudson did. Or my favorite one; they worship the devil. Okay, hold up. If someone decides to bow to the devil tell me how that is any of your business? It’s their choice and their life, I don’t care who or what someone else chooses to worship apart from God whether it be, the devil, goats or oxygen. No one has to answer to me so I don’t care. Please tell me why you care about this devil worship thing and if you believe that Jay Z really is a devil worshiper and it bothers you then stop listening to his songs and buying his shit or his wive’s shit. Because if it wasn’t for you, yes you – Jay Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Madonna, Lil’ Wayne, Gaga, Kanye, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and anyone else you think is in the illuminati would be nothing in this world.

I know one of the reason that people believe in The Illuminati is because there’s way to much evidence. But honestly we don’t have any solid proof apart from, theories all over the internet, the ramblings of celebrities and what they chose to wear and put in their videos and honestly – and that’s not shit. I believe that whoever started this whole theory was a very smart, very bored motherfucker who thought that the world needed a new craze or maybe it was a celeb wannabe who wondered why their singing career was going no where while Rihanna who is truly not that good of a singer is making money like a money factory or maybe someone wondered where the real Illuminati ended up (yes they was actually a real group called Illuminati, research that shit) or maybe they really is a secret organisation who is using this whole modern day conspiracy to cover up something much much much more sinister. Because seriously the whole Illuminati agenda is a bit flaky, seriously controlling the world isn’t much of an achievement anymore since The USA & The UK have had that shit on lock for centuries.

One last thing, those who do believe in the Illuminati are going to sit up there and be like – “OMG! This forevermore person is blind, she’s lost and brainwashed by the media” And I say to this…… A) My eyesight is perfectly fine B) Of course I’m brainwashed by the media, I do live in the 21st century. In fact we are all on a level controlled by the media. Whoever cooks the food controls how much you eat and what kind of food you eat. Swap food with information and see what you get. The media runs this world; probably as much as the major governments do and not through this Illuminati shit but  through methods that are much more …….. simple. Like propaganda! The biggest propaganda going these days is the whole – every Asian Muslim is a terrorist thing. That is the most common belief in society and it’s why a lot of Asian Muslims get a lot of shit these days. One of  my favorite people in this world is an Asian Muslim and she is not a terrorist nor is any of her close and distant relatives. In fact I think I’m gonna have to do a blog post on this whole terrorist thing. The media has closely linked terrorism to Islam through propaganda. When it comes to controlling the minds of a population The Illuminati has nothing on media propaganda.

The Illuminati does not exist. Wake up and smell the bullshit.

Thanks for reading, more to come.

Why Do Whores Want To Be Called Studs?

In Views On Life on 21/07/2012 at 7:30 PM

I am sick and tired of girls wanting to claim some kind of title just because they know how to sleep around. If a girl sleeps around she’s a whore/slut/hoe/hussy call it what you want. If a boy sleeps around he’s a stud, he is “The Man”. Simple mathematics.  The day that one plus one is three is the day that a female who chooses to sleep around will be praised and admired by society and called “The Woman”. Life is full of double standards – build a nice little bridge – AND GET OVER IT!

Personally I don’t condone promiscuity in males and females alike, it ain’t healthy, it ain’t morally right and if my child was promiscuous I’d slap them sideways to another race. Girls these days are just getting crazier about all this equality stuff, some of them must be smoking skittles since they are STILL asking for brownie points if they just so happen to be whores. These girls just sit up there looking and sounding as stupid as hell saying “Ohhh boys are dogs. They’d sleep with anything that moves. They are sluts too. Why does society celebrate them because they do exactly what a whore does it’s just they are boys Why don’t girls get called studs?” I’m about to answer this once for all. If you have a friend like this then please do something something good for mankind and my hearing and pass on the message.

I am not saying that you can’t call a stud a man whore. Below is the dictionary.com definition of whore.

The same way you get female body builders and male air hostesses, you can get male whore because stud does what a whore does! However, you can not call a whore a female stud! Ever. Even though a whore does what a stud does.  That dream should have died along time ago. Why? Here is how it goes. A female walks into a bar, it doesn’t matter if she’s a positive ten or a minus ten in the face if she wants to, she is going to get laid. Rest assured. However when a male walks into a bar, he’s skating on thin ice. He has to play it right. He wants to get laid too but he can’t just go up to a decent girl and say “meet me at the car park in ten” (a decent girl can say that to a man and his eyes would light up like a Christmas tree) Noooo! that’s how you get drinks thrown in your face. He has to mingle and be nice. Lets say that the girl who walked into a bar is called A and A is with a group of friends and this boy is only interested in A. He can’t just go up the group talk to A and ignore the rest that’s antisocial, politeness requires him to make conversation with A, B, C, D, E, F, G….. (you know how the alphabet goes right?) while still trying to move to A. He has to buy drinks, keep her and the alphabet entertained, he has to be the guy that she want him to be and all that and what for? So that he can get laid……

An average guy will bag A if he’s lucky but a stud will ALWAYS bag A. No girl in the world has to do such things in fact these things are unheard of in girl world. All we have to do, is look pretty and we can get our pick of guys. We don’t pay for date. We don’t have to worry about the alphabet talking down at us. In fact we don’t really have to do that much work (unless we are looking for a serious relationship) And what is the moral of the story? It’s not hard to be whore but it’s work to be a stud. (The other thing is that girls have all the power when it comes to sex. A stud is the man who gets the most girls to say yes as you can see that can be hard work.) Simple mathematics

That is the main argument that a lot of people especially males live by and this is my main argument: is there any honor in a girl opening her legs left right and center? I don’t care if boys do it, girls just need to stop comparing themselves to boys, straight up. Girls are one of the most important people around, we are so precious, we carry the fruits of life, the future of the human race depends on us. Us and us alone. We only get one body and if some of us chose to degrade and disrespect ourselves by giving out our bodies to just about anyone, we do not deserve any kind of  glorifying title. Boys don’t have to worry about no pregnancies, they can always say that the baby ain’t theirs but can a girl say that when it’s their belly that’s popping. Boys also don’t have worry about the stigma that comes with it either. That is the way it has been for the past forever and it’s not about to change.

If girls want to sleep around… they should go ahead! I wouldn’t advice it but my word isn’t the law and I didn’t give birth to any of them, so just do as they damn well as please. But can’t they, excuse my ears and shut the hell up while they’re at it. Why are they expecting respect for being the worldwide community bike. What the hell! As Mikeisverybored would say “this shit don’t make sense to me!” Girls who sleep around will always be whores in the eyes of society that’s how it is, remember this didn’t start yesterday, it’s been around for as long as man has been around. Girls really need to stop trying to give whores ridiculous titles and airs.

Thanks for reading, more to come

Why Do People Hate On Kim Kardashian? – When They Are The Ones Who Make Her Famous!

In Views On Life on 09/07/2012 at 12:01 PM

May I first begin by saying that, I kind of respect Kim K. No, it is not because I think that she is smart and entertaining and what not (I wouldn’t know because I don’t even watch her show(s)), Kim K is obviously a no talent money/fame whore, but with all things said I have respect for because Kim K makes money like a freaking factory, Kim K is a PR genius.  Come on – think about it – Not just anybody can shamelessly sell their entire life to the cameras for as long as she has been doing. That lady deserves some kind of award.

Here is the thing about Kim K, you either love loving her, or love hating her, or you don’t mind her like me. People’s favourite argument is that Kim K is only famous for being famous and that is why she doesn’t deserve all the hype and money she gets, blah, blah. Blah. That point is actually the reason for this post. Society needs to stop hating on people like Kim K who are famous for no particular reason because this does not only reflect on the person who is famous (as they obviously have no shame) but more so on the society that has made them so (famous) as one can only achieve fame when others giving it to them. And Kim K has been given fame on a ridiculously mass scale. People have all the power in these kind of things. Kim is famous because people have made her famous, if people showed no interest then Kim would fast become a used to be, used to be reality TV star. If people really hate her then they should just strip her of the spotlight they have so kindly given.

My main argument is that, Kim K was a nobody until in 2007 she and Ray J starred in a leaked sex tape; which was an instant hit . That was the turning point of her life. That was what made her into who she is today, several years along the line and she is the proud owner of one of the most documented “celebrity life” in the world, with a TV series that stretches 6 seasons and more that 60 episodes and that is not even counting the spin offs, as of 2012, she has a net worth of over $38 million. Yes $38 million as of 2012 – all because once upon a time she was the leading lady in a freakin’ sex tape!!! What the hell is that……

If a girl can get this much things off a sex tape, tell me what that says about the society? No one should really be complaining about the scale of fame and fortune Kim K has, because they are the ones who provide her with such things. Society, complains about sex in the media and frig else, when it is obvious that society likes sex on the sly because if they didn’t, then Kim K wouldn’t be shit. Our society obviously rewards this kind of misbehaviour (while complaining obsessively about it) and that is why I think Kim K and the rest of the Kardashians should squeeze the public off everything they have. That is what I would do, and I bet you that is what you would do too. We’re living in a mad, mad world.


Why Do Girls Hate On Whores So Much?

In Views On Life on 07/07/2012 at 9:25 PM

Okay, I know that this meant to be a review blog and trust me, I fully intend to do that on here, but sometimes things bother me so much that I need to speak out about them.  The question above is one that has only recently invaded my mind, when I say recently I mean around 4am last night when I was twisting and turning trying to get some sleep. First and foremost,  may I say that I don’t condone promiscuity among both boys and girls but of course when I say whores I’m talking about girls since society reserves such titles for females.

I do understand why girls don’t like whores for example I don’t like whores because they are a disgrace to women but then again, so are bad mothers. But what I don’t understand is, why girls waste all there time, trying to shame whores and talking about them and cussing them and basically hating on these girls. Then the answer hit me, girls (i’m talking about the young ones who have the time to do such things, 16ish give or take a few years) feel threatened by whores and they hate on whores because they (whores) offer something that these girls do not want to offer and that is dear reader…. sex with no strings attached. There I’ve said it.

Girls always wonder why boys always seem to prefer whores over good girls to answer this age long question – let me hit you with a bit of information. Sleeping with a whore is like going to McDonald’s, they know what you are there for, when you order a double cheese burger, the server will not ask you why you want a double cheeseburger instead of a McFlurry or if you want to get to know them first.  Apply this notion to boys and whores then I’m sure that you’ll have no problem understanding why boys of a certain age want whores. There is also the fact that a lot of girl expect way, wayyyy, waaaaaayyy to much, they are forever looking for the perfect guy instead of the right guy, they don’t realise that that some guys make themselves perfect (to their standards) because they wants into the girls pants.  Simple.

This is when girls end up with broken hearts and then suffer double heartbreak when they see their used to be, used to be the  perfect guy with a whore. The right guy may be the perfect guy but the perfect guy may not be the right guy, girls need to understand this as soon as humanly possible. I have come to the conclusion that (a majority) boys of 16, 17, 18 don’t want to settle, all they wanna do is eat, sleep and have fun in all sorts of manner, and one of them is sex (with no strings attached). In contrast the vast majority of girls of 16, 17, 18  do dream of settling down someday and they already have the fairy tale dream of meeting there soul mates and living happy ever after as soon as possible. Like hell even I think of that fairy tale and I already know that it’s utter bullshit.

The purpose of this post, is informing you dear reader why girls should stop feeling threatened by whores. Every community has at least a handful of community bikes. I’m not saying that this is a good thing; I’m just saying it as it is. Being a whore is personal choice, sleeping around is like marmite; some people prefer it, some don’t. And whores will always exist, it’s just how it is, some of them are insecure, some of them do it for attention and some of them just like, dick.

Now back to, why girls should leave whores alone; girls need to understand that in the long run whores have nowhere to go in life. They may be getting all this attention from boys now but in the end no (sane) boy would ever want to settle with a whore, something that normal girls want. Think of a boy choosing a girl for marriage or any kind of serious long term relationship as a boy choosing a car, note that is in no disrespect to female, I’m a girl as well and I’m using this example because it truly paints a picture of the situation I’m talking about. This is how it goes – do you think a boy would pick a cheap, broke down, been around the block way to many times with a couple of thousand miles on it already, car with battle scars and all that, over a clean, graceful, educated, shiny, classy, brand new car with few miles on it? When you look at it at it that way, you realise that girls are wasting their time hating on whores because in the end they (whores) won’t win. And even if  a boy does pick a whore over a good girl – well then good for him, he found love there’s two less lonely hearts in the world.

So that’s it people,  good girls should concentrate in making their way in the world, living life to the fullest and achieving whatever they wish instead of wasting their time watching and hating on whores. Life is too short and hating takes energy. What are your thoughts on all this crap?

Thanks for reading, more to come.

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