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WAKE by Anna Hope | Book Review

In Books on 04/07/2014 at 4:43 PM

“War wins” he says “And it keeps on winning, over and over again”

I must say that the thing that attracted me to this book was the cover, I couldn’t see the expression she had on her face and that bothered me so much I couldn’t resist diving into Anna Hope’s masterpiece. The only regret I have is that I didn’t read this book sooner. “Wake” is luxury. Pure luxury.

RATING: 5/5 

Wake by Anna Hope 1

Five Days in November, 1920:

As the body of the Unknown Soldier makes its way home from the fields of Northern France, three women are dealing with loss in their own way: Hettie, who dances for sixpence a waltz at the Hammersmith Palais; Evelyn, who toils at a job in the pensions office, and Ada, a housewife who is beset by visions of her dead son. One day a young man comes to her door. He carries with him a wartime mystery that will bind these women together and will both mend and tear their hearts.

A portrait of three intertwining lives caught at the faultline between empire and modernity, Wake captures the beginnings of a new era, and the day the mood of the nation changed for ever.




1) Emerge or cause to emerge from sleep

2) Ritual for the dead

3) Consequence or aftermath

Firstly, I’d like to start by thanking the heavens and every square mile beyond that Hope did not waste her talents on nauseating young adult fiction, you know the ones where someone is alway screwed up and someone always has a secret. I’d also like to express my joy over the fact that Hope did not throw yet another trilogy into the market. “Wake” is a gift to book lovers, perfection standing alone… perfectly. I dare say that it is one of  the best written book I have ever read.

The post world war one England that Hope creates is so tangible, I feel as if I could walk straight in it. Fitting to the name, the novel shows the aftermath of  WWI on three particular women, it follows them as they deal with the open wounds left by the loss that eats away at a nation, Wake allows you to experience their closure.

“And if we feel guilt, we find it harder to release the dead. We keep them close to us, we guard them jealously. They were ours. We want them to remain our”

I would say that the unique selling point is that Wake is a masterpiece. Literary. You will never in your life read a debut novel that is this deluxe. Anna Hope  fluently weaves  three different lives together so beautifully, it will make you question whether this is fiction after all. Then there’s the fact that the entire books takes place in five days… just five days goodness sake. Hope doesn’t waste your life with long-winded narration. She doesn’t spend an entire paragraph telling you how a character is feeling or worse trying to describe a house or something stupid like that. This woman has a way of arranging sentences together so eloquently. Wake has a beautiful pace and flow to it. Wake is beautiful.

What of the three main characters?


“We are all comrades, she thinks, in greyness”

Evelyn Montfort is officially one of my favorite female book characters. She’s a woman who’s heart is weighed down by the loss of the only man she has ever loved.


“You’re not a real wife’ he says “You’re a ghost. You’re nothing but a fucking ghost”

Ada is haunted by the memory of her beloved son, she lives in the past so much so that she has become a living ghost.


“It is because she doesn’t fit. Ever since she can remember, she has felt it, this hunger for something more”

Hettie represents the young and their desire to be free in the grey post war world. I think me and her would be friends.

I don’t want to say much in the details of this book, I want you to go and discover Wake all by yourself, get captured by Anne Hope’s portrait of three women, and the snippets of a nation in mourning. Anna Hope’s debut novel will stay with you for a long time.

Until we meet again, Miss More.


Defy by Sara B. Larson | Book Review

In Books on 01/03/2014 at 3:37 AM

“Her words – her warnings – burn like acid, reminding me of how uncertain my future was”

Honestly, I only decided to put this book on my 50 Books In 365 Days reading list because the cover intrigued me, that rose knife called me… ain’t it a beauty.



A lush and gorgeously written debut, packed with action, intrigue, and a thrilling love triangle.

Alexa Hollen is a fighter. Forced to disguise herself as a boy and serve in the king’s army, Alex uses her quick wit and fierce sword-fighting skills to earn a spot on the elite prince’s guard. But when a powerful sorcerer sneaks into the palace in the dead of night, even Alex, who is virtually unbeatable, can’t prevent him from abducting her, her fellow guard and friend Rylan, and Prince Damian, taking them through the treacherous wilds of the jungle and deep into enemy territory.

The longer Alex is held captive with both Rylan and the prince, the more she realizes that she is not the only one who has been keeping dangerous secrets. And suddenly, after her own secret is revealed, Alex finds herself confronted with two men vying for her heart: the safe and steady Rylan, who has always cared for her, and the dark, intriguing Damian. With hidden foes lurking around every corner, is Alex strong enough to save herself and the kingdom she’s sworn to protect?


*** REVIEW***

“Defy” is far from my reading “type” but it’s definitely a good read, well written with a solid foundation. I liked how un-tedious it is. No long winded narrative over here. Even better,  you know how many books actually properly begin about 1/3 in (and in severe cases actually begin in the last third all because the writer wants to seduce you into reading the next unfortunate book in the series), well darling Sara was having none of that crap. “Defy” is on fire all the way through, it’s well paced with high action and low action perfectly put together. I enjoyed the sense of danger and adventure that was present in every single chapter.

I liked Alexa’s character, for the sheer fact that she isn’t an utter vagina, and could stand on her own two feet. This girl is a master fighter and can have all the males at the mercy of her sword in a flash. She’s her own hero. And I freakin’ love that. I really enjoyed how Larson weaved in her secret in the story (she’s pretending to be a boy to escape a brutal fate) and the reason why she has to do that is pretty well constructed. Larson provides a very rich backstory which made the world she created even more real to me. I loved her sense of setting, I mean the Antion jungle will always stay with me.

“After a moment, whoever it was left, leaving me alone with my regrets, impossible wishes and my foolish heart”

With all that said, I still have my reservations about this book. As well written as it was I still felt very detached from the characters, I didn’t really connect with them on a human level the way that you do when reading a book, not to say that I didn’t like them (refer to last paragraph). And Alexa as fierce as she is acted like such an utter girl, at some points she had me rolling my eyes all the way to the south pole and back. The so called love triangle, isn’t so much of a love triangle. I felt nothing for neither Rylan or Damian, I really don’t care who she ends up with as long as she’s not stupid about it. Rylan is the nice guy and in true book fashion he finishes last, oh wait that’s right… he wasn’t even in the race to begin with.

Even though there are things that I’m iffy about in this book, I am definitely going to pick up the next one, because Sara B. Larson is a pretty damn good writer if I say so myself. “Defy” is an overall satisfying reading experience.

Until we meet again, Miss More.

Ten Questions With… Michele Renae‏

In Books on 17/02/2014 at 3:15 PM

I had the pleasure of interviewing the (without a doubt) amazing woman behind “The Paris Trilogy”. Michele Hauf  is the bonafide author who has for over 19 years captured readers in her worlds. In 2013 under the name Michele Renae, she bought us her own delicious brand of erotica that I swear you’ll love. Feel free to check out my reviews of “WINDOW” and the newly released “SCREEN”. And these are my Ten Questions with Michele Renae

How did Paris Secrets all Begin?

I had the idea for WINDOW many years ago, but have been so busy writing (under my other name, Michele Hauf) that I only just found time to get to it last summer.  It all started with a woman standing in the window, wondering who lived across the street from her.  And from there…well.

Why Paris in the first place?

I’m a freak about Paris.  I just love the city.  Have only been there twice, but would visit every year if I had that sort of budget (I do not).  There’s something about all that history rolled into the modern that is so compelling to me.  And, well, I may have lived there in the 17th and 18th centuries.  😉

Would you ever dare take part in a Window Style romance?

Ha!  I don’t think my husband would approve of that.  Though, if we lived out in the country with neighbors far away…  😉

 I love qoutes, what’s your favourite one from the series so far?

My newest fav is from SCREEN:  Good girls have scuffs on the toes of their Louboutins.

 In the book, our leads describe each other in three words, what three words describe you?

Hmm: Controlling, Inquisitive, Happy

Did you intend for our leading lady to be so hilarious and  relatable or did that just happen?

This character just sort of grew into what she is on the page.  I didn’t have to work hard to make her who she is.  I know part of her is me, but I’ll leave you guessing about which parts those actually are.  😉

 What do you look for in a man?

Honesty, integrity, sense of humor.  Confidence is so sexy.  Responsibility.  Also, to get purely physical, a few tattoos, some nice chiseled muscles, and yeah, a sexy smile will get me every time.

  One things that throws your self control out of the window?


 What else are you in to apart from being a freakin’ word wizard

Ha!  Well thank you, but I have to say writing these two main characters is such a joy.  The results that appear on the page are from a lot of hard work, but as well, I feel blessed to have a window into their lives and to be able to tell it.  When I’m not writing erotic romance as Michele Renae, I also write paranormal romance as Michele Hauf (that takes up most of my time!).  I love to watch movies and listen to music.  I adore cats, and have two of them, Maxwell and Thomas O’Malley.  I try to avoid Nordstrom’s Rack as much as possible because I WILL buy the shoes and the Betsey Johnson jewelry.  And I strive to eat healthy, avoiding sugar.  I can’t wait until spring because I am so over winter right now.  (Live in MN).

 What can readers expect from “SKIN” the last book in Paris Secrets

I think I’m about a quarter of the way in to writing SKIN.  That said, I’ve already written the ending, which had me in tears.  Happy tears!  I promise readers will also get inside Monsieur Sexy’s head, because the story will be told from both his and her point of views.  I am determined to keep this series light, fun, and flirty, but if you’ve read Screen, you know that sometimes life tosses a wrench at you and you have to deal with it.  There will be a few more wrenches in Skin.  😉

Watch out for SKIN this fall, and if you haven’t read this series, I honestly don’t know what you’ve been doing with your life. Feel free to indulge in Michele Hauf books (which is what I will be doing), you can also cyber stalk Michele on; Goodreads, michelerenae.com, michelhauf.com, Pinterest and Twitter.

Until we meet again, Miss More

SCREEN (Paris Secrets #2) by Michele Renae | Book Review

In Books on 17/02/2014 at 3:13 PM

“He was so close. Much closer that the window had ever allowed. Because he was right there, beyond he screen”

Anyone who reads around knows about the curse of the sequel, you know the first book blows your mind but the second one makes you wants to  blow your mind with a gun. Well my friends, let me tell you about SCREEN the sequel that didn’t disappoint.



Let’s begin with a bang, shall we?

 They began a daring affair a few weeks ago, baring skin, sensual secrets—their very souls—before their bedroom windows situated across the street from one another.  Now they’ve taken it to the next level.  The laptop screen has added sound to their intimate liaisons, and his voice, that delicious French accent, is oh, so sexy.  His laughter teases good shivers across her skin.  And his sensual commands seduces her deeper into a world of erotic play.  Fantasies lure them into a new intimacy and a surprising trust that the two strangers who have never touched welcome.

Yet frustrations grow as she pines for his touch.  They must meet.  Soon.  But a secret is revealed that will challenge their desires and the trust both have earned.

Return to the heroine’s Parisian apartment as she continues her relationship with Monsieur Sexy and they explore the delicious intricacies of cyber-sex. 



The only regrets I have about this book is the fact that I didn’t get to finish it earlier, and I kept on dying when I was actually reading it because…. because! SCREEN is approximately 2, 565, 340 degrees hotter than any erotica in the market right now. And this before they’ve even touched. I don’t know what I’m gonna do with myself when they actually get to it. I can’t even begin to tell you the kind of things that Monsieur Sexy says, they had me gasping and trying to find things to hold on to and shit. A word of advice, don’t read SCREEN in public, you’re just gonna end up embarrassing yourself and fan girling all over the place.

We know Monsier Sexy’s real name now. His names is HOT. He is HOT. He is one of the best erotica love interests I’ve read in my life. Yes, he fits the loose foundation of an erotica leading male but Michele in all geniusness has written him in a way that doesn’t  make me want to kill him. He is not a prick at all, he’s loving and caring and daring and hot and so fucking french (in the best possible way).

“I trusted him enough to do things like jill off, ass toward the camera. I stole his private underthings. And I may have killed his plants

The leading lady isn’t so bad herself. She is so hilarious. I don’t think erotic novels are supposed to make you laugh this much. She’s so fluidly written that it’s crazy and talking about crazy, her fantasies are top notch *wipes sweat of forehead*. Her inner thoughts are entertaining and relatable. It’s been two short books and I feel like I’ve know her all my life. I’ve even said some of her phrases in real life, that’s just how impressively solid she is. Most importantly our leading lady is not an utter and complete vagina. Hallelujah to that.

“Two heartbeats. A shallow breath. I bit my lower lip. And then…”

What else is there to say… Well, I’m so happy that there isn’t a fuck load of unnecessary sideline characters. The pace of SCREEN is perfect. Michele fluently wrote a love story that I’m pretty sure will stay with me for life. There’s a wrench (as Michele called it), revealed in this book that honestly broke my heart. I was there with her, I was hurt with her, I was outraged with her, I was understanding with her. And I’ll be with her when SKIN comes out in the fall.

“He was mine. And I was willing to fight for him”

Check out my interview with the woman behind this captivating series, Ten Questions With… Michele Renae

Until we meet again, Miss More

ARCHETYPE by M.D. Waters | Book Review

In Books on 09/02/2014 at 5:10 PM

‘I will do whatever it takes’

When I finished this book (at 4am in the morning) I was like… damn! Honest to God, I never would have read “Archetype”  if it wasn’t provided as a review copy by the lovely people over at Dutton. Why? Because I don’t deal with dystopian/sci-fi novels but you know what I don’t regret reading this book, at all.



Introducing a breathtakingly inventive futuristic suspense novel about one woman who rebels against everything she is told to believe

Emma wakes in a hospital, with no memory of what came before. Her husband, Declan, a powerful, seductive man, provides her with new memories, but her dreams contradict his stories showing her a past life she can’t believe possible: memories of war, of a camp where girls are trained to be wives, of love for another man. Something inside her tells her not to speak of this, but she does not know why. She only knows she is at war with herself.

Suppressing those dreams during daylight hours, Emma lets Declan mold her into a happily married woman and begins to fall in love with him. But the day Noah stands before her, the line between her reality and dreams shatters.

In a future where women are a rare commodity, Emma fights for freedom but is held captive by the love of two men—one her husband, the other her worst enemy. If only she could remember which is which. . . . 



I can verify that “Archetype” is in fact breathtaking and very very very inventive, and if you read the book and find this to be a lie feel free to send me the most insulting email you can think up. It’s set in future USA at a time when the world we know has long been dead. We are introduced to a woman, who I got to like pretty fast and her  devoted, (HOT) and loving husband and she appears to have quite the life. The key word there is “appear”. “Archetype” is about the remarkable Emma Burke trying to piece back her life, trying to figure out what is real and what is not. That is all I am saying because spoiling this book for anyone would just be cruel.

‘Just be careful. Nothing about your life is safe’

Waters is one of the finest storytellers I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing in my life. Every single word in this book was where it was supposed to be. She is so fluid at weaving a story in a way that I can’t even understand, there I was trying to figure out where she was going with this, my theory was so far off that I was rightfully embarrassed, when Waters decided to drop the bomb. And boy was that bomb big and jut pure genius. Waters is also a boss at character development, the level that she’s done this at is unheard of in first in a series novels. And the fact that this is a debut, just makes it even more impressive.

‘God knows I feel as if I’m looking at a miracle, that I’ve dreamed these past horrifying months, but I see the truth every damn day’ 

The foundation of “Archetype” by itself is so solid and so unique, that Waters didn’t need to make this book over dramatic, she didn’t need extraness, badly aimed subplots and down right stupid cliffhangers. Every string in “Archetype” tied up together in a nice solid ribbon and that right there is beautiful.

I hope that in the second book “Prototype” which comes out in freakin’ July as in THIS July (can’t wait! can’t wait!), Waters tells us more about the kind of world that Emma lives in, I personally am intrugued about how it got to this point in time. I’m not even gonna gonna guess what happens in “Prototype” Waters is  way too good. “Archetype” is found wherever books are sold, get your copy. NOW.

“I am merely water sliding over stone and no matter how hard he tries to keep me, I will soon be gone. At least I feel this fleeting. Like glass blown to its thinnest point. Beautiful and shinning and sold. Delicate. Shatterable.”

Until we meet again, Miss More.

WINDOW (Paris Secrets #1) by Michele Renae | Book Review

In Books on 11/01/2014 at 6:37 PM

“Here, not so close to me, but within eyesight. Fifteen feet away. Behind glass. Mine when I could see him”

WINDOW is like nothing you’ll ever stumble upon, if you don’t believe me, see for yourself.



An erotic romance behind glass

The first time she sees her new neighbor, his sexy smile arouses her curiosity — and her desires. His hard, chiseled muscles and playful invitations are irresistible.

Bared before their windows, framed and displayed above the streets of Paris, they embark upon a provocative affair.

Their daring game of exhibitionism lures her back for more and more, and she quickly realizes he is the man she has dreamed about.

Yet she’s never heard his voice. Never felt his touch. Never thought she’d experience something this exquisite.

Or this bold…



These days eroticas are being published faster than I can blink, so it’s really hard to find something as unique as this and when you do you are in utter and complete awe. Renae is bold as hell and I give her so much snaps for going with this cause I definitely wouldn’t have been brave enough to. Have you ever heard of an erotica where the two main characters don’t actually speak or touch, the idea in itself is absurd because that would mean the two can’t hang off each other like rabbits and where is the fun in that? Honestly, having these two characters connect behind glass was a far more satisfying read than if they were all over each other like a bad rash.

Can we just talk about the leading lady for a hot minute?

“I’m pretty sure I think too much. I know I think too much”

This book has like four tangible characters and you only know two of their names and those two aren’t even the leads. Renae!! I know that this may odd (well it is) and some people may find it annoying as I have seen on some reviews but it only adds to the mystery, the entire book is about not knowing the big details but yet connecting with someone on a surprisingly deep level. And I felt like I could be friends with this leading lady, “Window” is written in her inner monologue and it’s freakin’ hilarious.

The leading lady isn’t some overly beautiful girl with a seemingly perfect life but in reality is drowning in deep dark secrets nor is she a broken soul who’s been hurt in terrible ways by terrible people in her terrible past, she is an ordinary girl, smart, witty, random, relatable, horny as hell and she has has a very wild imagination that is very similar to many women’s. I fell in love with her as much as I fell in love with her window lover. He was greatly written as well, he’s not rich and forceful like all those other ones, he’s a nice guy with a heartbreaking smile bound to get panties wet.

“I walked away, hugging the flowers to my chest, swinging my hips in proclamation that let all of the single men around me know that I was fertile. I probably broadcast to the married ones as well”

I know you want me to tell you about the “interesting” scenes. Well, they are very very hot. I honestly didn’t expect them to be that good since the leading lady and Monsieur Sexy as she calls him don’t actually touch but Renae managed to not make them bland and boring as they often get in normal eroticas. Let me just say that this is not some love at first sight shit. This is not a  “I saw this boy and now I want him to possess me to the core, regardless of how much of a prick he is” crap. This an easy story about two people separated by glass and how you can find something beautiful in the strangest of places. Praise to Michele Renae. I can’t wait  to get my hands on “Screen” the second book in the Paris Secrets Trilogy out on the 11th of February.

“The intensity of his gaze felt more intimate than quiet sex with a lover in the dark”

Until we meet again, Miss More

50 Books in 365 Days Challenge | 2014

In Books on 03/01/2014 at 7:25 PM

One thing I’ve realised is that 2013 was a terrible year for the book nerd in me, yes I read but not as much as I used to, if I don’t do something big I’ll lose my drive for reading books. As the title suggests I have decided on doing a 50 Book Challenge. Honestly I hope to read more than that but with 50 being the absolute minimum. You wanna hear how I’m setting this challenge up? Read on….


50 Books In 365 Days is an official page on this blog, there you can track my progress. Upon completing a book I will put… (make it bold + date finished + rating) next to the title. I have a list of books that I’d like to read this year, the list is not set in stone and the TBR section will definitely be expanding , I categorised them  as you will see. No I’m not gonna be reviewing every single one of them but I hope that I can do a decent amount, If there’s anything that you want suggest feel free and also free to do this challenge with me, it doesn’t matter what books you read as long as you are actively aiming for 50.

Let’s Do This…………

Five Suggested by Lexa Pearce from Let’sMakeSomethingBeautiful

  1. Thirteen Reasons Why, Jay Asher
  2. The 5th Wave, Rick Yancey
  3. The Truth About Forever, Sarah Dessen
  4. The Duff: Designated Ugly Fat Friend, Kody Keplinger
  5. Entangled, Cat Clarke

Four  Suggested by Hena Bryan from OurAchievementsCount

  1. Forbidden, Tosca Lee & Ted Dekker
  2. Mortal (Forbidden #2), Tosca Lee & Ted Dekker
  3. The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini
  4. Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte

Six 2014 Debut Novels

  1. Wake, Anna Hope
  2. The Half Life of Molly Pierce, Katrina Leno
  3. Defy, Sarah B. Larson
  4. Prisoner of Night and Fog, Anne Blankman
  5. Cruel Beauty, Rosamund Hodge 
  6. Dear Killer, Katherine Ewell

Five New Releases

  1. Perfectly Damaged, E.L. Montes
  2. Don’t Call Me Baby, Gwendolyn Heasley
  3. Univinted, Sophie Jordan
  4. The Winner’s Curse, Marie Rutkoski
  5. After The End, Amy Plum

Five Classics

  1. Lady Chatterley’s Lover, D.H. Lawrence
  2. Tess of the d’Urbervilles, Thomas Hardy
  3. The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald
  4. The Colour Purple, Alice Walker
  5. 1984, George Orwell

Five African Writers 

  1. The Famished Road, Ben Okri
  2. The African Trilogy (3 in 1), Chinua Achebe
  3. Of The Water And The Spirit, Malidoma Patrice Some
  4. Johnny Mad Dog, Emmanuel Dongala
  5. Purple Hibiscus, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Five From Series I Didn’t Complete

  1. Entwined in You (Crossfire Serie , Sylvia Day
  2. Beautiful Day (Bright Young Things #2), Anna Godbersen
  3. The Lucky Ones  (Bright Young Things #3), Anna Godbersen
  4. Drama High: No Mercy, L.Divine
  5. Walking Disaster (Beautiful #2), Jamie McGuire

Five Historical Fiction

  1. Memoirs Of A Geisha, Arthur Golden
  2. Time’s Arrow, Martin Amis
  3. Nefertiti, Michelle Moran
  4. The Book Thief, Markus Zusak
  5. The Kiss of the Concubine: A story of Anne Boleyn, Judith Arnopp

Residents Of My TBR List… (to be continued)

  1. Find You In The Dark, A. Meredith Walters
  2. Light In The Shadows (Find You In The Dark #2), A. Meredith Walters
  3. Window, Michele Renae
  4. Love Sex Repeat, Alessandra Torre
  5. Before I Fall, Lauren Oliver
  6. Suzanne’s Letters To Nicholas, James Patterson
  7. Kiss Me First, Lottie Moggach
  8. Confessions of An Angry Girl, Louise Rozett
  9. Arouse: A Spiral Of Bliss, Nina Lane
  10. The Coldest Winter Ever, Sister Souljah
  11. This Man, Jodi Ellen Malpas

Until we meet again, Miss More.

Amber by Julie Sykes | Book Review

In Books on 01/10/2013 at 10:42 AM

“It struck me that it would be quite helpful if there were a written guide to life. I could do with a book to help me decode some of the everyday mysteries I was up against.”

I found this book through one of the blogs I follow here on WordPress, one of the bloggers wrote something and honestly I wanted to read it because the cover looked good, I was purely intrigued.

RATING – 3/5


How do you live by the rules if you  don’t know what they are?

Amber’s lost her memory. She doesn’t even know her  real name. The only clues to her identity are a beautiful amber necklace and a  broken mobile phone. She’s determined to learn the truth about her past life,  and the secrets she’s hiding, but how many rules will she break along the way?

*** REVIEW***

Frankly I don’t have much to say about this book. “Amber” is aimed for teens, I would recommend early teens, they’d really appreciate this one. I found some of this book very basic and very very predictable, especially the dramatic parts. Sykes didn’t do much for character development I guess it works because Amber doesn’t even know who she is for most of the book. The writing style is alright, not the best but not the worse with all this said you have to take into consideration that the book is aimed at 13 year olds, Teen Vogue is the best they’ve come across.

I kind of liked Amber because she wasn’t the normal “I need a knight in shining armour” female character that plague non-fiction books. Amber was in control, she knew what she wanted and honestly I think that Sykes did well to develop the whole “I don’t know who I am” theme of the book and you did get glimpses of the real Amber just out of reach.

“With a deep sigh I sent the mirror spinning through the air to the bedside locker. As it spun I flipped it, so that it landed propped against the wall where I could see it. I looked at it often turning my head quickly in it’s direction, as if by sneaking up on my reflection I’d catch it out and remember who I was. But the girl in the mirror was faster. She never gave anything away.

I guess you can class “Amber” as sci-fi in the beginning it seems to be supernatural I was expecting witches or something, then I thought that maybe it’s some superhero stuff. I liked how Sykes kept me guessing the genre, I argue that it links in to the fact that Amber doesn’t know who or what she is. I never could have guessed what Amber turned out to be, it was truly well thought of. The ending was satisfying, I would have like more, like you always do with books but it was kinda kinda perfect.

The one thing I’ll leave you with is what I will forever applaud Sykes for….. NO LOVE TRIANGLE!!!! I want to hug her for that gift. I should say that there is a love interest well two actuality but how Sykes managed to not create a triangle is for you to find out. The book is available on Amazon and wherever else.

Love, More

Epilogue (The Dark Duet #3) by CJ Roberts | Book Review

In Books on 14/09/2013 at 1:36 AM

“I was learning that happiness also presents a new way to suffer. Misery, I understand. Happiness is terrifying”

In my review of The Dark Duet, I said that in my eyes “Captive in the Dark” was an elongated prologue setting up shop for the main event “Seduced in the Dark”, I was glad that CJ took her time starting up the story, normally you don’t get a peek into the happy ever after writers present at the end of the book, “The Dark Duet” is an exception, I’m elated that CJ decided to gift us with this.

RATING – 6/5


I’m writing this because you begged. You know how I love the begging. In fact, you probably know too many things and know them far too well.

Who am I?

Well, that’s what I’m trying to figure out. I was a whore in my youth, a killer since my adolescence, and a monster as a man. I am the man who kidnapped Livvie. I am the man who held her in a dark room for weeks. But, most importantly, I am the man she loves.

She loves me. It’s quite sick, isn’t it?


I know that I am epic-ally late to read this book but hey, better late than never and when it comes to The Dark Duet, never is simply not acceptable. “Epilogue” is the final chapter in this haunting, seductive, possessing, mind blowing love story of Livvie and Caleb or is it Sophia and James, maybe it’s both. “Epilogue” is goodbye, it’s closure, it’s a peek into Caleb’s soul, since the book is told completely and uniquely in Caleb’s point of view, I think it’s really difficult to write first person male but CJ nailed it, in “Epilogue” Caleb became more real to me, the happenings of the previous two books became more real to me and so did the twisted love that Livvie and Caleb share.

“So much was trapped inside me, and her love- or whatever it was she felt for me- threatened to coax it out”

I must admit that around half way through the book, I began hating it. No it wasn’t CJ’s fault, the book itself is exceptional but I just couldn’t understand how Livvie could love Caleb after all he did to her. This is the man that kidnapped her, tortured her physically, emotionally, sexually, psychologically, this is the man that broke her, (just like he was broken) for the sheer purpose of building her up to his liking and exploiting her, and on top of all of the HE LEFT HER, the coward left her. I wasn’t mad at CJ, nor at Caleb, nor at Livvie because you can’t help who you love, I was mad at this popular “thing” in a lot of our books where the main male is simply horrible; controlling, abusive, manipulative, psychotic, violent, all that jazz and the writer never addresses it, the writer makes it seem okay, the writer just walks around it like traffic and I just couldn’t get over it; defiantly not in this book the follow up to two of my favorite books ever.  I was mad at myself for loving a monster like Caleb.  I was more than prepared to write one of those “it’s a good book, but….” reviews.

However, CJ Roberts, the Goddess, the Genius, the Queen, (ahh I wanna hug her) did something writers never LIKE EVER do, she addressed the past, she made Caleb  acknowledge what he did, she didn’t make it okay and I love her for that. And that is why this book is closure and that is why you have to read it.

“This is my life. I was a whore in my youth, a killer in my adolescence, and a monster as a man. Who am I now? What am I now?”

On top of that “Epilogue” was not just about Caleb and Livvie letting go of their past, it was also about Caleb letting go of Rafiq and all the  things that happened before him, this part of the book made me feel uneasy about calling Caleb a coward. A very dominant part of the book is Caleb settling into normalcy, we never really understood how detached Caleb was from the every day stuff, I really loved how CJ portrayed him in this aspect, but of course Caleb gets socialised and shit but he’s still Caleb because if he wasn’t he would not have given Livvie the best birthday present in the history of civilisation, I swear I’m still processing that paragraph, CJ is a freakin’ genius.

Honestly, I think you should read this book just for the last line, which is one the most beautiful words I’ve read in my life. P.S it get’s a bit *ahem* VERY steamy *ahem* in certain places, a girl can never complain about that. Epilogue (The Dark Duet #3) is available on AmazonBarnes & Nobles and wherever the hell else books are sold.

“I was confused. I was… broken. I’m still broken. I don’t know who I am or what I want. All I know is that without you… without you, there’s nothing. I’m nothing. Do you have any idea how terrifying that is for someone like me?”

Love, Miss More

The King’s Concubine by Anne O’Brien – Book Review

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‘This is my gift to him – I lifted you from nothing, Alice. Now you can repay me’ – Queen Phillipa

Honestly, I bought this book because firstly I loved the cover and I will read anything that has A) some royal action B) politics. That’s my stuff right there.

Rating; 4/5

“A child born in the plague year of 1348, abandoned and raised within the oppressive walls of a convent, Alice Perrers refused to take the veil, convinced that a greater destiny awaited her. Ambitious and quick witted, she rose above her obscure beginnings to become the infamous mistress of Edward III. But always, essentially, she was alone… Early in Alice’s life, a chance meeting with royalty changes everything.”


Anne O’Brien skillfully chronicles the life of a truly remarkable woman, Alice Perrers was born into poverty and obscurity but went to eventually rise above all. How? No she didn’t rely on common beauty that eventually fades and no she wasn’t particularly learnt but she was intelligent and raw and brave, she knew exactly what she was and actively went to better her circumstances. This is why I admired her from the beginning.

“The King’s Concubine” is written in continuous prose, it’s basically a long ass monologue with “action” here, here and there. I thought that this set out made it very long, because yes the book stretched, but it was so well written that you just forget. This writing style also accommodated the time-span the book is set in, which is like over 20 years (I think) so it made it really easy for time-jumps. The length of the book allowed build up, things didn’t just fall out of the sky and happen which was very realistic. I should add that it started off really slow, so if you have no patience don’t read it (even though you should). The book started slow because O’Brien was trying to set up shop for the character of Alice, which I think is a perfectly good reason.

“A strong woman needed a wilful man to match her. If no, respect flies out of the window”

What does “The King’s Concubine” have to offer….


Not just the usual romantic love. E.g. How Alice becomes the King’s mistress is very interesting because it’s The King’s Wife that sets it all up, she puts Alice in Edward’s way. Why? Because she loves Edward and there’s is complications in the bedchamber, now that’s love right there. There is self love, Alice herself is as self serving as all the other men in this book and can you blame her. I loved that O’Brien didn’t write her as some angel, historically Alice Perrers is portrayed as ambitious, unscrupulous, indiscreet and greedy (and so were most of the men in King Edward’s court) yet, I grew to respect and love Alice mostly because she hold her own openly and truthfully. There is also a very unconventional love story within the book, it wasn’t some love at first sight bull it was beautiful and no it wasn’t between King and Mistress, although she did love him too, she stayed with him till the end, I think that’s sufficient proof.

‘Why is a woman always difficult when a man has her best interests at heart?’ – William de Windsor

Power & Politics?

Towards the her later years as Edward’s concubine, Alice becomes practically the most powerful person in England, she plunges into the melting pot of power –  a dangerous place for a woman. But when Edward passes away her enemies (which is basically all the powers at Edward’s court) circle her like vultures.

A Female Character Who Is Not A Vagina.

Read “The King’s Concubine” just for Alice, the bad bitch of her time. I truly respected her as a woman, as a power, as a character.

This book doesn’t get 5/5 because it didn’t completely blow my mind away but it was a very compelling page turner and the worst part about it was when it ended. “The King’s Concubine” is available wherever books are sold.

Love, Miss More

The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger | Book Review

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“Don’t you think it’s better to be extremely happy for a short while, even if you lose it, than to be just okay for your whole life?”

When I say I hated this book. I mean, I HATED THIS BOOK. And it’s all because of the main female character Clare Abshire, she must be Bella Swan’s ancestor.

 Rating: 2/5


I’m going to talk about the good things about the book, because I do think that “The Time Traveler’s is an okay read. I just happened to have hated it. The book reads like this; Henry DeTamble has this weird ass “genetic disorder” which means that he uncontrollably travels through time and space, the book is about him and his wife’s struggle to love one another even though time is certainly not on their side. If you like the fruity “star crossed lovers” shit, then this book is probably for you.

“Clare, I want to tell you, again, I love you. Our love has been the thread through the labyrinth, the net under the high-wire walker, the only real thing in this strange life of mine that I could ever trust. Tonight I feel that my love for you has more density in this world than I do, myself: as though it could linger on after me and surround you, keep you, hold you.”

I must admit that I liked the very unique narrative, the book is written at two first person narratives in the form of  entries in lack of a better word. At the beginning of each entry we are given a date and the ages of Clare and Henry at the time. The uniqueness comes in the fact that the dates are not in ascending order, we have a lot of time shifts so, it’s all kind of jumbled up, this narrative gives you an insight into Henry’s life, because he doesn’t live his life in a straight line either. Henry is alright, he’s nothing extraordinary but he fits the purpose. I was forced to read this as a focus piece for English Language and Literature so trust me when I say that Niffenegger’s writing game is tight. Now, enough with me being nice.

Trust me when I say, that I want to rip every strand of Clare Abshire’s beautiful long red hair and then strangle her with them. I want to burn her alive. That is how much I hate her. And because I hate her. I hate the book. I am one for strong female characters, that’s a nice way of saying that I hate vaginas. I hate Clare. Because she is a vagina. I lost respect for her when she revealed that she had sex with her best friend’s boyfriend a while before the events of the book. No it’s not that I see her as some kind of whore, I don’t respect her because she allowed him to I quote “fuck” her while he smoked on a cigarette.

What The Actual Fuck. I’m sorry I can’t get over it.

I don’t like the fact that Clare’s entire life revolves around Henry. Look at the title of the book. The Time Traveler’s WIFE. She is nothing without him. She spends her whole life waiting on him, I don’t care if it’s love. It’s also pretty unrealistic, like what woman would put her entire life on hold just for him, like hell even after Henry dies, the bitch is still waiting around for him.

“It’s hard being left behind. I wait for Henry, not knowing where he is, wondering if he’s okay. It’s hard to be the one who stays.”

To be fair, Clare is emotional strong and all that, she goes through terrible loss that make you truly sympathise with her. I still hate her though. And finally there is this strange air about the book that I can’t get over. Well, Henry and Clare first meet when he is 36 and she is 6. That’s just wrong. Although Henry had no “intentions” when he first met her, I still see it as essentially grooming. You can sugarcoat it all you want but he was 36 and she was 6. That’s just… *shivers*.

I actually recommend that you read this, anyone normal would not only recognise but also acknowledge it’s merits. But I’mnot normal you see. We have all come across books that we’ve just plain hated, “The Time Traveler’s Wife” is one of mine.

“We laugh and laugh, and nothing can ever be sad, no one can be lost, or dead, or far away: right now we are here, and nothing can mar our perfection, or steal the joy of this perfect moment.”

Love, Miss More.

The 10 Books I Would Take To A Desert Island

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Hey, it’s me again, this is in response to Katherine Checkley’s “Desert Island Books” post…. check her out – http://theintrinsicwriter.wordpress.com/

This is the question…..

“I invite you to play this game with me. You’ve been stranded on a desert island, and you can only have ten books with you. Now remember, these are the only books you’ll EVER be able to read again, so you must make sure you’d be willing to read them over and over again. As a book lover, this is perhaps one of the most cherished lists I’ve ever written. I did it on pure gut instinct. These are the books that I absolutely love, books that have changed my life and my perception of the world.”

I swear, this a very cruel question, a reader’s worse nightmare but I’m gonna go with it, see if I can manage to stick with the ten.

1 & 2. The Dark Duet by C.J Roberts

I have a review of it on my blog, trust me when I say that these two books were complete mind fucks, Captive in the Dark & Seduced in the Dark are some of the finest books I’ve ever read.

3, 4 & 5. The Fifty Shade Trilogy by E L James

Considering that I despise these books and E L James & Christian Grey the trilogy is a strange choice, but I’ll never get over how freakin’ ridicolous they are & since I’m stuck in a desert island, it won’t hurt for me to laugh…. a lot.

6. The Keeper’s Daughter by Gill Arbuthnott

I believe, that this is my favourite book ever! It’s not the best but I enjoyed so much, it was pretty unbelievable.

7. The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

Corruption. Hot male character. Wilde’s impeccable writing style. What more does a girl need?

8. Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy 

I have made it my life mission to finish this epic novel. Leo had me hooked from the first sentence, do you know how rare that is to find?

9. Johhny Mad Dog by Immanuel Dongala

The movie is the best ever! I am actually in love & in lust with the masterpiece, I haven’t read the book yet but if this book created something so beautiful, I know I’m gonna love it. I have a little post on the movie on this thing, check it out.

10 The Drama High Series by L.Divine

This is cheating but I refuse to leave Drama High behind all 15 books of it and the rest to come. Sorry Katherine, I lose.

Readers of the web, can you decide which books live on that island with you? The floor is yours…..

Stay beautiful. Love, Miss More.

The Dark Duet by CJ Roberts | Book Review

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 “Why are you doing this?” she said hollowly. He turned, a wry smile playing across his lips. She wanted a reason. Serial killers had reasons. Reasons made no difference.

Where do I begin?……. “The Dark Duet” is freakin’ amazing. It totally mind fucked me. I got raped…. by a book!!!!! CJ Roberts has a lot to answer for. -wink-wink-

Grade Achieved: A*

My Summary: Caleb has spent the last 12 years of his life working towards repaying his debt to Rafiq, the man who saved his life and so much more. 18 years old Olivia “Livvie” Ruiz is a mean to an end. Caleb snatches Livvie from everything she ever knew and delivers her into the beginning of the end. Olivia is destined to be a weapon against a man that deserves to die. And she can do nothing about it.  Held captive in the dark, a hot and cold love affair brews between them. All that hides in the dark, must come out in the light. Can Caleb give up his revenge & his freedom when he can almost taste it, for a woman? A woman he loves? Or does love NOT conquer all.

dark duet captive in the dark - Copy

“You’re not a damsel in distress and I’m not the handsome prince come to save you”

 This series in the running for the best books I’ve ever read.  Miss CJ Roberts is surely the business, for she has taken a horrifying theme and created I dare say, one of the greatest love stories on print.  If you are easily disturbed you need to stay away from these books because once you start them, every bone in your body will command you to finish them. This series will consume you, possess you & completely mind fuck you. I double dare you to dive into it.

I see “Captive in the Dark” as a book long prologue, “Seduced in the Dark” is the epic  conclusion. This story is so powerful that Roberts needed a whole book to set the scene before the story picks up pace, in “Captive in the Dark” she lays the foundation for the characters. The characters are so well laid out. Like Livvie.

The naive girl in me had been bitch slapped into womanhood. I’d been razed by pain, grief, loss and suffering, and honed by lust, rage and an acute awareness of my need to survive”

Livvie! Livvie! Livvie! Livvie is one incredibly strong young woman, I well and truly love and adore the hell out of her.   She is an ordinary girl in an extraordinary situation, and this situation brings out all the weaknesses and strengths living in human beings. Survival at all costs & the need to be loved amongst many things. Roberts is dealing with the delicate issue of trafficking. Trafficking is very real and in this series Roberts brings it home one hundred percent raw. She does not sugar coat anything. They’re a lot of scenes that you could relate to BDSM. And straight away your thinking of 50 Shades of Gray. My friend, this is a world away. The whole book is based around Caleb turning Livvie into a real life sex slave. Livvie does not have a choice, they are no safe words and no contracts. Roberts does well to describe the transition a human being has to go through to turn into a slave & also slave mentality through both Caleb and Livvie.

“Each day I was more vulnerable than the last. Each day he stripped away more of my sense of self. And now he’d taken the last of it, the last of me. But who did that make me? An extension of him? Someone new? I didn’t know. Didn’t want to know.”

“He was my tormentor and my solace; the creator of the dark and the light within.”

Caleb!!… The anti-hero.  I love to love anti heros. But it was hard to love Caleb. I think that’s how Roberts intended it to be. Yes, Caleb is a man with a broken past &  a stolen childhood, but he also a kidnapper, a murder and a rapist. One minute he’s sweet and the next you just hate his guts. I think that is a realistic way of portraying a man like him. I loved how CJ didn’t just thrust him to the reader, he didn’t have  a -Love ME! Love ME- feeling. He is a truly well written character, I love how Roberts made me both sympthise with him and fucking want him dead. Side note: He is absolutely smoking HOT! Like he breaks the HOT scale. Infact, I hereby declare Caleb to be Sex. f you are reading this CJ, well done!!

“Monsters are aren’t born, they’re made, and someone made Caleb”

“Seduced in the Dark” is much more complicated. Where the first book was very… I can’t find the word. It was all about Caleb & Livvie & the dark. One thing I found myself debating was whether Livvie really loved Caleb. Was it the slave mentality talking? Did Livvie convince herself that she loved Caleb because it was just easier for her to love her “tormentor”? Was the love legit? Honestly, I can’t decide the correct answer.

“I felt protected. I felt kept. Without him, my life was a giant question mark”

“I felt many things towards him, and yes, hate was perhaps among them, but there were others too, far more complex than simple hate”

Anyways….. the second book has one of the best narrative layout EVER!!! It reads like a movie. Loved that. Robert just weaves all these different narrative styles like a BOSS. The new characters add this flavor to the story. I loved  finding out more about Caleb’s past, which majorly broke my heart! Honestly, I can talk about this book forever. Last but not least, the twist! There is the motherfucker of twist in this book, thinking about it, it’s not exactly a twist but it’s defiantly something. I was saying “oh no” for like 10 minutes when Agent Reed put two and two together about what Rafiq did. Also, CJ Roberts writing style is epic in high proportions, that is why the series is highly addictive, you have been warned.

Essentially “The Dark Duet” is about the hot and cold relationship between a slave and a master. But that simple foundation opened the gatez to a roller coaster ride, the love story to possibly end all love stories, a story of change and just how far individuals go for revenge, a complete mind fuck. Words can’t even begin to hold how amazing “The Dark Duet” is. I feel so jealous of anyone who hasn’t read this book because they get to discover a work of pure genius.

 “Mine…. “The word was a declaration. It rocked him to his very foundation. It was a truth he’d kept hidden for far too long”….. Rafiq  will understand. I’ll make him understand.” 

5 Reasons Why Twilight Sucks

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The Twilight Saga is nearly dead, so I thought that I should get this out there now as a good-bye & good riddance ritual. I’ve read Twilight probably twice, New Moon twice (didn’t want to because that shit depressed me but had to because I felt that I was too busy being depressed to take in the story), Eclipse a minimum of four times (I actually cried the last time, when Bella came back from the Black house after the big battle) and Breaking Dawn a shocking NINE times!! I’m actually kinda embarrassed for myself  now. I loved those books probably because of the hype but now I wouldn’t recommend them. I have also watched all the movies at least twice each. So now I have compiled a list of reasons outlining why the Twilight Saga is utter elephant & donkey shit. In no particular order…. Imma keep it short and sweet.

1. Weak female characters

I hate Isabella Marie Cullen née Swan. Bella is a vagina. She is what every woman in the world should strive not be. She is weak, a push-over, she is clingy, she goes 3/4 of mad over some boy. I hate bitches that love so much that it consumes them. They are no strong female characters in Twilight maybe Jane is a bit of a bad ass but she is owned by a man, a real woman is her own boss, it get’s worse from here, Victoria is driven by revenge for her love, worse still James didn’t even love her really & the bitch couldn’t see that. Leah is bitter over lost love, like Bella she lets a man effect everything about her. Alice is cool but she ain’t shit without her vision. Renee is an air head who needs to get slapped. Esme is just the traditional woman. Jessica is a typical hating female & my favorite Rosalie is not happy with her life, why? Because she wants to fulfill the traditional role of a woman, pop out babies and look after a house.

2. Edward does not want to die.

Why does everybody not see that Edward Cullen is a scheming, controlling, conniving, manipulative, possessive mother fucker?

3. The vampires are a joke.

I’d really like to know what possessed Meyer to create glow in the light vampires. Enough said. Twilight missed the blood and gore that make a vampire tale…. a vampire tale.

4. It includes the worst love triangle in the history of time

Everyone and their grandmother knew that Jacob didn’t have a chance in the seven heavens.

5. It just does.

Reflected in You: A Crossfire Novel by Sylvia Day | Book Review

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“Doctor.” Gideon set one ankle on the opposite knee and settled back, creating a picture of unyielding decisiveness. “The only way I’m keeping my hands off her is if I’m dead. Find another way to fix us.”

“Reflected in You” the follow up to Sylvia Day’s amazing bestseller “Bared to You” is a pathetic, vile and disappointing piece of shit. It pissed me off so badly that it came to a point where I was putting down my kindle every 10 minutes because I was scared that I would dash it across the room. “Reflected in You” starts at the next morning of the end of “Bared to You” when Eva walked into a porn scene in her living room. The best part about this book is the first chapter, I absolutely loved it, it was a nice welcome back to the world of Eva & Gideon & sex.  And then the second chapter happened and I was like “What The F is this?”


I’m not even gonna talk so much about this, here it goes…. (yeeah, I lied)

The story was all over the place…. All the character development that Day did for her characters in Bared to you, went out of the window and into the forest fire, this is because she had too many unnecessary bullshit to make them shine. And that started by chapter 2. From the moment Eva slaps Gideon because she is an annoyingly insucure female. That scene was bullshit. I did not pay £3.99 to read bullshit. Eva Trammel was acting like Bella Swan the second…. For the most part of the book, Eva walks around practically looking like crap, and everybody tells her, this is because she let Gideon’s donkey & elephant shit completely consume her, I hate girls who fall in “love” like that. Grow a back bone damn it!

Day made me HATE Gideon…. In “Bared to You” Gideon is absolutely smoking hot, he’s the perfect man, he’s a conflicted man, he’s dynamic, he is complicated. In “Reflected in You” Gideon Cross just pisses me the fuck off. I made it rhyme for emphasis. Why is was he controlling? What kind of man demands complete trust like that? Although I did like how Eva got him back for her Vegas babysitter, that was probably the best part of the book.  I’ve got to give it to Day, the ending caught me off guard, I could never have guessed the reason why Gideon was acting like an ass-hat, (Eva’s favorite term), of course in the end his behavior made sense but by the end of the book, but I hated him too much even care to cut him some slack. 

The sex scenes were horrible. Bared to you, was HOT! But all we got in “Reflected in You” was Eva describing how much she likes sucking dick, and the swallowing his always heavy “load” and I’m like…. DO I GIVE A FUCK? Half way through the book we get the climax, and this bitch, gives Gideon a handjob in a restaurant, then goes on to get fingered at a freakin’ concert, then kisses her ex boyfriend, causing this big fight, then goes on to get treated like a freakin’ prostitute at the back of limo. WTF. That scene pissed me off big time. All you had is Eva talking about how she wants to suck his dick to wash off the taste of that kiss. I say again, WTF. What’s worse, Gideon was treating her like a prostitue to get  a point out of her.

“My gaze never left his. I watched him as I teased us both, looking for any sign of the passionate lover I adored. He wasn’t there. A furious stranger glared back at me, daring me, tauting me with his detachment”

Then the two of them go away to some house somewhere & have a sex fest. Everything seems perfect. But when they get back to the real world, Cary is in hospital, with broken bones & shit. At this point “Reflected in You” is just another 50 Shades. I’m more pissed off at this because Day can actually write, but this shit did not cut it. And… and…. and… and, he freakin rims her. That was the most disturbing thing I’d had read at that point of my life.

On a positive note, Day was carrying on with the whole Eva & Gedion are self destructive, it was very much a whirlwind romance, but I really didn’t care because I was too busy being pissed off. Oh yeah, and Day does this really good thing with the Nathan guy, could have been better but you knooww…

“The man I love was a ticking time bomb, and I shared a bed with him!

Last but not least, Gideon’s abuse story was just bullshit. Such a dissapointment. I know it sounds mean but after all the freakin’ build up, I expected something more horrid and haunting. Sylvia Day let me down big time. I want my freakin’ money back. But of  course I’m gonna be reading “Interwined with You” even though I honestly don’t see where the story can go next apart from marriage and children. But I can’t be reading 2/3 of a trilogy, which reminds me, I need read Hunger Games 3.

Next review up here is, The Dark Duet by C.J Roberts & To Marry A Prince by Sophie Page. I’ll so them when I get be bothered really, I’m just lazy like that. I give this 3 out of 10. Read this shit if you want & see for yourself. From other reviews I’ve read it looks like your either going to love this or hate this. No middle ground. And if you have read this shit, tell me what you think.

Thanks for reading, more to come.

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness | Book Review

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“I don’t know where to begin” he said shakily

“At the end, of course. Why did you pick up the phone and call me?”

This is how “A Discovery of Witches” by Deborah Harkness goes: Diana Bishop is descendant of two powerful bloodlines of witches and wizards, she could be a magical superwoman but of course she wants nothing to do with magic and focuses instead on a successful career, she is a historian a professor of alchemy (what ever that is). Her world is turned upside down when she calls an enchanted manuscript, Ashmole 782 which is believed to hold “secrets” that every supernatural creature in the world; witches, vampires and daemons want to get their hands on but haven’t been able to for eons. When Diana does the thought to be impossible some kind of energy is conveniently released and attracts other supernatural creatures. One of them being Mathew Clairmont a mysterious vampire. They of course fall deep in love, threatening a carefully arranged world where witches, vampires and deamons don’t mix. And now Mathew and Diana have so much to discover, so little time and enemies hidden and known. “It all started with a discovery of withes.”


I deserve some kind of medal or award for reading this book to the last word. It’s not Deborah Harkness’s fault that I found her number 17 book on NY Times’s Paperback Trade Fiction bestselling list incredibly boring. It’s probably because the book is really badly edited and her writing style doesn’t help either, I often found myself asking what the hell is going on? Things just randomly happened that made no sense what so ever. I would have to go back couple paragraphs to get up to speed. Like when some crazy ex-girlfriend bitch called Juliette comes in towards the end of the book and tries to kill Matthew (she was emitting some serious jealousy vibes) . I had to re-read that part several times to simply understand what the hell was going on! Diana kills the bitch with witch-fire, by randomly shooting a bow and arrow, God knows how that happens. Then there’s all these random characters Harkness just drops now and then.

I also found myself asking Do I care? For two major reasons. The first and most serious being that Harkness failed to make me connect with the characters or the story. I just did not care. Her writing style just made me detach from the story all together. I wasn’t rooting for anyone, none of the characters gripped me. I simply was not interested. I was reading for the sake of reading. At some point in the book, Diana gets kidnapped by another crazy bitch a witch this time and she gets really badly tortured and hurt and through out all that, I did not care. Even in the aftermath when she was in so much pain and Mathew wad taking care of her and Harkness was describing the wounds, I still didn’t care.

That is how bad Harkness is; she couldn’t even achieve sympathy. The second reason is that Harkness made me feel like I was reading a biology book instead of contemporary fiction. Diana is a historian and Matthew is a scientist of many fields so I expected a bit of “smart talk”. But nooo! Harkness decided to bore me to death with science and Darwin, she was on about DNA and mitochondria something something and clans aka genetic lineages and fuck all. They was this whole chapter about DNA and biology and shit. And I was just like…. DO I CARE! The thing is all that “smart talk” didn’t help me understand the story more so it was completely pointless and annoying.

Talking about the story, A Discovery of Witches was not only boring but also disappointing because Harkness had a number of story lines but she just didn’t source out 100% of the dramatic potential. If writing was her forte this book would not have sucked. She had…..

1. Ashmole 782 an enchanted lost manuscript that everyone wanted, Diana was in danger because she is the one who managed to call it
 2. Forbidden love between Diana & Mathew the enemy was The Congregation which is basically a better Voultori
3. Diana’s incredibly powers, something that The Congregation wants and something that Diana doesn’t want, can’t control and doesn’t understand. It is also linked to Ashmole 782.
4. Diana’s parents mysterious death caused by other witches, linked to all of the above.
5. The possible excitation of supernatural creature which causes mother nature to fight back in strange ways
6. The possibility of war, because of reason 2 and a bit of 3 and 1

There is no denying that Harkness is creative it’s just that she is not a good story-teller. She builds up the stories but does nothing with them. That is part of the reason why this book is horrible and boring. Then again i can only speak for I and I read other reviews prior to buying the book and I have come to the conclusion that it’s the type that you will absolutely love or absolutely hate, there is no middle ground.

It’s not all bad two things made the book semi bearable. One being the way that Harkness presented vampires. I loved how she made one of the most versatile supernatural creatures in fiction her own. I would have loved to see more of that. Two being the relationship between Mathew and Diana. That shit is cute. When it comes to these vampire/ something else relationships the vampires always hate themselves and wish that they were human and blah blah blah. However Matthew is 100% proud of his vampireness and does not hold back one bit. He is possessive and overly protective, he would actually kill his own son if he thought he was a danger to the apple of his eye!! Damn!

The most annoying thing about “A Discovery of Witches” is the fact that I want to know what the hell happens next. That is how I feel about every single book I ever read that has a sequel whether good or bad . How incontinent are the inner workings of my brain? Book 2 is called Shadow of Night and has been out since June 2012. I am going to hold up and wait until the book is available in libraries, since “A Discovery of Witches” was a complete waste of time and money – it was only £1.99 on the amazon kindle store but I don’t care. £1.99 can feed a family and millions in the world live on much much less. So if you must get  “A Discovery of Witches” please get it from a library or a friend or off the internet. And spend the money you would have wasted on it on something worthy and useful….. like a sweater.

I give this book 2.5 out of 10 Can someone tell me what book I should read next? I appear to be having bad luck in choices. And the moral of the story is, Bestsellers List aren’t the best source of good reads.

Thanks for reading, more to come.

The Marriage Bargain by Jennifer Probst | Book Review

In Books on 03/08/2012 at 5:56 PM

Lately I’ve been reading books about impossibly screwed up people, so I just wanted to find something easy and lighthearted to entertain myself. The Marriage Bargain by Jennifer Probst seemed to fit the bill. Miss Probst is a serial bestseller she has been in two different The New York Times Bestsellers lists for a couple for fifteen weeks now and she has made an appearance in the bestselling lists of USA Today and The Wall Street Journal. So it’s natural to assume that this book would be somewhat amazing, however that can be argued.

The Marriage Bargain reads like one of them chick lit dramas, this is how the story goes – the fate of  these two childhood friends of some sort cross when  Alexa McKenzie needs $150,000 to save her family home and billionaire Nick Ryan needs a wife as soon as possible so that he can claim his full inheritance instead of just 51%. When Nick’s sister and Alexa’s best friend Maggie suggests Alexa to Nick as she is aware of both situations, Alexa seems to be the  perfect answer to his prayer and vice versa. So the two of them enter a marriage contract for a year:” a marriage by name”, they are to keep the facade of a happy couple without dealing with the messiness that usually comes with love and happiness. And Probst gets it out from the beginning that the two will never work as they are polar opposites. Nick cold, distant, practical and has issues with emotional attachment while Alexa is warm, loving and kind-hearted and she wants loads of cuties running around house (something that I bet you appears in Nick’s nightmares). But of course as in every love story, you know the ending from the begging  so surprise, surprise – the two find true love against one or two odds. I don’t know what possessed me to think that this would be an amazing read.

Jennifer Probst is a decent enough writer. She repeatably switches point of  from Alexa to Nick and back again I think she mastered this art well and managed to not make it annoying( a lot of writers can’t do that without annoying me to death) so kudos to her. Her writing style is very laid back, it has a simple flow and it’s very narrative – in a good way. The story line isn’t very solid but Probst is a good enough story teller, it all flows quite smoothly, that is until towards the end when she rushes things. You know this book is just not that great. Why? well, the answer goes like this – I honestly fail to understand the purpose of it. It’s just there. God knows how it made it on major best selling lists. It’s barely engaging, semi enjoyable. It’s just one of them things you read – for the sake of reading.

Why you may ask. Well, Probst did the worst thing a writer could do, she made it possible for the reader to take the characters at face value. They have no depth .The Marriage Bargain is supposed to be a love story it may not be a conventional love story, but it’s a love story nevertheless. Probst failed to make Alexa and Nick likable in anyway. It’s not like they were annoying, unrealistic or bad characters, they were just not right for a romance. They also didn’t mesh well together, Probst didn’t show us that they are into each others, she just kept on telling us, and the secret to good writing is to show and not tell. I didn’t find my self rooting for them and I honestly didn’t believe that they were in love. Messing up the two main characters mess up the whole love story.

The Marriage Bargain will not possess you, it will not have you wanting more until toward the end because it’s wrapped up way too fast,  it will not have you rooting for Alexa and Nick, it will not have you plotting the death of a particular character, it will however make time fly. I was thinking about it and books like The Marriage Bargain are the perfect cure for when you can’t sleep at night, so you decide to read a book to doze off, but you end up staying up at some crazy time of the night because your choice is just too good to put down. This book is simple and entertaining full stop. I give it 5 out of 10 stars

Thanks for reading, more to come.

Bared To You: A Crossfire Novel, Sylvia Day | Book Review

In Books on 13/07/2012 at 6:45 AM

“I want there to be happily-ever-afters for the fucked up crowd. Show me the way Eva, honey, make me believe” –  Cary Taylor

The fundamental concept of Bared To You is two messed up people finding love, and fighting to not let their past define their presence and negatively affect their future. I found it to be a really up lifting story, I found myself cheer-leading for Eva and Gideon

What I loved about the two is that, they have the potential to self-destruct. In normal love stories it’s always outer forces trying to tear the couple apart e.g. Romeo & Juliet (the most classic love story, by the man who ruined my life) but in Bared To You, it’s them (Eva & Gideon) , they cause the problems and it isn’t over stupid reasons. It’s deeply rooted reasons, things that a lot people fail to live past. The emotional state of both of them, especially Eva, is the aftermath of a horrific period during their lifetime. If Eva’s childhood had not been so horrific, I would have most probably have found her behavior completely  melodramatic, so in a sense, Sylvia Day has taught me to no judge people by just what you see, cause I always say  “what you know about someone is what they chose to display” but Day taught me that, a person does not just wake up one morning to be terribly insecure like Eva or dominant and controlling like Gideon; something had to have happened to them, to make them so, I kind of always knew this but Day made me think more about it. She projected that message, in the most powerful and discreet way, it just shows what a great writer she is. The other thing that I loved about Bared To You is that, the people close to Eva and Gideon are just as messed up as the two of them, not in the same way, but equally messed up. Like Eva’s mum and Eva’s best friend Cary and Gideon’s brother, Christopher and Magdalene Perez. If you look really closely you’ll find that they are all basically messed up. No question asked.

Bared  To You is really well written. Day’s writing style is so precise and insightful and she uses all these words that I had to look up in the dictionary. I  thought that Day was using language to show how abnormal Eva & Gideon are. It’s either that or I’m not as word-ley as I thought, if that even a word – time to start reading a whole dictionary for the sake of it. As I said before, Day does not have a physical villain in this book. The villain is the presence of the past. That is the only way I can put it, I think it’s pretty smart how she did this and also better for the story, as it’s easier to fight against someone you can see instead of such a powerful enemy who has the power to dominate the rest of their lives. Day’s writing style is also very narrative; she puts you in Eva’s shoes. She transports you to the scene. Bared To You also reads like a movie, in a good way – which kind of makes it easier for you to put yourself in the scene. The only other book that I’ve come across that read like a movie is The Keepers Daughter by Gill Arbuthnott, which is probably one of my favorite books ever. I’m all for these two books to be turned into a movie and his sexiness Ian Somerhalder has Gideon Cross written all over him.

The book is actually classed as erotic fiction, but honestly I think with or without all the sex scenes, Bared To You would still be as great. Unlike other books (50 Shades) sex is not the base of the cake; it’s more like cherry on top. I love the attraction and the need and the want that Gideon and Eva feel toward each other (and how Day describes it), it’s as if fate decided to put two messed up people together because only they can un-mess each other up. I also love how, Eva is strong and strong and just….. strong, what she went through is the same thing that could break a million other girl, no girl deserves to go through that, but Eva came out fighting and Bared To You is a story about Eva and Gideon reclaiming their now intertwined destiny and finally taking the steps of putting all the demons from their past to rest by fighting for their right to love and happiness. I recommend this to anyone who loves a good read and a story with depth and a story that is real, not just some book with the same old, “I love you” “I love you too” never dying love, Romeo & Juliet, what shall we do now story.

 “I’d walk into hell for you, Eva, and this is pretty damn close” – Gideon Cross

Thanks for reading, more to come.


The Fifty Shades Trilogy by EL James | Book Review

In Books on 02/07/2012 at 1:05 AM

I fail to understand why people are running around like headless chickens left, right and center all because of The Fifty Shades Trilogy by E L James. Fifty Shades mania has hit the human population at an alarming force, a force so strong enough to have E L James sitting on a nice 10 million…. so far. If you have no idea what Fifty Shades is then you have either, a) been living under a rock for the past few months or b) been living under a rock for the past few months.

I have a lot to say about these book; They are badly written, the characters are only skin deep, in fact the only person we actually know (a bit about) is Christian Grey and even he is hard to figure out. James also makes things happen way to fast to even make sense, how is it that Anastasia and Grey fall “deeply” in love despite all and then get married in the space of 3 months or was it less? That is acceptable in The Twilight Saga but James is on about real life and stuff like that – don’t happen in real life. Frankly that is all there actually is to the trilogy. When people talk about the books of The Fifty Shades Trilogy they go on as if they are immaculate. Guess what? People lie.

Don’t get me wrong, the books do have some good points (which are almost deemed irrelevant because of the major bad point). The books in the trilogy are addictive times infinity, you want to read on and on and on; I stayed up till 5 am reading Fifty Shades Darker. Yes it’s that addictive! James also features a lot of repetition, like Anastasia always biting her bottom lip and the lines e.g. “laters baby” and “we aim to please”. Talking about lines, James has really powerful, shocking, jaw dropping lines. The best one being, “Firstly, I don’t make love. I fuck…hard”. What kills it about this line is the sentence structure, the ellipsis and full stop instead of a coma. It makes you imagine how that line is being said, like Christian is thinking about how to best describe how he “fucks” like it’s too hot to say it in a normal way. I bet you my eyesight that everyone agrees that, that line is amazing, in fact it’s probably one of the best things about the whole trilogy.

There is also the mystery that hangs over Christian Grey like a dark cloud, why is he so called fifty shades of fucked up? Why does he not like to be touched? What exactly happened to him as child? And Christian’s multi person disorder… wait that isn’t much of a mystery it’s just plain annoying, if I was Ana I would have long killed his over bearing self. And then there is of course what sets Fifty Shades apart from all the other books out right now. What has everyone so ready and hot over these books. The reason why the same girls who would have never ever pick up a book, now have their head buried in one. Sex. Without sex then The Fifty Shades Trilogy would just be, another “I love you” “I love you too” never dying love, Romeo and Juliet situation. Sex, is the unique selling point of this series and don’t let anybody tell you differently. When I say sex I don’t mean the norm. I’m talking about some “kinky fuckery” (also a line in the book), handcuffs, whips, some next fuckery.  But the thing is the “kinky fuckery” that attracted you to the book in the first place, does not go past the first book. It just turns to sex. So after Fifty Shades of Grey the trilogy really does turn into just another “I love you” “I love you too” never dying love, Romeo and Juliet situation.

I could go on and on about what makes the books crap. But because we don’t have a century I’m going to go straight for the money shot; the number one reason, why I’m calling, utter bullshit to The Fifty Shades Trilogy. You ready for it?


There. I’ve said it. Argue with me all you want but after you take a deep breath and really think about it you will most probably find that I am absolutely right. What kind of well written, number 1 New York Bestselling piece of literature does not have a (good) plot? The first book Fifty Shades of Gray is okay, the story is as solid as it needs to be – an emotionally broken, control freak gazillionaire entices a young innocent relatively poor, brave girl into a BDSM relationship. It’s interesting, original, Okay, alright…. “Love it”. You put down the first go on to the next one and you’re like, “wait, what? What happened to the plot?” The book turns into some “let’s work out our differences situation” that happens in real life all you have to do is watch Judge Judy to see that shit.

James takes the last two books and turns them into dramatic nothingness; First and foremost the whole thing happens in the space of a week or so. Drama is all around them; James tries to create a dramatic something something every night. Like the crap with Leila and Jack and freakin’ Charlie Tango blowing up or whatever the hell it did. Anastasia and Christian are always arguing or mad at each other about something. This is how the book goes – Problem created, problem solved. Problem created, problem solved and so on and son on for the last two books. It’s like an endless cycle of predicted bullshit. You get to the third book and you’re thinking that maybe this one will be better and then you feel like slapping yourself for actually thinking that, because once again Fifty Shades Freed is a black hole, of nothingness.

You get bored of Ana and Christian arguing so much, it’s so melodramatic. There’s that scene when Ana tells Christian that she’s pregnant and it is so bland. I read somewhere that that was almost the climax of the books (there is no climax because there is no (good) plot) and that you could almost taste the tension and what not from the characters. The only thing I could taste was the orange juice I was drinking whilst reading that part. Then when Christian comes home all drunk and Ana finds a text from Mrs Robinson and Ana goes on about it like it’s the end of the world and she doubts if she could stay with him, E L James presents this through a long dramatic monologue about if Ana can ever overcome Christian’s betrayal. I was reading it and I was like “Ana please, don’t piss me off” which is probably what I was doing for most of the books. And, I almost forgot this. Ana kept on referring to her subconscious and her inner goddess, and it’s annoying, if I was her, I would kill myself because I would have two voices in my head just talking utter crap all the time. However, this is something that you can easily get over.

James failed to build up suspense, mystery, she failed to give The Fifty Shades Trilogy the kind of vibe it needed, failed to develop characters, failed to write a decent book and boy did she fail miserably. If The Fifty Shades Trilogy was not closely linked to twilight then no one would be crying over how good it is. In fact if I was, Stephanie Meyers I would sue for my cut of the profits for being free publicity to an embarrassment to literature. It may be different for what else is there, it may have some good points but the lack of a (good) plot ruins everything.

Thanks for reading, more to come.


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