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The Vampire Diaries – 5×19 Man on Fire | Commentary

In TV Shows on 25/04/2014 at 9:32 PM

Quote of the episode: ” Oh, I’m so sorry to interrupt…whatever weird ritual you two were doing”

Until this episode (mind you we’re five seasons in) I never thought that TVD could do any wrong, but this time I just wasn’t feeling it, not even a little bit.

Let’s do a little recap as to why the show has backed itself into a corner

1. Sent The Originals packing to New Orleans

2. Pretty much exterminated Klaroline

3. Got rid of Bonnie’s witch shit

4. Killed of Katherine

6. Introduced some new villains who were promising enough to begin with but now I’m like *yawn*. Markos, must be the most unexciting villain they have ever made up, I know that Silas is a hard act to follow, but come on Julie Plec, you’re Julie Plec! When all this was happening I had faith that the show would once again one up itself but now I’m thinking… nah.

And what the hell is up with Liv and Luke (or whatever the hell his name is).  I know that she played a part in this episode’s events with her witchy shit and nearly dying and what not but seriously… what’s her plan? Where the hell is the rest of the coven she keeps on yapping on about. Is she trying to prove herself even more pointless than Matt? Before you all get defensive, I love Matt too but we all know that is he dies, nothing will change. Bonnie pissed me off even more, why won’t she just tell Jeremy that she’s soon gonna disappear, so that the two of them can have make up sex until the Other Side finishes crumbling. And talking about the Other Side, for some reason, whatever is happening there doesn’t interest me at all. Did they include that bit last episode just so that we can here Kol’s luscious voice and so that poor Matt Donovan can actually have something to do.

And where the hell was Caroline this episode! She is by far my favorite TVD character of all time, surpassing Katherine and even Lexi.

I’t’s that time again for the whole love triangle bullshit to be shoved down our throats…. again. This time it just seems really forced only because sparks stopped fyling between Stefan and Elena ages ago and all of a sudden they’re back full force. WTH. You can blame those cute little visions they had last episode but stil… it doesn’t seem right. They need to stop overdoing this shit, it got old in season 3, plus we all know that Delena will prevail. I mean would you look at this, a picture says a thousand words huh, this is a freakin collage!


And finally, the thing that irked me the most about this episode.


Why? Why? Why? Why? WHY! did they kill of Enzo? What the hell do they have to gain by killing of Enzo? When did they decide to start smoking rainbows and then got rid of the best thing to happen to TVD since Elijah? Who the fuck thought of this? Where the hell can I find them? My butcher knife is thirsty.

I am just way too upset to even think rationally. He was so freakin… *sigh*

Look, I know that this is that the TVD gods are as cruel as they are (I’ll get back to you on that), I know that they create characters simply put them in mortal danger or kill them and then to have them return for a little visit every now and then, not that I’m complaining. But I hoped that they would see that Damon and Enzo was going to be an even better bromance than Damon and Alaric (bless him), resulting in them keeping him around for at least more than two freakin’ episodes. To make it even worse that monologue that Damon performed or so well put salt to the wound. His dedication to Maggie (a woman he knew before the internet), the villanous tinge he had to him, that scorching accent…

Why! Why! WHY WOULD YOU KILL OFF ENZO. Just look at him.


They better bring him back, I swear to God. Fucking Elena got Bonnie back, Damon deserves Enzo. I must say though, that the ending was a bit ambigious, does it mean that he’s gonna be all casper on everyone? And talking about Elena, I’m so glad that this episode didn’t center around her. I have faith that the next episode of TVD will be much more to my taste, Damon has his all wounded soul thing going on and Tyler actually has a storyline in his own right… something to look forward to.

Best 5×19 Moments

1. I quite enjoyed all the fighting between Stefan, Damon and his sexiness Enzo

2. Sloan dying. That bitch.

3. Enzo biting Liv’s neck, how I wish she died too but I guess they need a witch.

4. I actually liked the flashbacks, The Salvatore’s in leather – oh boy!

 So what do you think about this episode, tell me I’m not the one who was cussing the whole way through.

Until we meet again, Miss More.


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