Miss More

Miss More Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

In Let's Talk About It on 02/10/2014 at 1:49 PM

Yes, it’s me again. I know I’ve disappeared again as I always do.

I went on holiday so and took a break from life and blogging. I started this other blog that was going to be about serious shit, because there’s many sides to me and Miss More Talks represents only one side of that die. But then I thought about it and I was like forget blogging then I convinced myself that to stop blogging all together. I was just so over blogging for one hot minute.

But now I miss it – A LOT.

So, 96 posts later, I’m starting over. I just want a clean slate, actually two clean slates if you think about it. One of them is called Death by Dreaming. Me and my girl made it ages ago, it was supposed to be dedicated to creative writing but we never really got into it. So now I’m hijacking it. That’s gonna be my new home (well one of them at least). The other blog, I feel like I’m not ready for, I feel like I can’t really put my all in it so I’m just laying off it until I’m prepared to make it epic. So until then Death by Dreaming is my baby.

DD; the world is fucked, details don’t matter.

I’m gonna just do what I was doing here all along and maybe a little more. But I’m gonna do it better. I’m gonna have direction. I’m gonna be bad ass. I might just buy the site if I can be bothered. No I haven’t started posting – YET.

Check me out in the very very near future deathbydreaming.wordpress.com

Why is it called Death by Dreaming you ask. The answer is why not.

See you soon, Miss More.

  1. Death by Dreaming, came from my beautiful mind, i love how you’re jacking the site, it was to be our love child. I’m kind of sad.


  2. I can’t wait!!!
    It will be epic🌺


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