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WINDOW (Paris Secrets #1) by Michele Renae | Book Review

In Books on 11/01/2014 at 6:37 PM

“Here, not so close to me, but within eyesight. Fifteen feet away. Behind glass. Mine when I could see him”

WINDOW is like nothing you’ll ever stumble upon, if you don’t believe me, see for yourself.



An erotic romance behind glass

The first time she sees her new neighbor, his sexy smile arouses her curiosity — and her desires. His hard, chiseled muscles and playful invitations are irresistible.

Bared before their windows, framed and displayed above the streets of Paris, they embark upon a provocative affair.

Their daring game of exhibitionism lures her back for more and more, and she quickly realizes he is the man she has dreamed about.

Yet she’s never heard his voice. Never felt his touch. Never thought she’d experience something this exquisite.

Or this bold…



These days eroticas are being published faster than I can blink, so it’s really hard to find something as unique as this and when you do you are in utter and complete awe. Renae is bold as hell and I give her so much snaps for going with this cause I definitely wouldn’t have been brave enough to. Have you ever heard of an erotica where the two main characters don’t actually speak or touch, the idea in itself is absurd because that would mean the two can’t hang off each other like rabbits and where is the fun in that? Honestly, having these two characters connect behind glass was a far more satisfying read than if they were all over each other like a bad rash.

Can we just talk about the leading lady for a hot minute?

“I’m pretty sure I think too much. I know I think too much”

This book has like four tangible characters and you only know two of their names and those two aren’t even the leads. Renae!! I know that this may odd (well it is) and some people may find it annoying as I have seen on some reviews but it only adds to the mystery, the entire book is about not knowing the big details but yet connecting with someone on a surprisingly deep level. And I felt like I could be friends with this leading lady, “Window” is written in her inner monologue and it’s freakin’ hilarious.

The leading lady isn’t some overly beautiful girl with a seemingly perfect life but in reality is drowning in deep dark secrets nor is she a broken soul who’s been hurt in terrible ways by terrible people in her terrible past, she is an ordinary girl, smart, witty, random, relatable, horny as hell and she has has a very wild imagination that is very similar to many women’s. I fell in love with her as much as I fell in love with her window lover. He was greatly written as well, he’s not rich and forceful like all those other ones, he’s a nice guy with a heartbreaking smile bound to get panties wet.

“I walked away, hugging the flowers to my chest, swinging my hips in proclamation that let all of the single men around me know that I was fertile. I probably broadcast to the married ones as well”

I know you want me to tell you about the “interesting” scenes. Well, they are very very hot. I honestly didn’t expect them to be that good since the leading lady and Monsieur Sexy as she calls him don’t actually touch but Renae managed to not make them bland and boring as they often get in normal eroticas. Let me just say that this is not some love at first sight shit. This is not a  “I saw this boy and now I want him to possess me to the core, regardless of how much of a prick he is” crap. This an easy story about two people separated by glass and how you can find something beautiful in the strangest of places. Praise to Michele Renae. I can’t wait  to get my hands on “Screen” the second book in the Paris Secrets Trilogy out on the 11th of February.

“The intensity of his gaze felt more intimate than quiet sex with a lover in the dark”

Until we meet again, Miss More

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  2. Thanks so much for the awesome review! So glad you liked the story. I know this is different from most erotica, and it does turn some off because of that, so I’m just glad that you ‘got’ the story.


    • Oh My God it’s really you!!!
      Thank you more for two things. One, for being the one to think of this unique story and two, for being brave and daring enough to put this out there for those of us who are not scared by something different.

      Love and respect =D


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