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Catfishes & Internet Relationships

In Rants on 17/10/2013 at 12:22 AM

Catfish; A catfish is someone who pretends to be someone they’re not using Facebook or other social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances.

A while ago I went to my friend’s house and we watched the two latest (at the time) episodes of Catfish the TV show. The show helped come to this conclusion.

If you have been catfished then you are dumb as fuck and if you are a catfish you are a colossal cunt and you need to die.


How in the heavens are you going to be in a full blown “let’s build a life together” relationship with someone you have never met? Seriously does that even make sense! It’s beyond stupid. The thing is little children have been getting catfished from way back by sad old pedophiles & that is a very big issue to this day. Honestly that is not the child’s fault they are so young and naive but you…. you’re more grown than an overgrown toenail, and have no one to blame but your goofy self.

Personally I would never have an online relationship because online = long distance and it’s hard for me to trust anyone in real life, forget on the world wide web. But if I met someone online it would go like this we meet up within a month of our relationship or we don’t have a relationship. It’s not just because I don’t want no Catfish screwing with me (honestly I possess way too much common sense for that) but also because it’s important for two people to flow face to face as well as online. It’s very possible to work so well with someone long distance and for it to be as awkward as hell face to face so it’s not wise to have a other half of  approximately 10,576 light years that you haven’t met. Am I right or am I right.

I’m having a very difficult time understanding how people actually get into relationships with someone and never actually see their loves face. You’re up there confessing your eternal love and dedication but this bitch can’t even buy a webcam, da faq! Humans are so stupid. I’m also trying to figure out the point of Catfish: The TV Show, why exctaly do people need help finding out whether their internet lover are real or not, anyone can do a bit of digging,

Anyways, we must remember that the online catfish ain’t shit compared to broad day catfish. You could meet someone and he could be so good on paper and for a while it’s all sunshine and sunflowers and all that fruity stuff but time rolls on and little bits of their personality come seeping through and then BAM you find out that you fell in love with a catfish. Because this person tricked you into believing that they are someone they’re not and you fell for it heart first, head no where in sight. Broad day catfishes can keep up the game for weeks e.g. playas who get the cookies and then bounce or even years e.g. your husband of 20 years who has 5 kids with a girl on the side. My point here is beware of internet catfishes but don’t forget the real life broad day catfishes either. The key to this is not giving your trust away as if it’s a party bag.

If you want an in depth look at online catfishes here’s a great article I found; It’s Catfishing Season! How To Tell Lovers From Liars Online, And More this was just my two cents on this bull.

Love, Miss More

The Royal Baby Is Already A Royal Pain In The Ass

In Rants on 25/07/2013 at 11:57 PM

Dear media,
A baby climbed out of a vagina…. booh the fuck who. Why must you bombarded me with news that I didn’t ask for? I blame Americans because when they care about something they feel the need to shove it down everyone’s throat.

Why is anyone calling this baby the future King; we all know that good old diamond jubilee Liz isn’t gonna drop any century soon. Is there even a point of the monarchy anyways. All the royal family do is smile, wave their hands and fill up toilets, on our taxes.

Dear people of the world,
This baby is just that – a baby. Little George Alexander Louis does nothing but cry, sleep, shit, eat, wiggle it’s feet. Why in the frig are you all running around like headless chickens.

Dear Prince George,
Have a blessed life and make sure I don’t have to read about it every 2 minutes. And please do make sure that you are eligible to be perved on, if I have to see your face plastered everywhere, at least make yours a sight to behold (and to throw panties at).

Life Is Sloooow Death.

In Rants on 27/04/2013 at 10:56 PM

Hey, it’s me again and it’s time to have a little rant.

I’m currently going through this thing that I go through a lot, where I just contemplate the point of life and usually come up blank. Life to me is nothing but years of just breathing and respiring only to end up six feet in the ground. Think about it and you’ll find that I’m right. Life Is Slow Death.

I think that is why everybody works hard to make a mark. They want something physical to mark that they were here because they understand that when they die, yes people are going to mourn and cry but in time, they will move on and get on with their lives, some people will forget you and some will put you in the back of their minds because grief is useless. When you’re gone you’re gone; the clock still ticks, the wind still blows & the earth still spins on this axis. It’s actually kinda sad.


I am highly aware of the fact that I’m here, I go college, learn, joke about with my friends, blog, read, write, make up characters, make up entire lives and hopes and dreams, make up entire worlds, I face-book people, email, spend time with the family, watch TV on the internet, jam to my music, text, eat mangos blah, blah, blah. I plan to go to uni, I plan to meet not the perfect guy but the right guy, I plan to carve out a good life for myself, I plan to raise four glorious children, I plan to be very successful at whatever the hell I end up doing, I plan to own a great big house, I plan to live to truly live……

But wait, I’m just gonna die so WTF is the  point of all of this?

Seriously I don’t understand why the fuck humans are here other than to waste oxygen, fill up toilets & destroy all that we found on this earth like other humans and animals and trees and shit. That’s my view on life. We live in a world where death is king, because life is like this big ass complicated equation and death is always the final answer.

SO WHAT THE HELL IS THE POINT? Nobody can tell me. And don’t try and say that life is a test from God because I will just have to cyber bitch slap you.

Stay beautiful. Love, Miss More.

I Ain’t Saying I’m A Gold-Digger, But I Won’t Mess With No Broke Bro…

In Rants on 08/04/2013 at 6:02 AM

Hey it’s me again.

So, a loooonnggggg while back me and my friends were in art (where we basically chilled for 2 hours straight until how many months past the deadline for the complete art folder) & we were talking about guys & our requirements, me being me comes out with something to the effect of “he needs to have money”. They gave me the “gold-digger alert look”,


I don’t blame them but it’s their fault for jumping into conclusions & I explained to them in short…. “I won’t marry for money, I’ll marry where there is money”.

When I say money, I don’t mean big bucks, 15 bedroom mansion, 2o cars, rubies and diamonds and all that. When I say money, I mean enough to live a comfortable life, I don’t want hardship, I don’ want struggle, I want to give my kids the best, I want to look after my parents the way they’ve looked after me through my life, I want security…  that’s not too much too much ask for is it?

The way I see it, a man’s job is to provide and to protect for me (and our four kids). Simple. Yeah, I want there to be love  & all those fireworks but love alone doesn’t put food on the table, love ain’t no currency. Every woman needs a man who will provide for his family, especially in our days, times are hard my friend, no one needs a waste man to add dead weight to their lives. And, it applies to both men and women. I hate leech bitches “Buy me this, buy me that, buy, buy, buy” Like – can’t you get a job? What I’m trying to say here is that I’m also gonna work to build my family.

Which builds up to my other point. I had the whole “he has to have money” attitude back in school & obviously many people drew up their own conclusions, I didn’t tell them what I’m telling you now, so I don’t blame them. I remember one of my friends, she has you-tube channel as well (Hazel Dhami), she must have told me something about how she thought I was one of those leech bitches, she didn’t say it in a bitchy way or anything, it must have been banter & in a rare moment of me being all sincere & shit I told her something like… I plan to be successful, I plan to build a life for myself, so I’d want somebody on the same wavelength as me, because I don’t want to live off someone & I also don’t want someone to live off me. Hazel was like “that is one of the most meaningful thing I’ve heard you say” (or something to that effect) & it’s true I talk crap 80% of the time, that’s just the dominant side of me. Stay beautiful. Love, Miss More.

Make-Up Abusers

In Rants on 18/02/2013 at 9:16 PM

Hi, it’s me again. Just a couple hours ago, me & my friend had this hilarious conversation about cake faces up in our college & she said something that had me on the floor. I quote…. “there is a difference between wearing make up and looking like you got raped by a packet of felt tips….”

I died.

You know that stage in childhood when girls get into boys and make up &  fashion & little friendship groups and shit? I skipped that stage big time, I had no time for bitches & small small boys who still smelled of breast milk, honestly to this day – I don’t. For that reason, I personally know nothing about make up. I honestly can’t be bothered with that shit, but I don’t look down on any girl who makes the choice of putting on make up. I do however look down on bitches who wear waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much make up.


Really! Really Bitch?

Side Note – Let’s just clarify what a bitch means to me cause I use that word a lot.

Bitch: A male or female who is an embarrassment to the human population. If someone is worth the WTF look for whatever reason or under any circumstance – they are a bitch. On the other hand, you have a Bad Bitch and that is a female who is worth a salute, like me for example (jokes)

Somebody needs to explain to me what bitches have to gain from wearing practically eight thousand, five hundred and sixty four million layers of make up. I am walking around in my college and seeing clowns, actual clowns. Miss More does not lie. In the summer, in the heat, bitches be stripping like professional in the streets but bitches still choose to go full out with make up, looking like zombies. Layer, up on layer, up on layer of makeup. In the freakin’ rain bitches are still investing time in the morning to bake their faces when bitches know that it’s all gonna run off when they go outside. Is it for men? Because that’s pointless: no body wants go kiss someone and step back with their partner’s entire face on their face. Make up abusers understand, that stuff is ruining your skin, you’re just gonna end up using more and more to cover up the damage it does to your skin, creating an endless circle of you investing your time just so you can look like a hot ass mess.

And then you have the bitches who can’t even put that stuff on in the first place. Seriously. STOP. Dear reader, do not let your friends walk out their house looking like this –


That shit right there is NOT CUTE. I keep on seeing more and more of these girls who look like their 3 year old sister played dress up on them. Enough said.

I feel so sorry for the girls who can’t leave their houses without make up but I still wanna bitch slap them because they abuse it. But on a serious note, I class that as a disease. Parents should be teaching their children from the crib that they do not need make up to look beautiful or to attract men. Yes, make up is art and you know it can add a little or a lot of something something to the outfit, the rare times I wear make up it truly added to the look. Further more, make up can enhance your beauty, like say if you have nice eyes, eye liner can make them pop out even more. With all that said: ” there is a difference between wearing make up and looking like you got raped by a packet of felt tips” and these bitches have Usain Bolted past that line. That line is so far away the line is a dot to them. (that’s right I’m quoting Joey from Friends).

Ladies, fix up with the make up business. Stop making me feel ill, this one time is saw this woman near my house, believe me when I tell you, she looked like she had 10 pounds of make up on her face, it looked so wrong on her, it didn’t even match her complexions, it made me want to throw up, just thinking about it make me feel ill. What the hell are these bitches doing with their lives?

 What do you think about this problem-o? The floor is yours. Oh yeah, I’ve been doing so much blogging lately because it’s the holidays & I’m just in the mood, to rant on the world wide web. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Stay beautiful. Love, Miss More.

Things That Cheese Me Off About Christmas Time

In Rants on 16/12/2012 at 1:30 AM

It’s that time of the year again when everyone & their mothers are running around like headless chickens. Let’s go…

Red-Christmas-decorations-christmas-22228021-1920-1200Firstly it’s freezing cold. Enough Said. And then the snow turns to slush & I’m walking like an old lady because I don’t like the idea of falling and cracking my neck. In addition you have all these people complaining about how cold it is (like please, excuse my ears) & how they wish it’s summer, & then when then when the British summer hits, the same bitches complain about how freakin’ hot it is and what do yo know…. how they wish it’s winter. You see why humans piss me off.

I hate the fact that Christmas has no value anymore, why in the fuck are people who aren’t even Christian celebrating Christmas? I have a friend, she knows exactly who she is, she’s Sikh & she gets Christmas presents, I’m not sure if she has a Christmas tree but I know my other friend who is Hindu & she was up on facebook on about putting Christmas tree up in her house. This shit don’t make sense to me!

Christmas has become so commercialised because humans mess up all things that should be good in life. This is the time, for people to be praying to God, thanking him for Jesus, reading the bible, going to church & what not instead  they have shit like Christmas parties, where people go to get drunk and sex a random who probably has HIV. They also like to piss me off, with their be happy Christmas spirit bull.  Whenever I turn the mother fucking TV on these days, I see all these dumb ass Christmas crap, you know exactly what I’m talking, all the perfectly normal TV shows, are replaced by elephant and donkey shit. Worse still, every advertising company on Earth tries to take a piece of the Christmas action, I swear to all that is good, holy and Ian Somerhalder’s life that if I hear the phrase “the perfect gift this Christmas” or something to that effect, I will kill a bitch.

The minute December shows it’s face you get all these “Christmas songs”. All the music stations sit up there and broadcast pointless programmes like… “every Christmas number one” and some celebrity that no one cares about top 50 Christmas songs. You can’t escape the Christmas bull! Every time I step into New Look or Dorothy Perkins or 99p I hear the same songs I’ve heard, in every December of the past 7 years of my life (that’s how long I’ve been in the UK). The 2 biggest offenders, are: Last Christmas by Wham. That chorus just presses all my buttons, it don’t even make sense. Like how she gave away his heart the next day… who the hell to? Furthermore,  if he knew she wasn’t special why in the fuck did he give her his heart in the first place? Huh! Huh! Worse is Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You. I hate her. She needs to die (musically of course). All she does is scream & act as if she’s too good to be true. Mariah, if your reading this…. ALL I WANT FOR CHISTMAS IS FOR YOU….. TO SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Anyways…. Christmas time bashing over. I love Christmas because of the mad sales you get, where they basically give things away for free & I love Christmas because that is when Kingsley does his Annual Overexposed Countdown, if you don’t know who that is…. go kill yourself (kidding). I hope you all survive the whole 21st of December end of the world fuckery, to have a wonderful Christmas & the best new year ever! I can almost taste 2013. You know, I wouldn’t mind if the world ended next week Friday, that means I wouldn’t have to do my January exam.

Thanks for reading, more to come.

When Men Should Be Allowed To Hit Women.

In Rants on 19/11/2012 at 6:24 PM

Before you judge, know that I don’t condone males hitting females, but admit it, sometimes bitches need to get slapped off their face. Also, look at the title and note that this is all theory, I’m not looking for it to happen for real, for real, for real.

I HATE it when a bitch decides to go crazy, all loud and hype in a man’s face, finishing all the insults under the sun and then going as far as hitting the man, because that bitch knows that she can’t get hit back. I understand that sometimes a man deserve that bitch slap but I’m not talking about that situation, I’m on about the girl who randomly hits and goes wild on men for NO PARTICULAR REASON. Like WTF! In this case, I think men should be allowed to wallop her back.

Some girls think that just because they possess a vagina, they can just act which ever way they feel toward men. And the worse thing about this is that the one who goes wild at men step back when it comes to fellow females because they know that they are gonna get seriously KO’d (knocked out). So this proves that these women are just looking to feel good about themselves, feeling that they can just speak to men anyhow.  Those bitches need to be taught a lesson. That’s my take.

Obviously I’m in touch with reality and I know that this will not happen in real life and I’d probably be shocked if I ever see  it happen with my own two eyes. But think about it, give me your opinion, if you want & if you don’t …. don’t.

Side note – I have plenty to put up on this blog, 1 book review and a Vampire Diaries Commentary & a some more (re)Views on Life as I like to call them & 5 Reasons Why Twilight Sucks Ass & a review of Breaking Dawn II which I’m seeing this Saturday, I’m happy cause I know it’s gonna be fucking stupid.

Thanks for reading, more to come. Thanks for the support.

Sight Whores

In Rants on 03/11/2012 at 12:45 AM

Can someone please explain to me how some women come to the conclusion that it’s okay to step out of their house looking like this….

It’s not cute. It’s not attractive. And it makes you look like a whore.

Below is The More Dictionary definition of a sight whore (pictured above)

Sight Whore: derived from the term “sight rhyme” (also known as eye/visual rhyme) describing females who do not lead the life style of a slut but chose to parade their attire, and end up looking like a hot mess

Hot Mess: Visual clutter that draws attention to itself.

I have one thing, ONE THING! to say on this matter. Why are sight whores always complaining about getting perved on by random men on road? When they are the ones who choose to look easier than 1,2,3? These days we have the whores, who are trying to take equality to a next level by demanding brownie points for knowing how to spread their legs, they also argue that it’s their body so they can do what ever they want with it. Fair enough. Sight whores are a complete different thing. Here is the thing whore and sight whores dress the same so it’s a bit hard to distinguish one from the other, if a whore gets hit on and stuff, she takes it in her stride, in fact she loves it! But when the sight whore gets hit on she is shocked (God knows why), and offended because she is not “that kind of girl” though she is fully aware that she looks like one. So they argue that they have the right to dress however they want without getting practically sexually harassed (I had a friend like that once but she wasn’t a severe case of sight whore). Whenever I hear someone say it, I am baffled that they are still on that la la land shit.

In a perfect world a woman should be able to walk around naked without a man blinking an eyelash but bitches need to realise that we are not in a perfect world. Men have eyes, eyes looks, if you are gonna walk around with ass out, titties out, face drowned in make up and shit, you are gonna get seriously perved on. Get the fuck over it and excuse my ears. Sight whores know what the hell they need to do to stop being treated like a human being instead of a piece of meat. There are a billion different ways to look sexy without looking “sex me”. If you chose to dress like a whore be prepared to live with the age-old consequences. You either fix up or stop making unnecessary noise whilst continuing to not keep relationships. Which brings me to a side note, a lot sight whores dress as they do because they thinks guys like it & they know that they will get attention. But what they fail to realise is that no sane man wants trash off the road permanently on their arms. Simple mathematics. Wake up sight whores!

Thanks for reading, more to come.

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