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Pretty Little Liars – 5×04 Thrown From The Ride | Commentary

In TV Shows on 06/07/2014 at 3:52 AM

So, what have we learnt this episode?… once you know something, you can’t un-known it.

Ali got me suspicious this episode because of her accidental A text. Was it a clue? It’s a clue. It has to be a clue. It has to be one of those tricky unstable clues but a clue nevertheless. What’s Ali’s involvement with this A psycho? Is she Big A. Oh Lord! I swear if she’s Big A I am gonna have trust issues for life. I did feel sorry for her during that examination, it’s either A) she was hell of nervous because she’s spun quite a large lie that could cost the girls A LOT or B) something really bad did happen to her while on the run for was it 2 years, that scar sure looked nasty. Maybe it’s both. But judging from her wide eyed look, I’d like to think that she is harboring some dark painful secret(s).

PLL 5x04 Collage 1

“It’s crazy isn’t it, I mean we’ve all wanted this for so long, a life without A and Ali back. I thought everything would feel like it did before but it hasn’t”

For once, Emily said something that didn’t make me want to shoot myself. I think her point is very important when you look at the girls relationship with Ali. She was the one that bought them together, once she was the core of their group, the girls only ever felt what Ali wanted them to feel, she was the queen and they were her puppets. And then she disappeared and they had to find their own identity, she bought them back together but this time she wasn’t that glue, a true friendship flourished. Ali has returned to the inner circle but not to her puppets but to her equals. It’s gonna be good watching how Queen Alison will deal with this situation. She’s obviously pissed the girls off with her nuclear lie. What next?

I love love love love love love love Hanna’s new hair!!! And what she wore was just…. yes!!

PLL 5x04 Collage2

In a world where everyone is  dip dying or highlighting or whatevering their hair blonde, Hanna goes for black. Here’s me thinking that she  would so pull off completely dark hair. Apparently she’s going back to her shop lifting tendencies, seriously? They can’t think of a better way to have the girl find herself. And that reminds me who the hell is stalking the girls, there was some creep hiding in the bushes at Emily’s and now some creep was in those changing rooms. That better be Big A rising.

The assault on Papa Hastings continues. Obviously, we’re being played stupid. Any time someone is made to look utterly dodgy in Rosewood it’s always the opposite.  Evidence? Ezra, Lucas, Toby…. With all that said though; where’s Mama Hastings!?

What I really want to know is why was Spencer BellaSwaning all through the Thrown From The Ride.

5x04 Collage 3

“There’s been monsters under my bed for so long  that now they’re not there anymore I feel like I have to create them”

As we all know Troian is a Kristen’s superior but all those expressions they had her making were classical Bella Swan. Okay maybe not the gasp, that’s classical PLL but the rest #BellaSwaning . Spencer has been Spenciring away since the end of last season, actually no she’s been Spenciring since the beginning of the entire series,  you obsessively seeking answers. And I like that about her, without her PLL would be just  3 teenagers dealing with sociopath, Spencer adds in the feelings.

Let’s just talk about the things I didn’t care for this episode real quick.

1. Andrew falling from the sky. I honestly didn’t remember his name until Spencer said it.

2. Lucas also falling from the sky. Honestly no one missed him.

3. Mona’s uber creepiness, she better have a better plan that practically threatening the girls with what she knows. Plus what in the name is she doing with operation MAkeAlisonWishSheStAyedDeAd is this just some NerdsUnite kind of thing or is she gonna go crazy?

4. The whole Pemily arch that’s just draaagging. Why can’t kill Paige off and then pull a TVD bring back Maya? A life for a life that works

5. Aria in general. She killed freakin A and the girls there moping about it *rolls eyes* Why couldn’t they make Ali kill Shana? No one would complain.

6. The writers trying to slowly build back Ezria from the ashes when everybody knows they’re totally gonna poke in the near future

Catch me next week my darlings and check out my last PLL commentary – 5×03 Surfing The Aftershocks.

Until we meet again, Miss More.

Pretty Little Liars – 5×03 Surfing The Aftershocks | Commentary

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Emily: Coincidences happen

Spencer : Yeah all the time, they grow on trees like coconuts waiting for you to walk under them

So, what have we learnt this episode?… blood is thicker than water and it can also be very slippery. I swear Melissa has already won best line of the season.

Am I the only one who thought that Mrs. D’s funeral was a bit under done, I mean her death looks as if it’s going drive storylines for episodes to come and all she gets is the pretty much the first thirty seconds of the show. The whole dress thing was good I think, as powerful as it was creepy. Side note; why the hell do the girls look so stylish going to a funeral. Is Emily wearing a play suit?


 Okay, so who the hell is this new girl they bought, I don’t even remember her name. Was she just there to create the whole Emily and Paige episode arch (frankly I’m not a Pemily fan or whatever people who actually care about them call it, I admit they are cute together though but let’s be honest it wouldn’t make  a difference to anyone’s life) or is here to stay. Because I hate it when they introduce new characters just to make them disappear. And talking about disappearing, where in the hell is Jenna!! Whenever the girl is on camera, the tension rises to 1,000 degrees. We want Jenna! Well I want Jenna, don’t know about you. Personally, and I know that many would tell me I’m too harsh, I think Alison deserves all that has happened to her, she did what she did to Jenna in cold blood and then let Toby take the blame. I know that we all love the girls (I actually only love 3 and just tolerate the others) but we must also acknowledge that fact that they aren’t innocent at all.

I really like what they did with Hanna this episode. Let’s be honest none of the girls apart from Spencer get any, I don’t know what to say…. deep stories to tell. I feel like this episode we got to see Hanna like we have never have before. Because her episode arch focused on her, not her and some boy but her as a human being. I loved those flashbacks more than I can express, in fact they are my favorite part of the episode. The story of how Hanna became the it girl of Rosewood high could be it’s own movie. And that song they use… damn.

Hanna: Not me. I never knew who the hell I was

PLL 5x03 Collage 1

I hope that this is the beginning of Hanna becoming her own woman, after spending so long wearing  a mask that eventually became her face. You can tell she misses the old Hanna especially now that Ali is back,even though no one remembers her. Obviously Ali returning was going to raise certain things from the girls, can’t wait to see what else is in store.  And speaking of  Ali, her real face is surfacing. And it’s not very pretty.

Why does Jason have to go? He’s probably the only sane one in Rosewood. I don’t even think he has any secrets left. I say he stays and gets it on with Aria, because Jaria is probably written in the stars somewhere. I say this knowing that Ezria is sparking up again, judging from that last scene. All I wanna say is, they better make this the last time these two two lovebirds break up only to get back together again. It’s getting old now Marlene King. Ezra in crutches did break my heart harder than any of their little lovers tiffs ever did. Does anyone remember that kiss that Aria shared with Ezra’s pretty faced younger brother? What happened to that story line Marlene King?

Melissa: Now stay away from her and the rest of them

PLL 5x03 9

Now to the biggest part of “Surfing The Aftershocks”, the whole Hastings and DiLaurentis family fued thing – Or whatever it’s supposed to be. They’ve been building this up since last season, if I remember correctly. No one still doesn’t know why they’re so hateful towards one another but I’m sure it’s  juicy. Melissa in all her glory, gave us the best line I have heard in my life. This is a line that I’m actually going to be quoting in real life. I am soooo ready to know her secret. Did she kill Mrs D… nah too obvious. And then there’s Mr Hastings. Last episode, they took extra care to paint Jason as some psycho. This episode it was Peter Hastings turn and this I actually buy, that man is noy to be trusted at all. The scene he had with Alison creeped me out so much. If anyone has any theories about what he’s hiding, care to share.

42 minutes and 53 seconds end way too quickly in Rosewood. Catch me next week, and check out my last PLL commentary – 5×02 Whirly Girl or better still check out my next one – 5×04 Thrown From The Ride.

Until we meet again, Miss More

Pretty Little Liars – 5×02 Whirly Girl | Commentary

In TV Shows on 20/06/2014 at 5:10 PM

Quote of the episode; “Oh yes, and don’t expect any sovereigns because all she bought back was attitude… and secrets” – Mama Hastings

Is it me, or did Alison get prettier?


I feel as if this episode has set the true tone for the rest of season 5 which is bound to be killing. Even better than season 2, I hope. In Whirly Girlie we were taken straight in to Ali’s biggest lie ever!! Honestly I didn’t expect her to go for a kidnapping story that doesn’t really seem to add up ( and the question still burns… who’s the girl in the box!!) Judging from the way that Spencer reacted to that lie, I know for a fact that their relationship is gonna be balancing at the edge of a cliff. But you know… the more drama the merrier.

I am once again doubting Toby, something about how he was acting in the Hasting house didn’t add up, something about his London story just didn’t add up either. He was oh so convincing all up in Spencer’s bed but still but I don’t fully trust Toby as of this episode. Like when her phone was ringing and he just seemed so thirsty for whatever information the phone call would deliver.I’m starting to think that Melissa and all her secrets are in reality harmless in comparison to whatever Toby has been up to.  I honestly don’t care if  Toby is on the A Team, like hell I don’t care if Toby is freakin Big A, as long as Caleb stays golden my heart will go on.

They worked so hard in Whirly Girlie to paint Jason as some kind of villain, he looked soooo crazy this episode. But just like how I didn’t buy their whole Ezra is evil campaign, I don’t buy this Jason=Psycho thing they have going on. This is Rosewood and nothing is at seems. The girls need to stop getting their panties in a twist over Jason’s overall wierdness (it’s nothing new, Jason has always been wierd (and H.O.T)) and look beyond the obvious. You would think they’d have learn this by now! Urggh. The pain in Jason’s eyes when he was telling Emily that without his mum his dad can do whatever and the pain in his eyes when his mum was discovered was to real to ever conclude that Jason did anything to hurt her. Obviously he has his secret, it’s Rosewood. I didn’t expect that they would kill Mrs D. I do see it’s potential though. My theory is that A took Mrs D’s life in exchange for Shauna’s.

And talking about Shauna, Aria is back to being Aria. If I was her friend I’d just slap her with a butcher knife and hope that she has amnesia so that I don’t have to deal her shit. I know that I’m being overly harsh but I don’t care. If Emily manage to not piss me off after her whole.. what was his name? You know him Maya’s “cousin”… anyways, if Emily managed to keep her annoyingness to herself, why can’t Aria. That’s all =D


“You’re gonna wish you stayed dead.”

How do you solve a problem like Mona? I’ve never cared much for Little Montgomery (can’t remember his name) but what she’s doing to him is just cruel, the girls deserve being forced to pay for their sins but Little Montgomery is as sweet as pie, he doesn’t deserve to be used as… I don’t even know what she’s using him for. Marlene King needs to hurry the hell up and tell me what the hell is going on with Mona. In fact this entire A thing is pissing off. Who is Big A I wanna know!! One thing though is that they are a loser because the amount of time that they have invested in making the lives of five teenage girls a living hell is just sad.

What do you say about starting a ReveAl A  petition? Anyone….

Catch me next week and check out my last PLL commentary – 5×01 EscApe From New York  or better still check out my next one – 5×03 Surfing The Aftershocks

Until we meet again, Miss More.

Pretty Little Liars – 5×01 EscApe From New York | Commentary

In TV Shows on 11/06/2014 at 8:26 PM

Quote of the episode; “You once told me that the only way to trust someone is to not ask too many questions and then you sent me to Rosewood to ask questions” – Shana (honestly this line isn’t the best but the way she delivered it was just…on point)

Firstly can we all agree that if Ezra dies, we’re going to boycott PLL forever….. No? Okay. I understand.


EscApe From New York was more than I could have imagined, this episode is another example of how PLL will always leave you with more questions than answers. I don’t even know where to start…

It was just so good to see Alison is present day and know that she’s here to stay for good. That girl is is golden, I know that she wasn’t/isn’t a great person but her character is so great to watch. I cannot wait to see the relationship dynamics between Alison, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer. We saw a glimpse of that at the theater when the girls were talking and poor Alison looked like a lost puppy, it must be hard to go from being the glue that kept them together to be literary an outsider. What I wanna know is, Will Emily (she actually didn’t annoy me this episode) and Alison get together? Will Alison and Spencer be in constant power struggle as they were before? Will Hanna and Alison finally be equals in a friendship? Will Aria and Alison have a tussle over Fitz? *grabs popcorn*

What the hell is happening with Melissa? What’s her big secret That scene confused the hell out of me. Mines and Paige’s face were completely mirrored when she bossed into that room looking all fierce. And talking about fierce Muna was seriously on her A-game this episode. I hope that by the next episode we get a better picture of what in the pits of hell was going on. When it was reveled that Lucas was the one that Mona was talking to, I was so sad, couldn’t they at least leave one good guy – good. But the whole Melissa scene made me think that no, he’s not part of an A Team, this is some next level operation.

Oh yeah, I really don’t give two damns about CeCe. And Ezra. Ezra. Ezra. Ezra! Even when he’s lying in a hospital bed, I still want to eat him up. He better live. That’s all I’m gonna say. But just to round this up… what in the name was Aria wearing this episode. Seriously, that outfit burnt my eyes. Emily however looked hawt, maybe that’s why I didn’t mind her presence this episode.

Yes. These are the things I notice.

Okay now for the story of the night. This A bitch.

“There’s no art to this war Spencer” – Alison

I have no idea what exactly their plan was in the beginning but I know it was stupid. They are all aware that A is always one step ahead so why don’t they up their game instead of still trying these basic tricks, but hey at least they got the psycho off Ezra. I must say I loved the park scene, those voices, all those people in those creepy masks, that was brilliantly done. And Shana, was a surprise. I suspected her in the begging of the episode but when she lovingly put the coat over Aria, I was thinking” naaah…. we can trust her”, then Ezra freaked out when he saw her and I was thinking “what kind of psycho-ness was she doing to my baby!”

And then!!! She shows up in the theater bad assing all over the place. Shana went, but she went with a bad ass bang. That scene was perfect to the T. Just how she talked had me on the edge. The whole falling in love with Jenna thing was so cliche but it worked. See, I knew that they wouldn’t kill off Alison or the other girls, but I was scared for them which shows how good of  scene this one was.

And then!!! Aria killed Shana. You know what this means? She’s gonna be an even more dramatic prissy princess than before… yaaay.  (On  a serious note, that was really well done). I cannot wait to find out the story here. How did Shana just turn on Ali like that? That was coooooolllllld!!!

This A person needs to be revealed this season or I swear, I’m gonna got to their studio and wave my gun at them.

Catch me next week.

Until we meet again, Miss More.


The Vampire Diaries – 5×19 Man on Fire | Commentary

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Quote of the episode: ” Oh, I’m so sorry to interrupt…whatever weird ritual you two were doing”

Until this episode (mind you we’re five seasons in) I never thought that TVD could do any wrong, but this time I just wasn’t feeling it, not even a little bit.

Let’s do a little recap as to why the show has backed itself into a corner

1. Sent The Originals packing to New Orleans

2. Pretty much exterminated Klaroline

3. Got rid of Bonnie’s witch shit

4. Killed of Katherine

6. Introduced some new villains who were promising enough to begin with but now I’m like *yawn*. Markos, must be the most unexciting villain they have ever made up, I know that Silas is a hard act to follow, but come on Julie Plec, you’re Julie Plec! When all this was happening I had faith that the show would once again one up itself but now I’m thinking… nah.

And what the hell is up with Liv and Luke (or whatever the hell his name is).  I know that she played a part in this episode’s events with her witchy shit and nearly dying and what not but seriously… what’s her plan? Where the hell is the rest of the coven she keeps on yapping on about. Is she trying to prove herself even more pointless than Matt? Before you all get defensive, I love Matt too but we all know that is he dies, nothing will change. Bonnie pissed me off even more, why won’t she just tell Jeremy that she’s soon gonna disappear, so that the two of them can have make up sex until the Other Side finishes crumbling. And talking about the Other Side, for some reason, whatever is happening there doesn’t interest me at all. Did they include that bit last episode just so that we can here Kol’s luscious voice and so that poor Matt Donovan can actually have something to do.

And where the hell was Caroline this episode! She is by far my favorite TVD character of all time, surpassing Katherine and even Lexi.

I’t’s that time again for the whole love triangle bullshit to be shoved down our throats…. again. This time it just seems really forced only because sparks stopped fyling between Stefan and Elena ages ago and all of a sudden they’re back full force. WTH. You can blame those cute little visions they had last episode but stil… it doesn’t seem right. They need to stop overdoing this shit, it got old in season 3, plus we all know that Delena will prevail. I mean would you look at this, a picture says a thousand words huh, this is a freakin collage!


And finally, the thing that irked me the most about this episode.


Why? Why? Why? Why? WHY! did they kill of Enzo? What the hell do they have to gain by killing of Enzo? When did they decide to start smoking rainbows and then got rid of the best thing to happen to TVD since Elijah? Who the fuck thought of this? Where the hell can I find them? My butcher knife is thirsty.

I am just way too upset to even think rationally. He was so freakin… *sigh*

Look, I know that this is that the TVD gods are as cruel as they are (I’ll get back to you on that), I know that they create characters simply put them in mortal danger or kill them and then to have them return for a little visit every now and then, not that I’m complaining. But I hoped that they would see that Damon and Enzo was going to be an even better bromance than Damon and Alaric (bless him), resulting in them keeping him around for at least more than two freakin’ episodes. To make it even worse that monologue that Damon performed or so well put salt to the wound. His dedication to Maggie (a woman he knew before the internet), the villanous tinge he had to him, that scorching accent…

Why! Why! WHY WOULD YOU KILL OFF ENZO. Just look at him.


They better bring him back, I swear to God. Fucking Elena got Bonnie back, Damon deserves Enzo. I must say though, that the ending was a bit ambigious, does it mean that he’s gonna be all casper on everyone? And talking about Elena, I’m so glad that this episode didn’t center around her. I have faith that the next episode of TVD will be much more to my taste, Damon has his all wounded soul thing going on and Tyler actually has a storyline in his own right… something to look forward to.

Best 5×19 Moments

1. I quite enjoyed all the fighting between Stefan, Damon and his sexiness Enzo

2. Sloan dying. That bitch.

3. Enzo biting Liv’s neck, how I wish she died too but I guess they need a witch.

4. I actually liked the flashbacks, The Salvatore’s in leather – oh boy!

 So what do you think about this episode, tell me I’m not the one who was cussing the whole way through.

Until we meet again, Miss More.

The Vampire Diaries – 5×17 Rescue Me | Commentary

In TV Shows on 29/03/2014 at 2:31 AM

Quote of the episode; “It’s very difficult to explain to your brother that you just broke up with the former love of his life and  then.. broke the bed.”

Yes I know I’ve been MIA for ages but now I am back and I am motivated and I am loving The Vampire Diaries more than ever. Let us take the time to mourn the dead, Silas, Amara, Qetsiyah, Dr. Masfield, Aaron, the owner of the dead head Damon patted in “No Exit”, Nadia and the incredible Miss Katherine Pierce. I’m sure some people have reservations about killing off one TVD’s best assets but hey this is why we all love  the show in the first place… No one is safe.

Now, let’s get to business.

Firstly, I have one word for you my people. Steroline!


A picture says a thousand words. I rest my case.

Secondly, Elena is back to being so freakin’ Elena. She loves Damon. Damon loves her. What the hell is her issue. Damon is not the good guy, she knew this before she accidentally stumbled on his bed. She defends him because that’s who she is. The girl shamelessly defended  a crazy witch who was seconds away from ramming a stake in her heart for goodness sake… that shows a lot. Urgggh! Not that I’m a Delena fan, as I predicted Elena turned Damon softer than soft scoop ice cream and we all know that bad boy Damon is simply the best

Little Gilbert finally got some balls. It’s true what he said about his life. How can we even expect him to have a normal existence when he’s a twice resurrected vampire hunter, with a doppelganger sister (cousin really) and a dead girlfriend. Talking about Bonnie, I think I’m at the stage where I can stand her, by some sorcery she pisses me off less,maybe because of the hair cut, the fact that she has less screen time and isn’t running around trying to save everyone with her annoying witchy shit. Anyways, I am happy that he’s finally running his own life and actually has a central storyline that he steers himself. This new Liv and (irrelevant because he isn’t hot, is his name James or something) twin brother storyline intrigues me so. I take it that Matt, Jeremy and Tyler are gonna be a little power trio now, only thing is what the hell is Matt adding to the melting pot of power other than a charm and dreamy blue eyes. (Please don’t hurt me, I love Matt really).

Enzo! *excuse me as I drool*


It’s like he’s looking straight into my soul… *sighs*

Ah Lorenzo, Lorenzo, Lorenzo. Why are you not in my bed? If he gets killed off anytime soon, me and Julie Plec will have problems. He’s just so tall, dark and handsome and his accent does things to me. And he has a thing for Caroline (so do I, with that said anyone who is shipping Enzoline needs to stop right there (refer to the first picture of this post)) and he’s fucking bad ass and he’s insightful knowing that Caroline could not kill that Tom Avery dude. By the way, Paul did a good job there now he and Nina are even at playing doppelgangers. (Only in body count obviously)

Last but not least…. The Travellers! Can we just take a second to think about all the endless stream of central villains that TVD cooks up season after season.

1. The Tomb Vampires

2. Katherine

3. His sexiness Klaus and The Original Family

4. Silas and Qetsiyah

And just when you think that they can’t do better than the first immortal being and a crazy 2,000 year old witch they present to you a…. what the hell are Travellers anyways, I mean I know they’re witches but they’re probably cooler because that ending scene blew my mind. I already know two things about Markos, he’s gonna be epic and he’s gonna be sexy, what more can a girl want? I love Sloan, I love their chants and most importantly I love their potential. I literally can’t wait to see their next move and what they have planned for Stefan and Elena. TVD returns on the 17th of April, because for some ungodly reason CW has put the show on break about three gazatrillion times  season.

Best 5×17 Moments

1. Elena’s science classroom sex fantasy… oh yeah.

2. Stefan and Caroline falling asleep together

3. Enzo, I swear if they had an episode of just his face I’d watch every single second of the 42 minute (give or take) episode

4. The ending sequence! I’ve re-watched it couple times and I’m still not over it.


Until we meet again, Miss More.

The Vampire Diaries – 5×06 Handle With Care | Commentary

In TV Shows on 09/11/2013 at 4:00 PM

Quote of the episode; “Did you want me to pinky swear?” – Silas

The one thing that pisses me off about every Vampire Diaries is the ending, because they always have these really tragically epic endings that leave me screaming when the screen goes blank. That Stefan and  Qetsiyah scene is one of my favorite in the entire season so far. She’s so crazy it’s beautiful.

This was a very eventful episode. First thing first, why doesn’t Katherine just become a vampire again? Obviously she’s human. Why does Julie Plec always stand in her happiness? Katherine should freeze her eggs turn into a vampire and live a long, happy life with Stefan. She has Petrova fire to add a bit of flavour to the younger Salvatore. Am I right or am I right? Talking couples, am I the only one who wants to see Matt with Qetsiyah? He is the nice guy of all nice guys, he’ll be like a mood ring to her.

Bonnie was actually not as annoying as he normal is, since I recently became a Beremy shipper, I no longer want to rip every strand of hair from her head, make a rope out of it, and kill strangle her with it. Now that’s what you call progress. Their big scene this episode was just so beautiful, the way he touched her cheek, who knew little Gilbert has game.

Talking about Gilbert’s; Even Elena she doesn’t make jealously look pretty. If Stefan busted Qetsiyah’s pussy wide open, what the hell does that have to do with her. Honestly that’s what I think Qetsiyah’s needs a bit of attention and some meat, which is where Matt comes in. I hope and pray that they don’t make Stelena the end game, we’ve been down that road and it’s boring as frig.

For the main event, I never thought that I would ever say poor Silas but POOR SILAS. He spent all this time holding on to the dream of escaping the island, destroying the other side to be with his one true love, but in true TVD style, that requires destroying his one true love. Wow. Just wow. No one saw that one coming, the TVD wikia page is filled with all these crazy theories and no one blinked an eye at that direction. I can’t wait to see Nina Dobrev bringing Amara to life, and to find out more about the voices in her head, or whatever he deal is.

In other news, Caroline and Katherine make a good team, in another world I think they’d actually be friends. I need the next episode to reveal the mystery of this Agustine Vampire and to involve Hot Jesse, I really hope that they don’t kill him.

Memorable Moments

1. Katherine’s tooth falling out (the look on her face LOL)

2. Damon killing the Traveller. I’m glad that after several episodes being dormant, bad ass Damon showed his face

3. Damon smashing up that crate in anger. He’s so hot.

Check out my last TVD Commentary 5×05 Monster’s Ball and see you next week. Love, Miss More


The Vampire Diaries – 5×05 Monster’s Ball | Commentary

In TV Shows on 04/11/2013 at 10:39 PM

Quote of the episode; “Okay I gotta admit that there’s a part of me that just wanted to hear you say that you still love me – That’s how big my ego is. But since you’re obviously in denial…” – Silas

Apologies for being severely late but I was in the middle of nowhere since the beginning of last week and missed all of my shows. I was thinking of not doing a commentary this week but after watching the episode…. wow. Season 5 just keeps on getting better. This episode showed me the merits of Stefan losing his memory, now he can take a step back and make room for Silas… oh Silas! I have a thing for bad guys if you haven’t figured it out yet.

Firstly, my poor (sexy) Jesse. What the frig is the hot Professor doing to him? What did he mean that he appears to be the perfect candidate? I just hope that he doesn’t die. And who’s this Aaron guy don’t we have enough new characters already?

Secondly, 5×05 saw the officially ending of Forwood


Tyler is an actual prick for doing that to poor Caroline. Why is he still obsessing with Klaus? Everyone else has moved on with their lives. The guy is long gone and indestructible (because killing him kills all of them) and Caroline’s soul mate. I hope that Tyler does go to New Orleans and get his ass thoroughly kicked by Klaus once and for all. Side note; if you watch the originals and you think that Klaus has moved his affections to Camp Cami. Go Home.

Thirdly, why the frig is Bonnie coming back. Can’t she just stay in the land of the dead for like… forever. And I know that my hate for her is un-rational but that’s not the point. I must say that I loved Jeremy’s and Bonnie’s scene at the beginning of the episode. I officially ship Beremy (only because Jeremy earned his TVD hottie badge last episode, I know several other ways he can work out).

On to bigger and better things…. Silas and Katherine purely stole this episode.

I love Katherine so much and I’m so happy that the writers surprised us with Nadia. I love the fact that even as a human she is still Katerina Petrova this force of nature, this survivor  this complete bitch that you want to slap and hug at the same time. This is the girl that has breathed for 500 years but hasn’t lived for much of it. She is by far the best character on the show and I can’t wait to see the rest of her story arc and what kind of mother she’s gonna be. Let me just say Katherine is officially a MILF.


When Damon cold heated killed her I was like “No! No! No! Why the hell would you kill Katherine you fool” But then her heart started beating and everything was right on this Earth again.

Silas!!! I really hope that he doesn’t die because he is the best thing to happen to TVD since Elijah. Paul Wesley is killing the bad guy thing and looking sexy while at it. I love Tessa, we have so far dismissed her merely as a woman scorned but I think that she is one of the biggest threats the Mystic Fall crew has ever faced. After 2,000 years seeking to destroy the man she once loved, she is truly a character that has nothing to lose. I clocked on that Matt has the anchor, finally his existence has a meaning in the show.

Memorable Moments

1. Damon mercilessly feeding Katherine to Silas and killing her

2. Katherine isn’t dead after all

3. Katherine’s line “Am I in hell?”

Check out my last TVD Commentary; 5×04 For Whom The Bell Tolls & see you next week. Love, Miss More.

The Vampire Diaries – 5×04 For Whom The Bell Tolls | Commentary

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Quote of the episode; “Oh I’m a ripper, you know what that means? It means I literally can’t stop feeding until I rip someone’s head off. But look at us! We’re working it out!”

Before we get to business, let’s talk about Jeremy working out…. DAMN!



Hats off to TVD for being the second ever show to make me cry. Trust me when I say that a feeling of utter sadness took over me and I was gone. The joke of it all it was over Bonnie. Freakin’ Bonnie, that’s how good the acting was this episode. Nina Dobrev deserves every single TV Best Actress Award out there because she’s the one who broke me, For Whom The Bell Tolls was by far the most moving TVD episode ever.

5×04  wasn’t as jam packed as usual because they didn’t want to take away from Elena and friends mourning Bonnie. They touched upon death which is one of TVD’s central theme. I looked into it and so far there has been 277 give or take (actually give) deaths in the show 48 of which were notable characters. I’m still pissed at Lexi’s death and I was very surprised that Andie lasted as long as she did, props to her.  TVD is probably the only show out there that has “Who Will Go Next” polls each seaosn and that’s one of the reasons why it’s so awesome.

Let’s talk about Stefan. The younger Salvatore seems to have gotten sexier since we last saw him. I’m hoping that they keep this memory loss thing up until the mid season finale and between now and then, Stefan goes off his head and trashes all these houses, has thirteensomes, feeds himself senseless and just acts like a bad ass. All while topless. When Caroline & Stefan were in his new home, sitting and just talking, I kind of saw them together. That dream died quickly because judging from all the electricity flowing between Stefan and Elena, Delena is in serious trouble.

Speaking about Elena. Why is she being a horny doppelganger bitch, it’s obvious that she’s still into Stefan, how comes no one ever calls her out for fucking between two brothers And why in the frig is Tyler back? Like for real his services aren’t needed. Why can’t he just be a dickhead somewhere else. As I told my friend, I hope Caroline dislocates his penis.

In other news, Matt has some new interesting story arc, for once, he has some relevance, congrats Mr Donovan, I hope they take this somewhere amazing. It’s also very interesting to see Matt play another character. Finally Jesse. Before I enjoyed his hotness and his awe inspiring voice but when that creepy professor turned him I went “oh boy, shit just got real”.

What Just Happened Moments

1. Stefan creeping on Jesse at the family crypt (I was worried about Jesse’s life)

2. Me crying over Bonnie’s death

3. Elena and Stefan’s moment by the Wickery Bridge

Tell me that I’m not the only one who cried over Bonnie’s death this episode, check out my last TVD commentary 3×03 Original Sin, see you next week.

P.S sorry for the lateness but I do have a life. Love, Miss More.

The Vampire Diaries – 5×03 Original Sin | Commentary

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Quote of the episode; “Have you not been listening to me!?..I have trust issues…I’m controlling…and paranoid…and a little crazy!”

This week, we had a little TVD history lesson. I LOVE TVD HISTORY LESSONS!!! My favorite 5×03 scenes were the flashbacks, especially the last one…. all that blood!

So, this episode was very Qetsiyah  central, she takes a woman scorned to a whole new level and I love it. I’m glad that they took Silas’s mental power away because if they didn’t it would have been a very boring season 5, you can’t have an unstoppable villain for too long.  Qetsiyah borderlines sociopath, she’s the kinda woman that I’d present with flower while wearing full body armor, because if I got the wrong type of flowers or she just happenned to not be in mood to be happy, she’d probably throw me out the window with her witchy super powers. Imagine Qetsiyah on her period, that’s a live in colour nightmare right there. I can’t believe that we have gone right back to the very origins of vampirism and doppelgangers, Vampire Diaries will also take you to the bottom of the pot.

I’ve been hoping that Damon & Elena will basically win in the end but this episode that dream got shot to hell. Qetsiyah’s stories about doppelgangers always finding each other and falling in love no matter what obstacles they face sounds about right. And since Stefan & Elena are the last set then they have to be the end game. Poor Damon, imagine being in love with two women, who look exactly alike that always want your little brother more, to make matters worse you’re sexier that he will ever be, I like me some Stefan but have you seen Damon Salvatore lately? He is sex…. with fangs – he can bite me any day of the week.


How do you solve a problem like Katherine? I am enjoying her lengthy stay in Mystic Falls, I read that she’ll be an important part of Season 5 like she was in Season 2 and now we know her importance; she’s the freakin’ moonstone! I’m still trying to figure out Nadia’s relevance, what the hell are travellers (if you’re American travelers) and what’s her agenda? At least she’s hot.

What Just Happened Moments

1. The beautiful woman Stefan wakes up to is actually Qetsiyah; the original woman scorned

2. Stefan has lost all his memory. That’s four seasons, about 10,000 flashbacks, 25,000 gallons of blood and approximately 62,000 sex scenes.

Carrying on from that I hope that the writers are going to take this opportunity to create a new Stefan, well maybe not brand new, I’d like his foundation to stay the same but instead of him being a modest 4 bedroom family home, turn him into a multicolored 6 storey mansion, with a swimming pool. Stefan is a nice guy but he need…. ummmppff, if  that makes sense. But something tells me he’s gonna go back to being his usual fundamentally boring, self righteous, always serious, perfect boyfriend self. On the bright side, this time around he’s the one who’s gonna be stealing his brothers woman.

Lastly, Bonnie stayed in the land of the dead this episode. Hallellujah! I know what I said last time but I still detest her. Check out my last TVD Review *coughs* commentary and see you next week.

Love, Miss More.

The Vampire Diaries – 5×02 True Lies | Commentary

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Quote of the episode; “I think we need to set some ground rules for when boyfriends come to visit.” – Caroline

Can I just begin by saying that the new professor guy is quite a sight to see but isn’t he a little too young to be a professor?

I am actually beginning to appreciate Bonnie now that she’s dead, I saw her like the less annoying version of Emily from Pretty Little Liars because like Emily, Bonnie had one thing going for her; witchy stuff, then she had her little thing with little Gilbert but I don’t ship Beremy/Jonnie/Bonremy (I know I know I’m terrible at making couple names) and I never really saw Jeremy’s relevance in the show until he became a sexy hunter. Anyways, now that Bonnie is dead, she actually has a personality, she has a struggle, she’s a dead girl who’s not ready to be dead, she’s a dead girl who is in love with her ghost whispering ex-boy and best friend. It’s tragic.

I wish they included a bit more of his sexiness Jesse this episode, apparently he’s meant to be Caroline’s new love interest, I approve. Although I know in my heart that it’s gonna be Klaus & Caroline forever, Jesse’s just practice. I am loving Elena’s new fashion sense, before she was  wore gloomy crap that aren’t even worth to be remembered but in 5×02 she looked great, especially in the last scene where she’s leaving college, those shorts and those wedges…. damn girl! I liked her main scene with Damon and of course it’s raising question about whether she’s still in love with Stefan because the only thing stronger than her anger at Damon was her worry for Stefan the thing that you’re all forgetting is, that this is Elena Freakin’ Gilbert she’s compassion are us. Elena will always love Stefan, their love was epic but obviously if she truly loved Stefan, her feeling for Damon would not have come on top and Damon would not have spent most of Summer on top of her. I rest my case. Plus! Taking a love triangle angle for this season will just be cheap on the writers behalf, I think four seasons of torture is enough thank you very much.

I’m excited about this Nadia person, there I was getting happy that Silas has some mysterious powerful enemies as always TVD pulls the rug from under me and I fall on my ass. Finally the star of the episode…. Katherine, Katherine, KATHERINE. I feel for her and I’m happy that even though she is now weak and defenseless after half a century of being a fundamentally diabolical vampire she is still fierce and tries to control her own fate as much as she can. I love her “I’m the freakin’ moonstone” qoute. I just love Katherine really. And I can’t wait to find out why Silas is seeking her, which will be revealed next episode.

What Just Happened Moments. (The moments that made me go huh, gasp or say didn’t see that one coming)

1. Elena chocking Damon with vervain water after luring him with sex, at first I though that it was her way of punishing him for lying to her but then shit got real

What was your favorite 5×02 moment?

Love, Miss More.

The Vampire Diaries – 5×01 Know What You Did Last Summer | Commentary

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Quote of the episode; “Urghh please Liz, I came first. Vampires are nothing more but disgusting perversions of me, I’m unkillable, I’m immortal and I’m physic and to function I need human blood, but, don’t e-ver call me a vampire”


Oh My God. Oh My God. OH MY FREAKIN’ GOD!!! There is once again meaning to this life of mine. First thing first, did Damon get hotter? Like for real, I thought it wasn’t humanly possible but I guess Mystic Falls isn’t driven by human limits. Secondly, Matt has had a very eventful summer, you can not imagine the gasp I let out when I saw that scene, I mean I expected Elena and Damon to be hanging off each other like rabbits all summer but Matt, daaamn boy.

“I Know What You Did Last Summer” reminded of the many reasons that I love TVD. For example Silas, how many vampire shows dare to take you back to the beginning, I thought that we have reached the bottom of the pot with the original family but that’s the thing with TVD, you think it’s all straight forward and then you fall on your ass. Paul Wesley is an awesome bad guy, I knew he had it in him. Yes I know that Stefan goes a bit cray cray when he has his ripper on but you knew for a fact that  this Ripper Stefan was a temp but now, Paul Wesley is portraying a truly evil man.  love the fact that Silas has Stefan’s face but he doesn’t look like him as in mannerism blah blah blah, props to the TVD actors who Julie Plec happily exploits.

If you’ve read my last TVD commentary, you’d know that I still hate Bonnie for no good reason, but I do understand her merits and like that they have found a way to keep her in the center of the action even if she’s not physically in the action. Jeremy going all hunter in the hallways was just beautiful, l I enjoy watching bullies get knocked out. I didn’t know how much I missed him until, this episode. Katherine is an actual bitch for leaving Jeremy to die again, but you can’t even love her less because it’s the most Katherine thing to do in the world, imagine how scared she is after 400 years of having a monopoly over everyone and everything, and it’s really sad because she’s lived so long but hasn’t really lived at all since all she did was run and now she’s gonna be doing exactly that but this time, with blisters for goodness sake.

Finally, college, errrrm I’m only interested in this part of the story because of Jesse, he is soooo beautiful, why do they keep on doing this to me?


I’m sure they are gonna make this whole mystery around Elena’s father interesting and all that as they always do. I officially want to kill Tyler, why, why would you do that to my girl Caroline, she gave up sexy Klaus for him goddamn it, I would have cried too.

What Just Happened Moments. (The moments that made me go huh, gasp or say didn’t see that one coming)

1. Matt’s threesome, I’m so jealous, cause Claire Holt is H.O.T

2. Matt being witch-napped by Nadia, I smell a new problem villain in Mystic Falls

3. Silas killing Bonnie’s dad, was purely heartbreaking

Favourite Scene

It has to be Silas’s little chat with Elizabeth Forbes, the only character who isn’t a main one to survive every season in TVD, this is another reason why I love this show…. everyone dies! Anyways, the scene really gave you a look into Silas personality.

This episode was a warm welcome back to Mystic Falls. Vampires, originals, werewolves, hybrids, witches, expression, expression triangles, humanity switches, ghost whisperers, sire bonds, hunters, curses, originals, Gilbert rings, the cure, white oak trees, doppelgangers, all-out powerful villains, twists, turns and trips – TVD never fails to take it to the next level, TVD has completely revamped vampires and I simply can’t get enough. Season 5 is going to be so fucking epic.

My Top 10 Favorite Female TV Characters

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It’s only fair that I do this. Check out My Top 10 Favorite Male TV Characters.

10) Laurel Mercer – The Lying Game

 “Tonight was kind of amazeballs and I hope it was amazeballs for you, too


Laurel is just one of those characters in a TV Show that you can’t help but love. She just creates this balance to the show. I can’t explain I just really like her. If I knew a Laurel in real life we would be BFF’s for sure. She is beautiful. Inside. And out. The girl can also dress to kill, I would wear everything she wears no problem.

9) Naomi Clark – 90210


 “I love each and every one of you just as much as you love me.”

Naomi Clark isn’t in 90120. Naomi Clark IS 90210. This show is freakin’ awesome. I rest my case.

8) Katherine Pierce – The Vampire Diaries

“Are we really going to do this again? We both know I could rip you to shreds and do my nails at the same time.”


Praise to the beautiful Nina Dobrev for bringing this gem to life. As I said before, I love to love villains because villains are not just black and white they are an entire colour spectrum. Katerina Petrova is no different. I can’t wait for season 5 of  TVD because I hear that Katherine will be a major part like she was in season 2.

7) Hanna Marin – Pretty Little Liars

Spencer: Just be careful and wear sensible shoes.
Hanna: I wear three inches or nothing.

Hanna is my second favorite liar. She is 100% herself always, a pretty girl who not only cares about what she presents outside but what she has inside. Yes she is the Queen of doing stupid things at the heat of the moment but she does them with good intentions and she learns that; the road to hell is paved with them. + I would so do her + she’s really really funny.

6) Daenerys Targaryen – Game of Thrones

 “I will take what is mine with fire and blood.”


I used to love Dany in season 1 because of her romance with my baby Khal Drogo and then she got him killed and I hated her. In season 2 I just tolerated her, I did love her scenes because the setting was just beautiful. However in season 3, oh boy! Dany is fire and I have developed the utmost respect for her. Her self righteousness, arrogance and her belief that the Iron Throne is her right does get to be, but what the hell, if a man had Dany’s attitude no one would bat an eyelash. Every episode Dany gets stronger and mightier as a Queen in her own right and a woman who in full control of her own destiny. Salute to you Daenerys Stormborn.

5) Emily Thorne and Victoria Grayson

“Every time I hug you, the warmth you feel is my hatred burning through.”


“But two wrongs can never make a right. Because two wrongs can never equal each other. For the truly wronged, real satisfaction can only be found in one of two places: Absolute forgiveness, or mortal vindication. This is not a story about forgiveness.”

I love these two characters so very equally. They are both mad talented, mad beautiful and mad conniving. They just bounce off each other so perfectly that I can’t decided who I love more, that’s why they are sharing the spot. I am all for strong female characters who have bigger balls that most men, these two are packing steel. Sugar and spice and all things not nice. The one thing I love about Revenge is that there are no real good guys in the central action. Yes, I think that Emily deserves justice but she is going around ruining people, Victoria Grayson deserves what she’s going to get for all the wrongs she’s done, but thinking about it, does she really?

4) Cersei Lannister – Game of Thrones

“Everyone but us is the enemy”


Cersei is the only woman smack bang in the middle of a game of  thrones. I have a complicated love and hate relationship with this remarkable woman. I really want her to die, but I love and respect her for her ability to look like a lady, think like a boss & act like bitch. Plus, Cersei taught me one of the most valuable lessons in life…. they say knowledge is power, that’s bull because “Power IS Power”

3) Blair Waldorf – Gossip Girl


“Haven’t you heard? I’m the crazy bitch around here.”

I love love me some Blair Waldorf. Blair is the third Queen to appear on this list, she ruled with a velvet gloved iron fist. I have a think for schemers and plotters, the life of those born in utter wealth and opulence and those few girls who make something of themselves without using their bodies but instead their brains. I have deep respect for Blair Cornelia Waldorf. She reminds of Victoria Grayson strangely enough.

2) Spencer Hastings – Pretty Little Liars

“The cat plays with the mouse before she actually eats it.”


Spencer is one of the few reasons why I still watch the train-wreck that is Pretty Little Liars. She’s a tad bit crazy, like most of the women on this list but she’s a good, calm and collected crazy. She’s brain and beauty, style and flair, personality and did I mention crazy. Without her the Liars would not be getting closer to find out who A is by the day.

1) Anne Boleyn – The Tudors


Anne Boleyn : [about Henry] They say all his liaisons are soon over. He blows hot, he blows cold…

Thomas Boleyn: Perhaps you could imagine a way to keep his interests more… prolonged?

Let me tell you this, I would do Anne Boleyn any time, any place, any how *wink*wink*.  Anne is normally portrayed as some kind of poisonous bitch who turned England upside down for sport. But in The Tudors, she is so much more than that. Natalie Dormer’s Anne Boleyn is a girl with fierce passion, she is strong and intelligent, unlike the other women of her time, she did very little to hide it. That is what intensified Henry’s love for her and my love for her too. You have this girl who is both a pawn and a player in a very dangerous game of politics. She is a victim of love, of Henry, of her enemies, of history, of England and also of herself. Natalie Dormer made Anne Boleyn, the most infamous English Queen immortal, if I ever meet her, I’ll thank her for that.

Henry: I love your neck. 


Special mentions; Georgina Spark & Jenny Humprey – Gossip Girl. Donna Noble – Doctor Who. Caroline Forbes – The Vampire Diaries. Anne Seymour, Lady Hertford – The Tudors. Faye Chamberlain – The Secret Circle.

Who are your favorites?

Love, Miss More.

Game of Thrones – 3×09 The Rains of Cashmere | Commentary

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“The Lannisters send their regards”

Game of Thrones is the show that makes me look forward to Mondays. MONDAYS! That’s how much I love it.  As usual the latest episode was just…. WOW. And it was actually worth the week long wait.

Let me get something straight, I don’t give a fuck about Bran and his little journey to the north. I don’t give a fuck about Gilly and her Nights Watch friend, I care so little about him that I don’t even know his name & I have no interest in looking it up. To be fair I did like his closing scene last episode but I’m still trying to figure out why he left the knife on the floor. I don’t give a fuck about Jon Snow’s story (he used to be so cute, I don’t know what happened to him)I did like his relationship with Ygritte she is such an amazing girl, this episode he just goes and leaves her, what kind of prick is he?

Obviously this episode was centered around the Starks, a family that has been shattered into pieces by the war. I found myself mourning for this family in this episode they got the closest they have been to each other (kinda) in the 3 seasons, it was so heartbreaking. And now that Bran is sending Rickon to wherever the frig, the family is even more messed up.  We’re gonna talk about the wedding in a bit. I loved Arya’s scenes this episode, we see that she has gone past feeling pain and longing she nows feels pure murderous hatred this is so dangerous for such a young girl, you know she’s gonna grow up to be a bit crazy, because she officially has nothing to lose and people with nothing to lose are the most dangerous ones you can find. From the whole don’t kill the old man thing you can tell that she has a soft heart somewhere which I fear is going to be blackened in the future.

Daenerys. Ohh she’s just pure fire this season. This episode she just took a step back from all her self-righteousness. I’ve been thinking how crazy it is that she’s calling herself Queen of a people she doesn’t even know, and honestly her claim to the throne is as probably the weakest in the “game” but I’ve come to the conclusion that people don’t take thrones because they have a claim to it, they take thrones because they can. I’m looking forward to see how true power will change Dany. I love Grey Worm, he fought like a boss. And Daario Naharis can Daario my Naharis anyday of the week.


Now for the main event. I haven’t read the books but I found out everything that’s gonna happen on wikipedia because I actually love spoilers. Throughout the entire episode I was praying, hoping and wishing that they decided to cut out the Red Wedding out but I knew shit was gonna go down the minute Walder closed the doors of the hall. The show creatures played us so well, Robb and Catelyn officially made amends, Catelyn was starting to like Talisa, Edmure was so happy with his very pretty wife and I loved loved the sweet moments between Talisa and Robb. Everything was so great, well not really because Walder Frey acted like a complete bastard in his hall but still we were given a sense of hope. And Robb’s little speech at the begginning had me all excited, the Lannisters were finally going to get fucked. My mouth was hanging open in shock and shock shock the minute that Talisa was stabbed in the belly, that was horrible. The Red Wedding Scene is one of the best in the entire season. Although I must say that Catelyn’s acting in the end was just bad.

Okay, let us be realistic here, the Starks bought this upon themselves, they put honour and whatever the fuck above all else in a world where you simply can’t afford that luxury. It all started from Ed and just went south. Robb was a dumb King, he refused to look at the bigger picture, his mother TOLD him that Walder Frey is not the kind of man to cross, his mother TOLD him not to send Theon the Prick to his father, his mother TOLD him not to kill Lord Karstark (if that’s how you spell his name) but he just did as he pleased, in reality Kings can’t afford to do that history can back me up in this, in all fairness Catelyn isn’t all that innocent, I will never forgive her for releasing Jaime.

This episode demonstrated that in the game of thrones you win or you die. I can’t wait for the epic season finale. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncmV8iSv998

Love, Miss More

Back With A Bite… The Vampire Diaries 4’s First 3 Episodes

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Excuse me as I go jump like a maasai in celebration for his sexy sexiness Ian Somerhalder’s return to my TV screen along with the rest of the Mystic Falls crew. I feel like the third episode was truly the beginning of another great season, don’t get me wrong I liked episode 1 & 2 but they were just an introduction to TVD 4 in my eyes.

I’m gonna start on a negative note. Am I the only one who hates the new intro to the show? I find it so cheap. What kills it is when Stefan is like “Mystic Falls is my home” and Damon and Elena come out of no where with “And mine”. I can’t explain it, but it just annoys me & it needs to go. Also, am I the only one who hates Bonnie? I’ve never really paid mind to her and Caroline in the beginning. But from season 2 on wards Caroline has grown on me and I now adore her. But Bonnie such and irrelevant  personality. I don’t know if it’s the story lines or the lines themselves. Kat Graham is a beautiful talented actress but Bonnie needs to die. Whenever she came on “1.Growing Pains” & “2.Memorial”, I didn’t really pay attention all I know is that she’s been playing with some dark magic shit and her Grams was got tutored for it, she lost her magic because of it and I really couldn’t care less and she was trying to save Elena from becoming a vampire, which is honorable, I know. I wish I had a friend who would die for me. But seriously, Bonnie needs to stop acting like she has balls and start growing a pair.

Moving on swiftly, I’m loving Elena’s transition, I’m hoping she turns into a female ripper and the the last scenes of “3.The Rager” promised  a blood mad Elena for the next few episode I wonder how Stefan would deal with the one he loves become the thing he hates. She’s losing control, she has been doing so from episode 1. I really want to know more about the rage, I want to see this new Elena that has been buried in the old one for 18 years. Nina Dobrev once again deserves a standing ovation for her work.  They seem to be trouble in paradise already, since from the conversation Stefan had with Caroline in the end of “The Rager”, we know that he’s scared to enjoy himself along with Elena, in case the ripper comes out. So it’s gonna be interesting to see if Stelena will survive with Stefan holding back. I am a Stelena fan partly because I want Damon to myself and partly because I think that the best relationship for both Elena & the show is Stelena. If Damon got tied down with Elena, she would surely change him and tame him, we would lose an anti-hero. And even if you are a die hard Delena fan, you don’t want that! Strangely my perfect TVD couple pairing would be, Elena and Elijah, Stefan & Katherine, Damon & Rebekah and Caroline & Klaus. Call me forever more a match maker.

Speaking of Klaus, I loved Michael Trevino’s Klaus game in episode 1 and the Tyler (Klaus) and Caroline make out in the wood scene is by far my favorite scene in season so far. (Closely followed by Damon’s graveyard scene, that almost made me cry… almost) it just flowed so nicely and the “love” bit was on point, to the T. I am all for, hot vampire hybrid sex. For the past season the writers over at TVD made us believe that Klaroline can’t happen but the arrival of Hayley, the new werewolf chick in town who just happens to be Phoebe Tonkin (love her, love her, love her) says otherwise. As if, Tyler had werewolf hanky panky while he was supposedly trying to break his sire bond to Klaus, and he has the audacity to have a go at Klaus for making out with his girlfriend? Puh-lease! A break up is supposed to happen to happen in episode 6. You wanna bet who is dumping who? It’s most possibly gonna be Stefan & Elena because apparently Caroline and Tyler don’t appear in episode 6, but a girl can still wish.

In other news, Damon is still a smoking HOT sexy sexy vampire. Ian Somerhalder if your reading this will you marry me? Damon is trying to get over the fact that Elena picked Stefan. I’m actually glad about that, because then at least Alaric died in the arms of his best friend. Them two had the one of the best bro-mance ever. and the writers honored this in “Memorial” when Damon asked Elena to not sit on his right because that used to Alaric’s spot. The grave yard scene truly showed Damon’s soft side. I really hope that Damon and Stefan go back on good terms because….. just because. What else is there? REBEKAH! I love her! Who doesn’t love a blonde vampire mean girl who is all powerful, all bitchy but very vulnerable? I can’t wait to see how she copes in a normal “friendship with April, who I really didn’t care about until her scene with Rebekah. I also don’t care about, Matt, since he’s a weakling. Jeremy, who is just as irrelevant to be as Bonnie. Meredith, pretty face  but so. I really don’t care about Tyler either but since he got with Caroline, I’ve tolerated him. Good acting, good script but I just don’t care.

Last but not least.. Connor Jordan! This is why I’m saying that episode 3 is the real beginning of season 4, this episode is obviously sets up story lines for the rest of the season. We don’t know much about the new vampire hunter in town, expect for the fact that he’s bad ass and willing to hurt humans, to hurt vampires and he’s kinda hot. How fool was Tyler to think that he could just man handle him in the beginning of episode 3? I can’t wait for the next episode, to know more about the mysterious “five”, what else to look forward to in episode 4, well… Damon’s teaching Elena how to hunt and Mr suave swag Elijah is going to grace us with his presence, in flash back but oh well.

Thanks for reading, more to come.

Gossip Girl 6: So Far Not So Good

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I really do not understand why I even bother watching “Gossip Girl” anymore when I know very well that it’s going to suck ass. Season 1, 2 & 3 were absolutely amazing, I was watching old episodes  a couple days ago and I was sad that GG ship sank so easily. The first half of season 4 was bearable. The second half of season 4 was shit. Season 5 was bullshit. And Season 6 so far is, utter bullshit. I am only excited about 2 things. A) seeing the face of Gossip Girl. B) there is no B.

This shit don’t make sense to me.

The writers over at GG have completely blew all the character development they have done for the past 6 seasons out the water. Are they on a mission to make us hate all of them? This is the last season & I’m seriously not sad to see the GG gang go. Okay first thing first, D stands for Douche. Dan has turned into a monster & you know the worst thing about it, he actually has the nerve to carry himself o a high horse. From the minute he teamed up with Georgina, you knew that he sold himself to the devil. Although I do love Georgina, her character is 30% unrealistic and over-dramatic but that is the whole point. Georgina is a little piece  of the old “Gossip Girl”. Dan used to be the nice one & now I just wish him dead. He is in serious need of a haircut & he has gone so ugly it’s unbelievable, he wasn’t a complete hottie before but now I don’t even wanna see face. Serena is just a little bitch. Her existence has never particular excited me from day 1 (I’m in Team Blair) but I truly began hating her in season 5 after she gave Lola (the real Charlie Rhodes) a lil’ speech about how “she’s family & won’t hurt or abandon her or go against her” or some teh, teh, teh, like that when she needed her help, only to do exactly that when she found out that Lola is her half sister. I think that was when it hit me that “Gossip Girl” has truly finished. Now back in real time, how dare Serena tell Blair that she ain’t her family no more in episode 3? After all that they have been through she has the audacity to blow her BFF over and chose middle aged man & his brat. Talking about brats, what the hell is Sage meant to be? So apparently Sage is meant to represent Serena and Blair back in Season 1. Pshhht please. Am I the only one who doesn’t see the resemblance? Sage needs to die.

And what is the deal with Rufus & Ivy. Am I the only one who hates the sound of Ivy’s voice? She needs to take that shit back wherever she bought it. Rufus is a vagina. I’m looking at her through a screen and I can see how fake she is & he’s right in-front of her but fails to detect a liar. Rufus has been a vagina from the second he turned into Lily’s trophy husband/bitch. The thing is that was legit love but Ivy, WTF. This man is screw banging, the con artist who is, his ex wife’s fake niece. What grown man does that shit in real life. Seeing them lying on the bed post coitus at the end of episode 1 was the most disturbing thing I have seen in my life, even though I only saw it for 1/2 a second. The worst thing about this is that Ivy is doing this as part of her plan to take down Lily and I don’t understand how riding Rufus like a stallion is going to help achieve anything, since Lily is happily married to a gazillionare. Ivy should just get aids and die.

I have 2 words for you. Chuck & Blair.  The writers have been dragging on their relationship for 6 seasons now. You would think that for the final season, they would give us a break and stop insulting our memory by not recycling the same old shit. The lowest point in their storyline was the whole “God pack” shit they tried to pull. Like seriously… WTF! I understood in season 4 that Blair wanted to be someone before she became Mrs Chuck without the ring but, 2 seasons on, a sham marriage and a car accident you would think that they would have learnt that together they are invincible. The two of them should concentrate on growing together, the end of season 3 suggests this and I’m glad because this all Chuck uncovering his father’s secret is seriously getting old and Bair’s career as a fashion designer or whatever the hell she’s meant to be doesn’t promise any good storyline. The return of th minions in episode 2 was just cheap.

Poor “Gossip Girl”. This is a severe case of….. God knows. For the money question; Who do you think is Gossip Girl? In the books it’s Eric. Leave it in the comments.

Thanks for reading, more to come. XOXO Forever More. (sorry I couldn’t help my self)

Pretty Little Liars Season 3 | Review (Ep 6-10)

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PLL is becoming increasingly tedious. Mostly because this new A is impossibly boring. The new A was introduced in spectacular fashion but now he/she is just lazy in the main villain department. What hapenned to all the text messages and weird notes and that feeling that A is always watching? I loved it when the girls message tone would go off and you would jump with them with fear and anticipation. A used to be very hands on but now we we only see A in the end of each episode doing something stupid and pointless. The writers over at PLL are really failing to bring anything new to the table and after such a good run so far, it’s annoying and disappointing. They need to fix up – The Pretty Little Liars Ship is slowly sinking.

The other reason for this development is the fact that they are turning Maya into the next Alison. The girls are going all “go go gadget” on the investigation of her death and I’m like “please, we’ve already seen all this with Ali” why are they recycling the same shit? I believe that they are dragging her death out just so that poor Emily can have some kind of story line  because all she had going for her is “the coming out the closet thing” but since that’s all done and done now; they feel the need to have her depress me because of Maya’s tragic death. And then there is Maya’s supposed cousin Nate, who is just turning more creepy with every episode. I honestly don’t understand his purpose in Rosewood apart from causing sexual tension, I was quite annoyed when she and Nate kissed in episode 10 and Paige saw. “Oh my God! That is so original it has not been done a billion times before” The biggest fail however, when it comes to Emily is how the writers explained the happenings of “That Night”. I loved the whole “pills that cause memory loss when mixed with alcohol” thing but they just turned around and decided that Emily was with Paige “That Night” in episode 8……… no comment *bangs head on wall*

Then there’s freakin’ Aria pissing me off!! First thing first why does she pretend to be a big woman when she is a little 16 year old school girl. Like, Aria stop trying wear trousers that don’t fit – chill and go learn some Shakespeare. I hated how she just completely ignored HOT! Ezra in episode 6 at Jenna’s party. On that note; does is it not annoy you how the girls blow off their boyfriends, all cause of A. Toby, Ezra and Caleb are simply lush! What annoys me the most is Spencer and Toby, if Spence was my girlfriend – The way she would get dumped on the spot.! She treats him like a stray puppy and it’s soo sad. Hanna and Caleb are understandable since A did cause a car crash, even though I love HanAleb, I am now officially team HanWren (excuse the bad name mixing lol). I practically screamed with joy when Hanna kissed Wren. Excuse me while I go fantasise about the HOT! Doctor Eye Candy Wren and his sexy British accent. Yes Please!!!  I know that it’s useless to root for Wren since everyone and their mother knows that Hanna will pick Caleb – In The End! But I think that Hanna and Wren look good together, they’d make pretty babies, Wren is so sweet and loveable and kind and did I mention he’s HOT! and he deserves some kind of happiness since Spencer ditched him for Toby.

Back to Aria and Ezra… The second thing is all this Fitzgerald thing. Why does it bother Aria so much that Ezra has money he wants to do nothing with? Mrs Fitzgerald was a total fail I won’t even waste my time talking about that hot mess. The Maggie thing annoyed me and so did Aria trying to make fight about it? She’s such a hypocrite! How could she be bothered that Ezra mother’s bought off her son’s pregnant ex girlfriend when she is the one who helped make a girl blind and framed someone else for it? Are they that desperate for new story lines? Fourthly there’s Ezra’s little brother God knows what his name is (who brings me on to a next point). I actually sat down and wonder his purpose on the show? Which made me think of a few loose ends in the show… what happenned to Aria’s little brother? The rest of Spencer’s family? The whole “Meridith is applying for a job in Rosewood High?” Lucas? What’s going on with Mona damn it!!

On a positive note, Spencer keeps on being amazing!! I love her spy behavior although Toby suffers for it. Honestly, I just love all things Spencer Hastings. Her most memorable moment was in episode 9 when she was getting ready for the party with Aria and she told the story about how her grandma offered her $200,000 to shave her father’s sideburns off in his sleep. That was some funny shit and one of the best moments in episodes 06 to 10. The worse one is in episode 10 when Emily and Hanna get trapped in the Kahn shed or whatever it was by A. Seriously! That looked like a scene from a bad horror movie on crack. However I did like Doctor Eye Candy Wren taking care of Hanna is the scenes to come, he’s so……. *sigh*

With a mid season finale coming up in two weeks, I hope that The Pretty Liars writers get a chance to think about what they are doing and fix the hell up! And bring Toby back! And make A more A-some! And kill off Emily! And stop pissing me off!

My Top 10 Favorite Male TV Characters

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This list is not based on looks although looks do have a lot do with it but note that I am looking at the character themselves, how they carry themselves, their lines, how they fit into the show that they are in and most importantly how the actor who plays them brings them to life and how much I love them!

10) Khal Drogo – Game of Thrones (2011 – )

                     “And to my son, the stallion who will mount the world, I will also pledge a gift. I will give him the iron chair that his mother’s father sat upon.” 

I hate that bitch Daenerys Targaryen for getting my baby Drogo killed off in Season 1 of Game of Thrones, I don’t care if it’s in the books, I don’t care that she was reading off a script. The show’s producer were just plain rude. Khal Drogo is a one of the most powerful Dothraki warrior. The Dothraki are some kinda nomadic warrior people in Game of Thrones, they live their entire lives on horses and move around in khalasars, a horde which is led by a Khal presumably the best warrior in the horde. Drogo is one of the best Khals around and he is hot! End of story. I have a thing for men with power like every other female in the world. Khal Drogo looks and is dark and dangerous, he is a skilled fighter and he loves wholesomely with passion and devotion. He used to call Daenerys Targaryen (his wife)  “moon of my life” for goodness sake. I think that speaks for it self. Kudos to Jason Momoa; the actor who bought such a jewel to life.

9) Dr. Sheldon Cooper – The Big  Bang Theory (2007 – )

“I’m not crazy. My mother had me tested” 

How do you solve a problem like Sheldon Cooper? Mhhhh, I’ll get back to you about that. It’s public knowledge that Jim Parsons is The Big Bang Theory’s secret weapon, his Sheldon game is so on point that I actually believe that he is very much like the character in real life. Frankly, I can’t sit here ans describe Sheldon Cooper to you. All I know is that I love him and I wanna kill him – AT THE SAME TIME. Why you may ask, feel free to see for yourself because it would take me ages to describe him to you.

8) Charles Brandon – The Tudors (2007 – 2010)

“You know me, I don’t always think”

Call me a sucker for play boys. Charles Brandon is very much an historical hunk. He is womanizer much like the Henry VIII himself, who just so happens to be his best friend. This makes Mr. Playboy Brandon very powerful and influential in his own right, rich as hell and gives him a stream of willing beautiful young things at his disposal. His character is one that lives with the privileges of a King without having the responsibilities of one. Brandon is carefree, impulsive, adventurous, daring, HOT as blue flames and overly cocky and playful. One of his best scenes is in the very first episode of The Tudors when he is caught red handed with the  precious daughter of The Duke of Buckingham (by the man himself). Now the Duke is one of the most powerful, respected and influential men in court and this is how he handles him.

What’s this? Brandon!
It’s what it looks like, Your Grace.
[livid] You violated my daughter!
No, no. She begged.
You’ve taken her honour!
[smiling amusingly] I swear to your grace, someone else was there before me.
[while holding his sword to Charles’ throat] You son of a whore.
[smirking] Yes, that is true, Your Grace.

Do I really need to say more?

7) Tyrion Lannister – Game of Thrones (2011 -)

“Never forget who you are. For surely the world will not. Wear it like armor and it can never be used to hurt you”

I honestly just love the sound of Tyrion Lannister’s accent; half of what he says is utter filth and corruption but oh well. Mr Lannister is the resident dwarf in Game of Thrones, he is stuck in a world of endless summer days, winters that can last a life time and a dangerous game of power and politics, a game he likes to be right in the middle of. Tyrion is smart as hell, sly, conniving and…….. just Tyrion. I love him, his character, the schemes he comes out with, everything about him is loveable.

6) Henry VIII – The Tudors (2007 – 2010)

“I have no heir. The Tudor Dynasty, all my father’s work, finished, and it’s MY fault!”

Firstly lets take a moment to admire one Jonathan Rhys Meyers. *sigh* Don’t you just love a man in costume?

Mr Meyers is the one who brought one of the most famous English kings to life. Henry VIII is commonly linked to three thing, looking like his own continent, going through six wives and changing his country’s religion so he can marry his second wife. In The Tudors Meyers really shows you the man behind the legend, his performance is regal. There is nothing sexier than a man with power and Henry VIII is the most powerful man in the land – on the surface. The Tudors is a story about the struggles of a King, the demons he had to face externally and within. His six wives and his relationship with them. The love and duty he felt for his country. And sex.

5) Niklaus Mikaelson – The  Vampire Diaries (2009 -)

“I love it when they run”

Every time Joseph Morgan shows up on screen I wanna run and hug whoever gave him the role of Klaus. Klaus is the mother fucker of all villains, he is cunning, diabolical, indestructible (kinda) and always one step ahead. But as with every other amazing villain, Klaus is complex and his only weakness is his fear of being alone. Brief history – Klaus is an original vampire, which means that he is one of the first vampire that ever existed and he is responsible for creating a portion of all the vampires that exist in the show. Originals are fully blooded which makes them faster, stronger and practically unbeatable. The reason why Klaus out does all the villains is because he a hybrid. Half vampire, half werewolf and it becomes apparent that the whole of season two is basically based on him trying to break the curse that makes his werewolf side dormant. Of course he succeeds and becomes the most powerful creature to walk the vampire diaries world (I think there is an obvious running theme in this list). I have a thing for great villains and powerful men and Klaus has it both and a HOT British accent and a baby face……….. what more could you want?

4) Chuck Bass – Gossip Girl (2007 -)

“Serena looked effin’ hot last night. There’s something wrong with that level of perfection. It needs to be violated.”

Chuck Bass is probably the devil. Like Charles Brandon, Charles Bass is a playboy of the highest order, what else do you call a scheming, artful, rich boy who doesn’t like to sleep with the same woman twice? I love how he walks or in better words strut. I love how he talks slow and sensual as if whatever comes out of his mouth can cure cancer. I love his signature scarfs and his suits, like hell I just love him. The number one thing why the character of Chuck Bass is in my top 10 is because we see him grow from a playboy to a man through out the 5 seasons of Gossip Girl and Ed Westwick is one talented actor.

3) Elijah Mikaelson – The Vampire Diaries (2009 -)

“Excuse me. To whom it may concern, you’re making a big mistake if you think that you can beat me”

Elijah oozes, suave swag in all directions. He’s really old school you know the “ladies first man of my word” type of guy. Elijah has this confidence that borderlines arrogance but with that face “I don’t care”. In the show, he is an original vampire and since his father died he is the oldest vampire in the world which makes him the oldest living being in the world. He is unbeatable which is probably he walks around with a cloud of importance he speaks with……. grace and honor. I think I may be in love! He just has this thing about him that makes who ever sees him want to be in presence. Mr Swag Elijah is basically sex in a lush suit and he knows it!

2) Patrick Jane – The Mentalist (2008 – )

Mrs. Elkins: How can you be so cold?
Jane: Practice.

Basically do something good for man kind and go watch The Mentalist. If you don’t already – God knows why and if you do, lets take a moment to day dream about one Mr Patrick Jane. In 2 words, Patrick Jane is Patrick Jane. There is no character out there that can compare to him, serious talk. In the show, Patrick Jane is a crime solving ex fake physic who is the master of mind games. Why is he always right about everything! And why is that so HOT! He is funny and honest and charming and sharp and smart and observant and HOT but then again he is scheming, conniving, manipulative, arrogant idiot and he’s so straight about it. Kudos to Simon Baker for doing this role justice because underneath all the suits and the tricks and the charm and the eyes you could fall into Mr. Mentalist Patrick is one damaged soul. Seriously, just go and watch the show. 

1) Damon Salvatore – The Vampire Diaries (2009 -)

 “I’m changing and evolving into a man capable of greatness. Better watch your back, cuz I may just have to go get a hero hair-do of my own and steal your thunder.”

First thing first, may I say that I honestly believe that the world will be a much better place if I was in ownership of  Ian Somerhalder’s mind, body, soul & love.Why? Well………. His sexy sexiness Ian Somerhalder is sexier than sexy itself. I would love to have a massive poster of him above my bed so that he’s the first person I see in the morning and the last person I see at night, of course in a perfect world Ian wouldn’t be above me, he’d be next to me but you know…….. that would have to do for now. Frankly, I feel like that is a good enough reason why he’s number one on the list. But because I am a professional, I think I should mention the fact that Ian is on fire as Damon Salvatore. He brings this certain depth and flair the character. No one and I mean NO ONE can play Damon Salvatore the way that Ian does. You want proof? Watch away. In the beginning Damon had this whole bad boy vibe to him but underneath all that he is a bad boy with a good heart. And I love him for that. I also love his one liners and his signature “I’m bad” smirk and his bromance with Alaric Saltzman and his confidence and did I mention that he’s sexy? If you still don’t believe me see for yourself…………..

Of course this was a really tough list to make.

Special Mentions; David Tennant as The Doctor (Doctor Who), Jon Snow or as I like to call him baby-face (Game of Thrones), Caleb Rivers & Ezra Fitz (Pretty Little Liars), Liam Court (90210), Ethan Whitehorse (The Lying Game), Nate Archibald (Gossip Girl) *sigh* and Stefan Salvatore (The Vampire Diares) but only in season 3 because that was when he turned into a villain and I find the bad boys HOT! Only on my TV screen though.

So that’s my top 10, who is in yours? Thanks for reading, more to come.

Five Reasons Why Glee SUCKS.

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In eight words – Glee is the melodrama that no one needs. I simply hate it. I admit at  first it was exciting and new and fresh; a break from the norm, I was also shamelessy drawn in by the hype of a new all singing all dancing show. Over time, I gained my senses and  I gradually lost interest and then I woke up one morning and realised how stupid it glee is. I’ve complied a list of the things that make Glee suck

1) 30 Year Olds Playing Teenagers

The Cory Monteith a the actor who play 16ish year old Finn Hudson is infact 30 something. What the hell. They couldn’t find talented young adults, so they had to sink to the level of hiring middle aged people. Seriously!!  What the hell is that.  I don’t care if they can all sing and shit. It’s just annoying. That’s it. You can’t be putting grown men up on the screen and expect me to relate to them. KMT.

2) The Character & Main Villain Sue Sylvester Is Unrealistic  

I tend to love villains since they always make the show, like I said before – Viewers Need Someone To Hate. Or some kind of common enemy and Sue provided both. I loved to hate Sue. But in the end I just ended up hating her. What kind of self respecting school has someone like Sue Sylvester bullying kids and throwing her weight around and shit. Liiiiikkkee… what the hell!!! The character is heartless (I know that she’s meant to be a villain but, villains are very complex somewhere in them is a beating feeling heart but nnooooo Sue Sylvester is special)  she has no depth, no realistic personality, the people over at glee overly evil-fy her – if thats even a word. Plus, the nasty track suits just piss me off.

3) It’s Just Stupid.

I believe the picture speaks for itself – in volumes.

4) They Can Sing… but… SO!!!

One thing I like about Glee is that everyone can sing and the actors are right for their characters. With all that said. So? As the season progressed, the writers got more and more desperate to create some kinda drama and raise up some story lines and laughs. Building up to point number 3 – it’s just stupid. And freakin’ cheesy! I don’t care if thats how  the show is meant to be.  Frankly, I don’t give a fuck! They comes a point where the line of cheesiness is crossed and Glee has basically Usain Bolted over the line.

You know what else I hate? I hate  how the glee club members always get slushed, it’s just stupid. And that annoying – durh, durh,durh,durh theme tune they have – shut the hell up!! I hate how dumb Brittany is. The people over at glee bring an entire new meaning to dumb blonde. What kind of real life human being doesn’t know their right hand to their left? I hate William Schuester and his slow  relationship with Emma Pillsbury,  it’s obvious that these two want to be together so why did the writers drag their relationship for two seasons? As the you-tuber Mikeisverybored would say “This shit don’t make sense to me!”.

I hate that bitch Rachel Berry. Lea Michele may be a highly talented human being but that doesn’t change the fact that Rachel Berry is just annoying and stuck up and self absorbed. Why does she always look like she dresses up in the dark? I will always remember the dumbest line I’ve ever heard, said by no other that Rachel Berry when Jesse St. James lured her into the parking lot only to egg her – “Do it. Break it like you broke my heart” – WTF Bitch go home.

5) It’s  Overly Over-rated

This is one of the reasons why I hate most things, especially songs and over used acronomys like YOLO! (That shit is every where. Fell of my bed, YOLO. Got a new boyfriend, YOLO. My red blood cells carry oxygenated blood to parts of my body YOLO. People need to shut the fuck up!) Back on subject, not only does Glee suck but Glee is also everywhere, you turn left, you see Glee, you turn right you see Glee.  People are crying and running around like headless chickens over all singing all dancing bullshit. There’s now where to run anymore! And that’s making me hate Glee with passion.

Five Reasons Why Revenge ROCKS

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I freakin’ love Revenge. It’s like the best thing to happen to TV Shows – since TV. It’s July and we have an eternity to wait until September comes, so that season 2 of this award winning show can once again grace our TV screens. So until then, I’ve decided to compile a list of what makes Revenge ROCK!

1) It Has An Inventive Idea and Formart

There isn’t one single show out there at the moment that focuses on the concept of revenge, revenge comes up in a lot of the other shows I watch like Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl, it is one of the things I like to call, a dramatic catalyst it keeps the ball rolling however not for a whole seasons, but Revenge does this and brings a  whole new meaning to “getting your own back” – this is probably the shows unique selling point and also the most enjoyable part of the show, for me at least I love watching Emily kick ass!. We all love the whole rich people behaving badly backdrop and also the rich people being messed up (honestly it makes me so happy to see that financially superior peole aren’t all that happy… shhhhh!). I also love that each episode (in the begginning) was dedicated to the take down of one person, but gradually as revenge became more complicated so did the episode formats.

2) Emily and Victoria ROCK!!

Kudos to whoever casted Revenge’s character as every actor fits their character oh so well!! Especially Emily VanCamp and Madeleine Stowe aka Emily and Victoria. They are both mad talented, mad beautiful and mad conniving. I would go as far as saying that Victoria Grayson is Revenge’s secret weapon, I hope they didn’t kill her off!! So why do you just have to love these ladies….. well. They are both very similar and they don’t even know it. It suddenly hit me that they is no good guy in revenge, well except for Jack and Declan but they don’t really count because this whole revenge thing has nothing to with them. Anywaaayss, Emily and Victoria are both bad bitches, they both will stop at nothing to get their way, they both loved David Clarke and I just love them and the bad blood between them. The most classic Victoria V.S Emily moment was in the season finale, when Victoria went to Emily’s house and made her open the empty box of a engangement present that she so kindly given. OMG!! I was thinking…. bitch!! Bad bitch! It’s moment like these that has me glued to the screen.

3) There Are Twists and Turns At Every Corner

Revenge is what I like to call, Drama Galore. It’s filled with secrets upon secrets upon lies upon….. REVENGE! There is soo much to take in, the plot is flawless every episode is better than the last. There is so much mystery and suspense and I love how the past plays such a huge part in the present. The writers over at revenge have a real talent for story telling.

4) The Fact The Main Character Is A Sociopath

How do I explain this in a way that would make sense in words. The lead character Emily Thorne is hard hearted, manipulative, scheming, conniving, hardcore – bad bitch. Her character is one that is normally made out to be the villain; she dedicates her whole entire being to ruin people’s life for goodness sakes! Everything about her is hard. She’s ready to take anyone who is in her way down, including her sidekick Nolan Ross (I love me a bit of Nolan). Normally central characters are all nice and warm and lovable but dear old Emily is a freakin’ sociopath and I love her for it!! This is another thing that sets Revenge out from other shows.

5) It Has An Impossible Love Triangle  (Which Might As Well Be A Square)

Normally love triangles annoy the hell out of me, but the one on Revenge is simply phenomenal; Emily and Jack are childhood sweethearts, but Jack doesn’t know that because he isn’t aware that Emily is actually Amanda but he’s still really into her and so is she,but dear old Emily holds back, because she needs to be with Daniel ( to take down his unsuspecting family and everyone who ruined her life) but Jack isn’t aware of this, and is left heartbroken until…… Amanda Clarke, who is the real Emily Thorne joins the party and decides that she likes the look of Jack and plays on the fact that Amanda and Jack have “a past” to squeeze her way into his heart, so when Amanda leaves town poor  Jack is left with a  double heartbreak and ends up being sprung on basically two Emilys (real and fake) and two Amandas (real and fake).  I also love how it’s not very clear if Emily loves Daniel, I like to believe that she does just for the sake of it.

If you don’t watch Revenge then your probably crazy or you haven’t really heard about it, well you have now…. go watch!!! It ROCKS!! Why do you love Revenge or why (God forbid) don’t you?

Thanks for reading, more to come.

The Twilight Saga V.S The Vampire Diaries

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This is not excatly a hot topic, but I just feel the need to have my say about it.

Personally, asking me wether Twilight is better than Vampire Diaries is like asking a man who has been lost in the Sahara Desert for ten days wether he wants a glass of boiling hot water, over a bucket of ice cold water. Vampire diaries makes Twilight look like a hot mess – and like hell Twilight is a hot mess. The only reason that twilight has people running around like headless chickens is the fact that Taylor Lautner is HOT! and some mentally disturbed girls, actually find Robert Pattison, hot and sexy or whatever the hell they wanna call it.

Okay, PAUSE. This goes out to all the Crazy OVer R Patz girls of the world. Can you please explain to me whats so smokin’ hot about the picture above? Seriously get some HD glasses. Please. It’s for your own well being. I will always remember the day me and my friend Hena, found this picture on google, were laughing like there was no tomorrow, tears wear streaming out, there was actually a point when I was running out the room because I couldn’t bear to be in the same room as that picture as I would have to look at it and laugh even more.

Anyways, back on topic. Vampire Diaries is truly amazing, I tried to read the books, but I gave up within the first 3 chapter because there were just “urrrrrgggghh” what the hell. But the TV Shows deserve every success under the stars. Normally I would say that you can’t fairly compare these two as one is a series of movies and one is a tv show. But you know, since everyone likes to go on about it I have compiled a list of nine things out of a million that makes The Vampire Diaries kick Twilight’s ass into yesterday.

1) Twilight’s Casting Director, Deserves A High 5, On His Face, With A Chair

Am I the only one who thinks whoever casted the 3 most important characters in the Twilight just made an epic fail of it. Bella, Edward and Jacob are just hot messes up on the screen. Kristen Stewart can not even act, R-Patz is just bland up on the screen. And Taylor, smoking hot as he may be, he’s just un-Jacob. In contrast the people over at Vampire Diaries obviously thought long and hard about the leading lady and leading men and how they worked with all the other characters. Which is why every single actors fits perfectly into every single character.( Joseph Morgan killed the role of Klaus, every time he came on screen I felt the need to clap for him  Joseph Morgan is perfect for that role + he is so “ohh la la”)

2) Bella’s A Weak Bitch

I hate, Isabella Marie Swan/Cullen. Both in the books and the movies, but more so in the movies because Kristen Stewart makes her even more annoying and  I can then imagine actually high fiving Kristen as Bella, on her face, with a chair – over and over and over again . Bella lets Edward run her and she’s easily manipulated by Jacob’s dickhead persona. In a world where the strong survive, I wonder how Bella Swan kept her head on the right place for so long. It was worse in New Moon. What kind of girl goes half mad over one boy. I don’t care if it was true love, thats just bullshit. Bella is a disgrace to women everywhere. Infact, when I have daughters, I will make them watch every twilight movie and tell them about how I’ll slap them sideways black, blue AND red if they ever go around the way Bella does. Vampire Diaries however, has a leading lady, who actually leads her own life. Elena holds her own through out the madness, she knows her mind and is not easily swayed by others. Elena is brave, kind, passionate, loving and admirable, through and through. Bella’s just – “ohh Edward. ohh Jacob. protect me”

3) The ACTress Who ACTs Bella – Can’t ACT

If Santa existed I would ask him to give Kristen Stewart at least 1/4 of a decent acting talent. Seriously, let me give you a visual demonstration of how bland her acting is. She is a monotone robot. This is…..

Bella when she’s sad

Bella when she’s happy

 Bella when she’s angry

Bella when she’s lovey dovey over Edward

Bella when she’s thinking about Jacob


Bella when she’s pissing me the hell of!!

 Vampire Diaries however, has one of the most beautiful woman and finest actress around as it’s leading lady. Nina has it all down to the T. And what more, Nina Dobrev plays two characters, the main villain and the central character and she does them both so well. Kristen Stewart has no hope in hell, pulling off that shit.

4) Vampire Diaries Has Better Storylines

On a level it’s not twilight’s fault that we all know how its going to end, before it’s even begun. But still. Twilight’s storytelling sucks!! Whereas VD never fails to create fresh new storylines for us. The story progresses through the 3 season, we go from Elena meeting Stefan and them two falling in love and Damon being the anti hero, then Katherine comes in with all guns blazing and creating new problems, little did we know that Katherine might as well be the calm before the storms of the originals. Everything in VD flows unlike Twilight. The writers weave all kind of webs, and it just keeps on getting better. I love it all, the witches, the werewolves, the sun & the moon curse, the hybrid curse, Klaus and the originals, the ghosts, the love triangle, the everything. If the writers keep on the amazing storyline machine running, The Vampire Diaries has the potential of a very long successful life span.

5) Ian Somerhalder Is The Sexiest Man Alive.. No Lie

*sigh* The camera never lies and a picture says a thousand word  – need I say more?

6) Vampire Diaries Has More Action  and More Gruesome

Twilight is seriously lacking on this department. Normally Vampires = blood, horror and action. But noooohh, Stephanie Meyers decided to make her vampires all civilised and shit. In the movies they did try to create some action and excitement, like in New Moon but that was just Edward getting his ass kicked. They tried in Eclipse but that was barely acceptable. In Breaking Dawn Part 1 they had a little, “tussle” in the front yard of the Cullen House. And we all know that in Breaking Dawn Part 2 no one breaks a nail. When it comes to action and horror VD brings it all the way home. People die – a lot. (You know I’ve realised that anyone who is not a main character in VD ends up dead, now that’s how a vampire world should work.) Wether its the vampires feeding, actual hand to hand combat, Damon and Stefan fighting, torture, Katherine’s misadventures, vampire slaying, Klaus business,  some witchy shit or that face the vampire makes when they pull out their fangs. Vampire Diaries can be horrible at times – e.g you remember when Damon pulled Mason’s heart out? THAT WAS AWESOME!!!

7) Vampire Diaries Vampires Are More Vampirey

First things first, the vampire’s that grace Mystic Falls are HOT… Give me Paul Wesley any day!! They all have something dark and dangerous about them. VD’s vampires are more traditional they have all cool powers and there are just plain sexy!! One of the things that I love about VD is the “original vampire” thing. Here we actually get to see the origins of vampires, their history and it also provides great storylines. Twilight vampire’s are so piss taking, they actually go as far as sparkling in the sunlight. When your reading this it sounds alright but when it’s right infront of you – it’s an epic fail. Plus Twilight’s vampires spend waaaayyy to much time in the makeup room. They look like freakin’ dolls and not even pretty dolls, just fake and plastic. Rosaline is meant to be extremely beautiful and she just so…….  “go fix your face” in the movies. I hate the wigs and I hate the contacts they wear, thats just some ordinary shit. The vampires of The Vampire Diaries ROCK!!

8) Vampire Diaries Has More Of The Other Kind Of Action

Bella and Edward barely kiss in Twilight. I swear there’s more tounge action in freakin’ Hannah Montana and thats aimed at kids – KIDS!!!. I know some people will read this and be like “Oh My God!! Whats this forever more person talking about, Bella and Edward’s love is soo much deeper than the physical stuff, blah, blah, blah”. You know what I say to that – “SO?” I don’t care about the eternal love Bella and Edward share, the movie is boring, the leading lady can’t act, your vampire’s are pussies, the werewolves are laughable (seriously what was that mental communication bullshit they tried to do in Breaking Dawn part I, I was rolling on the floor because of that), nothing here is entertaining, the least you can do, is have a bit of action!! The love scene in Breaking Dawn was freakin stupid, it was like 3 seconds of them laughing and that weak bitch Bella just moaning and shit. Turn on Vampire Diaries and you get action garole. And the thing is the love scenes aren’t even tacky, they fit in to the episodes and story lines or so perfectly. And they are HOT!! Lucky Nina Dobrev! She get’s paid to act with some of the finest talented eye candy alive and roll around on bed sheets with them while at it… Ian, Paul, Taylor Kinney. Nina if you’re reading this I’m game for life swap any day.

9) Vampire Diaries Has Better Villains

Villains are one of the most important things in shows such as The Vampire Diaries and Twilight. We need a  good antagonist for goodness sake!  We need someone to hate!!! VD always has good villains, they all have “ummpppphhhh”. The writer’s over at Vampire Diaries understand the importance of such characters and that is why they are always creating new enemies. Damon was sort of a villain once (*sigh*), Pearl, Isobel, John, Logan, Katherine (I love her), Elijah (he’s so cute), Mikael, Alaric (I loved that one, the vampire hunter becomes what he hates the most), Esther; the original witch, the tomb vampires, ghosts they even did a 180 degrees turn and made Stefan, one of the leading men a freakin villain (not every show can pull that one off) and so on and so on and the boss of all villains, KLAUS!! I dare someone to tell me which Twilight villain can even think about comparing themselves to any Vampire Diaries villain. All Twilight has is the Volturi who don’t really do anything other than give out orders and have their 3 leaders sitting on their chairs looking all creepy and shit. Seriously, Aro is channeling that whole Dracula vibe AND IT’S FREAKIN’ STUPID. They had Victoria who isn’t even worth mentioning because she had to hide behind newborns to be any kind of threat to the Cullens. Freakin, James was alright but he wasn’t a top class villain, he was just a sight to behold. And…. wait thats it.

I could go on and on about how and why Twilight can’t hold a candle at Vampire Diaries, but I think I’ve proven my point. What do you think, Twilight or Vampire Diaries? And Why? Which are you looking forward to see; Vampire Diares Season 4, or Breaking Dawn Part 2, pretend that you’ve been lost in the desert for 10 days and someone is offering you, two types of water.

Thanks for reading, more to come.

Pretty Little Liars Season 3 | Review (Ep 1-5)

In TV Shows on 12/07/2012 at 1:30 AM

It’s been two years since Sarah Shepard’s hit series Pretty Little Liars moved over to our TV screens and the show has never failed to draw in millions with sharp storylines, loveable and interesting characters, secrets and of course –  the mysterious A. In total honesty I was a bit worried about one my favourite show when A was revealed in season 2. The reveal was inevitable, but I thought that it would take away one of PLL’s unique selling point hence bringing the whole show to a sad end. Boy was I wrong! “Pretty Little Liars” came back, bigger, better and meaner. In eight words. I still. Love it. Love it. Love it.

 At first I could not be bothered to watch Season 3 but when I finally got around to it, I was immediately hooked. As usual PLL never disappoints. Season 3 starts a summer after all the happenings of season 2. Emily has turned into a wild child, that’s her way of dealing with Maya’s death, Aria and Ezra are going strong, Hanna and Caleb are as cute as ever and Spencer and Toby are just… HOT!! Mona is rotting in a loony house. Garret is denying all the charges against him. and pulling strings to get out of get out of the mess.  Lucas has moved to the dark side. Jenna is up to no good as usual. Spoiler alert – Melissa was faking her pregnancy and there’s a new A in town and she/he means business. Kudos to the writers over at PLL, who continue to weave dark and dangerous webs, for the liars (in order of my favourite) Spencer, Hanna, Aria and Emily to untangle. The first five episodes are simply amazing. I was very impressed by how quickly the writers and characters introduced fresh storylines. See, I thought that season 3 would be all “Oh My God!! Mona is A Where Do We Go From Here!!” tribute but as I said before… BOY WAS I WRONG.

The first episode centres on what is now referred to as “That Night”. “That Night” is probably the foundation of the whole season, I have a feeling that this would play a very important part of the season 3. “That Night” is the night that also introduces the brand new A, in a spectacular fashion. The viewer and the liars know that this A, means business and is a force to be reckoned with – seriously, can you imagine Mona digging up a grave! Of course, the new A raises old age questions from the dead; is A more than one person? Or my personal favourite theory – does A have pretty little helpers? What is A’s motive? Alison may still be alive, is Alison A? A for Alison? Was Mona one of A’s pretty little helpers, just someone to keep the seat warm before the real deal takes over? Or was A blackmailing Mona to play that role? So many questions! I swear this is how Marlene King keeps us watching. One of the best things about Pretty Little Liars is the fact that everybody has secrets: the Hastings especially.

I love how the show flows, everything in PLL makes sense. The actors are excellent, the script is great too and I love the light hearted moments that are slotted into the screen. Like cute scenes between Spencer, Hanna, Aria and their  respectable love interests and when Hanna and Aria were making an online dating profile for Aria’s mum (Ella) that was so funny. I love how the writers manage to include scenes of normalcy and all this deliciously mysterious A business that has Spencer acting like a CIA agent. The only thing I don’t like is the Hanna and Caleb break up – that’s was some sad shit. Season 3 of Pretty Little Liars is fire!! I’m expecting great things from this award winning show. Thanks for reading, more to come.

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