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Pretty Little Liars – 5×02 Whirly Girl | Commentary

In TV Shows on 20/06/2014 at 5:10 PM

Quote of the episode; “Oh yes, and don’t expect any sovereigns because all she bought back was attitude… and secrets” – Mama Hastings

Is it me, or did Alison get prettier?


I feel as if this episode has set the true tone for the rest of season 5 which is bound to be killing. Even better than season 2, I hope. In Whirly Girlie we were taken straight in to Ali’s biggest lie ever!! Honestly I didn’t expect her to go for a kidnapping story that doesn’t really seem to add up ( and the question still burns… who’s the girl in the box!!) Judging from the way that Spencer reacted to that lie, I know for a fact that their relationship is gonna be balancing at the edge of a cliff. But you know… the more drama the merrier.

I am once again doubting Toby, something about how he was acting in the Hasting house didn’t add up, something about his London story just didn’t add up either. He was oh so convincing all up in Spencer’s bed but still but I don’t fully trust Toby as of this episode. Like when her phone was ringing and he just seemed so thirsty for whatever information the phone call would deliver.I’m starting to think that Melissa and all her secrets are in reality harmless in comparison to whatever Toby has been up to.  I honestly don’t care if  Toby is on the A Team, like hell I don’t care if Toby is freakin Big A, as long as Caleb stays golden my heart will go on.

They worked so hard in Whirly Girlie to paint Jason as some kind of villain, he looked soooo crazy this episode. But just like how I didn’t buy their whole Ezra is evil campaign, I don’t buy this Jason=Psycho thing they have going on. This is Rosewood and nothing is at seems. The girls need to stop getting their panties in a twist over Jason’s overall wierdness (it’s nothing new, Jason has always been wierd (and H.O.T)) and look beyond the obvious. You would think they’d have learn this by now! Urggh. The pain in Jason’s eyes when he was telling Emily that without his mum his dad can do whatever and the pain in his eyes when his mum was discovered was to real to ever conclude that Jason did anything to hurt her. Obviously he has his secret, it’s Rosewood. I didn’t expect that they would kill Mrs D. I do see it’s potential though. My theory is that A took Mrs D’s life in exchange for Shauna’s.

And talking about Shauna, Aria is back to being Aria. If I was her friend I’d just slap her with a butcher knife and hope that she has amnesia so that I don’t have to deal her shit. I know that I’m being overly harsh but I don’t care. If Emily manage to not piss me off after her whole.. what was his name? You know him Maya’s “cousin”… anyways, if Emily managed to keep her annoyingness to herself, why can’t Aria. That’s all =D


“You’re gonna wish you stayed dead.”

How do you solve a problem like Mona? I’ve never cared much for Little Montgomery (can’t remember his name) but what she’s doing to him is just cruel, the girls deserve being forced to pay for their sins but Little Montgomery is as sweet as pie, he doesn’t deserve to be used as… I don’t even know what she’s using him for. Marlene King needs to hurry the hell up and tell me what the hell is going on with Mona. In fact this entire A thing is pissing off. Who is Big A I wanna know!! One thing though is that they are a loser because the amount of time that they have invested in making the lives of five teenage girls a living hell is just sad.

What do you say about starting a ReveAl A  petition? Anyone….

Catch me next week and check out my last PLL commentary – 5×01 EscApe From New York  or better still check out my next one – 5×03 Surfing The Aftershocks

Until we meet again, Miss More.

  1. I don’t watch the show but I love reading you!
    Haven’t seen you in around in a while so, I decided to come check up on you.
    Hope all is well and you are smiling big!


    • Don’t get me all shy now 🙂
      Thanks for checking on me, I’m just taking a little break, I’m in that “I need motivation to live” state of mind.


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