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Miley Cyrus’ New Image | 2013 VMA Perfomance REACTION

In Reactions on 04/09/2013 at 11:48 PM

I’ve just gotten back from a nice holiday from England and cyber world and it seems that everyone is talking about Miley Cyrus’ raunchy *coughs* trashy *coughs* VMA performance, everyone is just so shocked and I’m shocked that everyone is shocked. The girl has been trying to fade out of her squeaky clean Disney star image since she cut her hair, who can blame her for trying to reinvent herself, it’s what every artist has to do if they want to stay relevant. Hannah Montana is dead, that was Miley Cyrus 1.0 this is now Miley Cyrus 2.0 that is the simple black and white of it.

The Full Performance


May I say that the performance itself was crap, why is no one talking about how terrible it all played out.

1. The set up didn’t match the song

2. Miley looked terrible

3. That tongue out pose is not cute

4. There was just tooo much going on

5. Miley was trying to look sexy and provocative, well she got the second part on point but if hot mess equals sexy these days then kudos to her

With all that aside, if nobody is talking about you, then you are nobody – Miley got precisely what she wanted –  Her performance stole the night and became the most tweeted about event in history.

I don’t give a frig about Miley Cyrus or her little phase and I am not outraged, offended, insulted, angry or whatever about the performance  I respect her for making more money than I care to count up to and I understand why she’s gone ratchet. Frankly, I am sick and tired of hearing about her latest BS and shocked that the world goes crazy when one girl does exactly what Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Madonna, Britney Spears, Christina Aguerila and even Beyonce did and do. And please don’t take a “Think of The Kids” angle on this, Miley Cyrus is hardly turning us young girls into wildlings, there’s bigger fish to fry when it comes to that.

Love, Miss More.

Ray J’s “I Hit It First” | REACTION

In Reactions on 07/05/2013 at 7:30 PM

Yes Ray J you hit it “first”, now what?

Hey it’s me again and I just wanted to talk real quick about this bull-fuckery of a song. So Mr. Ray J is attempting to get back in the scene by using Kim Kardashian, cause he knows that he is irrelevant. Ray J is, was & will continue to be Brandy’s brother.  Simple. He knows that the only way he can get people hear him after about a century off the grid is by using Kim K’s name which is both cheap and kind of effective, cause Ray J is sooo a millennium ago, I mean half of the human population probably thought he was dead or something.

I have two things to say about this.


Why is this money whore acting as if fucking Kim Kardashian is a great achievement when we all know that Kim K’s vagina is a public service. Ray is just mad because Kim made millions for that dry ass sex tape and he’s just Brandy’s brother. Next thing you know he’s gonna want a share of her wealth since he basically put her on the map. Furthermore we all know that Kim was no virgin when they got together so no Ray J, technically you did not hit it “FIRST” your penis is probably number 2, 587,759 so I don’t know why you’re trying to brag.


Ray J is using Kim K’s name to force himself back on the map & this bitch has the audacity to deny it. He’s not even man enough for that. The fuck Ray. After you have her as your single cover, bluntly refer to her in some of your lyrics e.g. (I had her head going north and her ass going south/But now baby chose to go West) & have some some disease infested Kim K look alike in your low quality music video? Really, really Ray? Grow a pair.

So yeah, that’s my reaction on this BS, and yes I am late on but oh well. I’d like to say that in a couple weeks Ray J will go back to being a has been even though he never really was, and Kim Kardashian will continue making money like a money factory. End of story.

Stay beautiful. Love, Miss More.

Giovanna Plowman’s Period Video | REACTION

In Reactions on 20/01/2013 at 10:44 PM

What are people doing with their lives?

We are only on the 20th day of 2013 and bitches are already trying to top each other on the attention seeking scale. First we had Cut4Beiber & now we have some Giovanna girl sucking on her own tampon. Is this life? Is this what it has come to? Are people so desperate for attention that they do crazy shit like this. Here is the link to the video….. only if you dare.



Honestly, I’m not even disgusted by it, it didn’t horrify me, I wasn’t screaming at the screen or anything. I was just thinking WTF throughout the whole thing. This bitch is so stupid. There is speculation that the video is fake, to me it looked real enough but I won’t rule out the possibility that it’s not legit. The thing is, it don’t even matter if it’s real or fake, that’s irrelevant, what matters is the fact that this is yet another reason for me to move from Earth. That little faith I had for humanity is slowly but surely seeping away. People really want attention so badly that they do shit like this? How can she sit up there and say “If anybody thinks this is fake then something is seriously wrong with them”. WTF! Is this whore for real?

This video mad me feel TWO things….

1. Pissed off.  That bitch had the audacity to use an Azealia Banks song while doing her nasty-ness. How dare she? This is actually what bothered me the most. Honestly. She could have used some cheap Nicki Minaj or Rihanna shit but nooooooo! Azealia should sue.

2. Sadness. That people are so desperate to get those 15 minutes that they result to such filthiness. The thing is, she is actually a pretty girl, she could have been going places but now, she has forever tainted her existence. Shit like this follows you to hell. Giovanna will always and forever be that girl who sucked on her own period blood.

I can’t wait to see, who & what is gonna top this one. Bitches should really stop smoking skittles.

Love, Miss More.

Cut4Beiber |REACTION

In Reactions on 13/01/2013 at 3:37 AM

What did I say in my Kirsten & Rob cheating scandal post…..  Belibers are the most collectively psycho fans going on this Earth. They don’t only take the biscuit nooo… they take the whole tin. large Is this life? IS THIS LIFE? Imagine girls are actually drawing blood because the richest teenager on earth allegedly smoked weed or cannabis or something. People are sitting around waiting for the world to end, little do they know that the world is already finished. Dear reader, you heard it hear first, I hereby declare the world finished, we have son killing mother, man raping a two month old baby, five year old got pregnant and the dumbest dumb bitches in the world, self harming because of some celebrity who don’t even know that they exist.

You see why I want to move from earth, people have actually decided to pull their brain out through their noses and now use their vaginas to think. That is the only reason why Belibers are doing this, this can’t be their head filled with common sense telling them to risk their lives, this is the vagina speaking. This is how they want to prove how much they love Beiber, because the skittles they’ve been smoking have convinced them that  once he sees those pictures he will appear before them by magic with hearts and flowers and worship the ground that they walk on for the rest of forever.   Who ever started this, should go and bury her head in her mother’s anus, in shame. Instead of her using her energy on something useful (like killing herself), she decides to start the most dumb ass trend I’ve seen in my entire existence, one that could actually cost young girls their lives.

One last thing, if your child or someone you know does this, bring them to me so that I can slap them into another race – black, white, blue, purple, grey, red…. I, Miss More is very very versatile.


Love, Miss More.

Robert Pattison & Kirsten Stewart: The End of An Era

In Reactions on 27/08/2012 at 9:50 PM

I hate Kristen Stewart since she is a monotone  robot and I find R-Patz acutely unappealing so this whole fiasco doesn’t bother me in the “How Dare She”  sense. It’s just a tad bit annoying that the break up is being carried out all so publicly and Twi-hards (who are the second most collectively  psycho fans coming second only to Belibers) are acting as if it’s the end of the world & beyond. Then there’s the several (not so mentally stimulating) debates that the break-up has bought to the surface. E.g. should an actors personal life affect there professional careers…. well, in a perfect world, no. But since we live in the real world it’s not surprise that Miss Stewart has been dropped  from Snow White & The Hunstman 2.0. We shouldn’t realistically expect the world to move on without Kristen suffering some kind of backlash, as our world is overly celebrity obsessed if we pay so much attention to what they wear, we are most likely to pay as much if not more attention to their personal affairs which have nothing to do with us

. We shouldn’t be surprised about the double standards since Rupert Sanders, Kristens cheating partner in crime is still set to direct SW&TH 2.0 and probably any future sequels. This doesn’t surprise me either, women always get the short end of the stick in society and this seeps into Hollywood. If R-Patz was the one that cheated, his side piece would be the one to get the blame for breaking Kristen’s heart and ruining the most over rated relationship in the history of mankind. Simple mathematics. Look at the whole Jennifer, Brad & Angelina fiasco, until today Angelina still gets shit for stealing sweet Jen’s hubby, people choose to forget that it takes two to tango so Brad gets zero to little blame in the eyes of people.

I actually don’t blame Kristen for cheating on the above.

What are my personal views on this? In summary: I didn’t give a damn yesterday, I don’t give a damn today and I most certainly won’t give a damn tomorrow. As far as I know two irrelevant 20 somethings have broken up after a little cheating incident……. moving on swiftly. So why is this break up the end of an era, well…….. when me and my friend Hena go to watch Breaking Dawn Part II with the knowledge that it’s going to suck ass, I will go to bed (after a long mocking session) knowing that Bella & Edward are soon to be officially dead. You see, Rob and Kristen represented this undying love crap that every woman fancies. It was a bit romantic that Rob &  Kristen met in a movie set where they played two people who were unconditionally in love only to fall in love themselves. People liked to believe that the Twilight story is so powerful that it inspired a real life Bella & Edward story. Even after the movie franchise was thankfully put to rest, Twi-hards would forever hold on to the Rob & Kristen Relationship (& piss me the hell off), the two of them would keep the movie alive forever and that five movie piece of crap doesn’t deserve eternal life. So thank you Kristen, for messing up you relationship & killing the widely adopted belief of true love & romance & fate which you and your ex represented. If you are reading this, please go get some acting lessons.

Thanks for reading, more to come.

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