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The Vampire Diaries – 5×05 Monster’s Ball | Commentary

In TV Shows on 04/11/2013 at 10:39 PM

Quote of the episode; “Okay I gotta admit that there’s a part of me that just wanted to hear you say that you still love me – That’s how big my ego is. But since you’re obviously in denial…” – Silas

Apologies for being severely late but I was in the middle of nowhere since the beginning of last week and missed all of my shows. I was thinking of not doing a commentary this week but after watching the episode…. wow. Season 5 just keeps on getting better. This episode showed me the merits of Stefan losing his memory, now he can take a step back and make room for Silas… oh Silas! I have a thing for bad guys if you haven’t figured it out yet.

Firstly, my poor (sexy) Jesse. What the frig is the hot Professor doing to him? What did he mean that he appears to be the perfect candidate? I just hope that he doesn’t die. And who’s this Aaron guy don’t we have enough new characters already?

Secondly, 5×05 saw the officially ending of Forwood


Tyler is an actual prick for doing that to poor Caroline. Why is he still obsessing with Klaus? Everyone else has moved on with their lives. The guy is long gone and indestructible (because killing him kills all of them) and Caroline’s soul mate. I hope that Tyler does go to New Orleans and get his ass thoroughly kicked by Klaus once and for all. Side note; if you watch the originals and you think that Klaus has moved his affections to Camp Cami. Go Home.

Thirdly, why the frig is Bonnie coming back. Can’t she just stay in the land of the dead for like… forever. And I know that my hate for her is un-rational but that’s not the point. I must say that I loved Jeremy’s and Bonnie’s scene at the beginning of the episode. I officially ship Beremy (only because Jeremy earned his TVD hottie badge last episode, I know several other ways he can work out).

On to bigger and better things…. Silas and Katherine purely stole this episode.

I love Katherine so much and I’m so happy that the writers surprised us with Nadia. I love the fact that even as a human she is still Katerina Petrova this force of nature, this survivor  this complete bitch that you want to slap and hug at the same time. This is the girl that has breathed for 500 years but hasn’t lived for much of it. She is by far the best character on the show and I can’t wait to see the rest of her story arc and what kind of mother she’s gonna be. Let me just say Katherine is officially a MILF.


When Damon cold heated killed her I was like “No! No! No! Why the hell would you kill Katherine you fool” But then her heart started beating and everything was right on this Earth again.

Silas!!! I really hope that he doesn’t die because he is the best thing to happen to TVD since Elijah. Paul Wesley is killing the bad guy thing and looking sexy while at it. I love Tessa, we have so far dismissed her merely as a woman scorned but I think that she is one of the biggest threats the Mystic Fall crew has ever faced. After 2,000 years seeking to destroy the man she once loved, she is truly a character that has nothing to lose. I clocked on that Matt has the anchor, finally his existence has a meaning in the show.

Memorable Moments

1. Damon mercilessly feeding Katherine to Silas and killing her

2. Katherine isn’t dead after all

3. Katherine’s line “Am I in hell?”

Check out my last TVD Commentary; 5×04 For Whom The Bell Tolls & see you next week. Love, Miss More.

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