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Pretty Little Liars – 5×03 Surfing The Aftershocks | Commentary

In TV Shows on 28/06/2014 at 12:56 AM

Emily: Coincidences happen

Spencer : Yeah all the time, they grow on trees like coconuts waiting for you to walk under them

So, what have we learnt this episode?… blood is thicker than water and it can also be very slippery. I swear Melissa has already won best line of the season.

Am I the only one who thought that Mrs. D’s funeral was a bit under done, I mean her death looks as if it’s going drive storylines for episodes to come and all she gets is the pretty much the first thirty seconds of the show. The whole dress thing was good I think, as powerful as it was creepy. Side note; why the hell do the girls look so stylish going to a funeral. Is Emily wearing a play suit?


 Okay, so who the hell is this new girl they bought, I don’t even remember her name. Was she just there to create the whole Emily and Paige episode arch (frankly I’m not a Pemily fan or whatever people who actually care about them call it, I admit they are cute together though but let’s be honest it wouldn’t make  a difference to anyone’s life) or is here to stay. Because I hate it when they introduce new characters just to make them disappear. And talking about disappearing, where in the hell is Jenna!! Whenever the girl is on camera, the tension rises to 1,000 degrees. We want Jenna! Well I want Jenna, don’t know about you. Personally, and I know that many would tell me I’m too harsh, I think Alison deserves all that has happened to her, she did what she did to Jenna in cold blood and then let Toby take the blame. I know that we all love the girls (I actually only love 3 and just tolerate the others) but we must also acknowledge that fact that they aren’t innocent at all.

I really like what they did with Hanna this episode. Let’s be honest none of the girls apart from Spencer get any, I don’t know what to say…. deep stories to tell. I feel like this episode we got to see Hanna like we have never have before. Because her episode arch focused on her, not her and some boy but her as a human being. I loved those flashbacks more than I can express, in fact they are my favorite part of the episode. The story of how Hanna became the it girl of Rosewood high could be it’s own movie. And that song they use… damn.

Hanna: Not me. I never knew who the hell I was

PLL 5x03 Collage 1

I hope that this is the beginning of Hanna becoming her own woman, after spending so long wearing  a mask that eventually became her face. You can tell she misses the old Hanna especially now that Ali is back,even though no one remembers her. Obviously Ali returning was going to raise certain things from the girls, can’t wait to see what else is in store.  And speaking of  Ali, her real face is surfacing. And it’s not very pretty.

Why does Jason have to go? He’s probably the only sane one in Rosewood. I don’t even think he has any secrets left. I say he stays and gets it on with Aria, because Jaria is probably written in the stars somewhere. I say this knowing that Ezria is sparking up again, judging from that last scene. All I wanna say is, they better make this the last time these two two lovebirds break up only to get back together again. It’s getting old now Marlene King. Ezra in crutches did break my heart harder than any of their little lovers tiffs ever did. Does anyone remember that kiss that Aria shared with Ezra’s pretty faced younger brother? What happened to that story line Marlene King?

Melissa: Now stay away from her and the rest of them

PLL 5x03 9

Now to the biggest part of “Surfing The Aftershocks”, the whole Hastings and DiLaurentis family fued thing – Or whatever it’s supposed to be. They’ve been building this up since last season, if I remember correctly. No one still doesn’t know why they’re so hateful towards one another but I’m sure it’s  juicy. Melissa in all her glory, gave us the best line I have heard in my life. This is a line that I’m actually going to be quoting in real life. I am soooo ready to know her secret. Did she kill Mrs D… nah too obvious. And then there’s Mr Hastings. Last episode, they took extra care to paint Jason as some psycho. This episode it was Peter Hastings turn and this I actually buy, that man is noy to be trusted at all. The scene he had with Alison creeped me out so much. If anyone has any theories about what he’s hiding, care to share.

42 minutes and 53 seconds end way too quickly in Rosewood. Catch me next week, and check out my last PLL commentary – 5×02 Whirly Girl or better still check out my next one – 5×04 Thrown From The Ride.

Until we meet again, Miss More

  1. Omg. I feel you on EVERYTHING. Especially Jaria. Im not an ezria fan and jason is too fine for no one to be all up in that. I want more jason. And something random…ive heard theories about Holbrook being beach hottie. I am 100% against that and was kind of feeling a Holbrook/Hannah thing. Which is strange because the age thing with Ezra weirds me out.


    • Thank God that someone else appreciates Jason’s fine factor. Holbrook and Hanna…. Hanbrook lol now that’s interesting. I think the Ezra and Aria age raises eyebrows because Ezra is her teacher and Aria just looks like a little girl.


      • And knowing he knew she was 16 when they got together…ick. I think jason being more involved would be really interesting. I think there was good actor chemistry with holbrook and hannah. Maybe thats why im seeing it. But I love caleb. I aslo want paige to be bad cause I cant stand her. Same with Toby.


        • The whole he was using her for information all along thing kind of kills the Ezria romance as you said… ick. I’m all for a Ezra/Aria/Jason love triangle where Jason is on top obviously. I honestly don’t even understand Toby’s point in the show anymore, his finding what happened to my mother story arc last season was just foolishness. Paige is the same, can’t she just die. I say they bring back Wren, before I wanted Wren and Hanna to happen but now I’m thinking naahh… Haleb forever ♥


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  3. […] Catch me next week and check out my last PLL commentary – 5×01 EscApe From New York  or better still check out my next one – 5×03 Surfing The Aftershocks […]

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