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SCREEN (Paris Secrets #2) by Michele Renae | Book Review

In Books on 17/02/2014 at 3:13 PM

“He was so close. Much closer that the window had ever allowed. Because he was right there, beyond he screen”

Anyone who reads around knows about the curse of the sequel, you know the first book blows your mind but the second one makes you wants to  blow your mind with a gun. Well my friends, let me tell you about SCREEN the sequel that didn’t disappoint.



Let’s begin with a bang, shall we?

 They began a daring affair a few weeks ago, baring skin, sensual secrets—their very souls—before their bedroom windows situated across the street from one another.  Now they’ve taken it to the next level.  The laptop screen has added sound to their intimate liaisons, and his voice, that delicious French accent, is oh, so sexy.  His laughter teases good shivers across her skin.  And his sensual commands seduces her deeper into a world of erotic play.  Fantasies lure them into a new intimacy and a surprising trust that the two strangers who have never touched welcome.

Yet frustrations grow as she pines for his touch.  They must meet.  Soon.  But a secret is revealed that will challenge their desires and the trust both have earned.

Return to the heroine’s Parisian apartment as she continues her relationship with Monsieur Sexy and they explore the delicious intricacies of cyber-sex. 



The only regrets I have about this book is the fact that I didn’t get to finish it earlier, and I kept on dying when I was actually reading it because…. because! SCREEN is approximately 2, 565, 340 degrees hotter than any erotica in the market right now. And this before they’ve even touched. I don’t know what I’m gonna do with myself when they actually get to it. I can’t even begin to tell you the kind of things that Monsieur Sexy says, they had me gasping and trying to find things to hold on to and shit. A word of advice, don’t read SCREEN in public, you’re just gonna end up embarrassing yourself and fan girling all over the place.

We know Monsier Sexy’s real name now. His names is HOT. He is HOT. He is one of the best erotica love interests I’ve read in my life. Yes, he fits the loose foundation of an erotica leading male but Michele in all geniusness has written him in a way that doesn’t  make me want to kill him. He is not a prick at all, he’s loving and caring and daring and hot and so fucking french (in the best possible way).

“I trusted him enough to do things like jill off, ass toward the camera. I stole his private underthings. And I may have killed his plants

The leading lady isn’t so bad herself. She is so hilarious. I don’t think erotic novels are supposed to make you laugh this much. She’s so fluidly written that it’s crazy and talking about crazy, her fantasies are top notch *wipes sweat of forehead*. Her inner thoughts are entertaining and relatable. It’s been two short books and I feel like I’ve know her all my life. I’ve even said some of her phrases in real life, that’s just how impressively solid she is. Most importantly our leading lady is not an utter and complete vagina. Hallelujah to that.

“Two heartbeats. A shallow breath. I bit my lower lip. And then…”

What else is there to say… Well, I’m so happy that there isn’t a fuck load of unnecessary sideline characters. The pace of SCREEN is perfect. Michele fluently wrote a love story that I’m pretty sure will stay with me for life. There’s a wrench (as Michele called it), revealed in this book that honestly broke my heart. I was there with her, I was hurt with her, I was outraged with her, I was understanding with her. And I’ll be with her when SKIN comes out in the fall.

“He was mine. And I was willing to fight for him”

Check out my interview with the woman behind this captivating series, Ten Questions With… Michele Renae

Until we meet again, Miss More

  1. I just bought Window on your recommendation and am loving it, but I kind of want to stop reading it because i HATE cliffhangers and like to read them all at once. It’s going to drive me nuts waiting for the last one but I don’t know if I can help myself! I’ve really been enjoying your blog! I have one too *shameless plug* but haven’t been active lately. I’m still sort of trying to find my identity past the beauty obsession. Books take up 80% of my life so I think I want to start doing book reviews too. Any advice?
    P.S. Your blog has definitely inspired me to start blogging again. Thanks! And i’m DYING for your PLL post for the 100th episode!
    xoxo Jess


    • You blog too girl! I’ll be sure to check it out. Finding your identity is always a painful joy, even I’m here like “what the hell am I about and I’m on my 96th post *sigh*. I’m honoured to an inspiration to you, truly. Blogging is all about doing what you want, and what you love. So if one of things is books go for it, doings reviews does start a bit slow but spreading the word helps. There’s this site called NetGalley where you can get free review copies before there even published and trust me that is awesome. Remember to be honest always and let your reviewing style come naturally. If you looked back at my old reviews you’ll see that they are all over the place but now I feel like I’ve found my voice. I know how you feel about Screen. Suspense is just not for me. I’m glad that you enjoyed it =D Oh and PLL 100 watching it right now…. I swear my hear is beating Caleb…Caleb….Caleb
      Thanks for checking me out, love 🙂


      • Ill definitely check that out! Not sure how I feel about Caleb’s hair…
        Do you have instagram or twitter?
        My usernames are jessharton 🙂


        • I admit I was shocked that his lush hair is gone . But the short hair makes his cheekbones pop and here’s there all leather clad…… oh my

          I have like three twitter accounts and I don’t even remember the passwords lol I’m terrible I know


          • Haha. I havent blogged since…like march. Im not one to talk haha.
            Im in love with this book. It’s like beautiful torture. That is the most perfect description. It will be my first book review! im very skeptical about erotic romance because I read a lot and only some are good. And this is soooo good! I swear the heroine is my doppelganger in personality.


            • I’m calling the blog police on you, that’s just rude lol. “Beautiful torture” huh, couldn’t have put it better myself. Michele needs to hurry up and publish the final one. I’m expecting great things from your review Jessica. Erotic romances are hit and miss, some are deliciously disturbing like the dark duet, some nauseating like 50 shades. It’s really your luck to find a good one.


              • I finished both books last night! Im hoping to have a review up next week on Window. I want to re-read before I make the post so I dont forget any quotes. I have a recommendation for you. Have you read Sexy Berkeley by Dani Lovell? Im reading it for the second time (and that’s rare for me and romance novels) but I really love it. Itsjust so darn sweet and hot! Im about to read the second in the series after o refresh my memory with the first. Let me know if you check it out! Xo


  2. […] you’ll love. Feel free to check out my reviews of “WINDOW” and the newly released “SCREEN”. And these are my Ten Questions with Michele […]


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