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This is my girl Lauren. I lurve her. If she was a chocolate cookie, all that would be left of her is crumbs on the table. One of the things I respect about her is the fact that she knows how to chase her dreams, and this is one of them. A play about rape culture and the issue of consent that clouds over our society. Lauren is legit (award winning and all that) and she wants to do this properly, she wants to conduct the interviews, do the research and create something as brilliant as it is reflective (it’s only in her nature). So help my girl out =D


I write stuff.

Hey. So as some people may be aware I am a playwright.

I want to write a play discussing rape culture (specifically victim blaming) and the effects it has victims, the horrible people that commit the crimes and society in general.

I want to create a really broad and inclusive representation of the topic because I feel it is important to include every opinion and experience possible to have a real impact on an audience.

To do this I need to do a tonne of research and, so far, online sources have served me well but I need something more personal. I need to completely understand as many perspectives as possible to give create something that will influence and make the audience question mainstream beliefs.

So I am asking everyone for help!

I want to hear from anyone with an opinion, an experience or questions. I need to know what…

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