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The Vampire Diaries – 5×04 For Whom The Bell Tolls | Commentary

In TV Shows on 27/10/2013 at 10:58 PM

Quote of the episode; “Oh I’m a ripper, you know what that means? It means I literally can’t stop feeding until I rip someone’s head off. But look at us! We’re working it out!”

Before we get to business, let’s talk about Jeremy working out…. DAMN!



Hats off to TVD for being the second ever show to make me cry. Trust me when I say that a feeling of utter sadness took over me and I was gone. The joke of it all it was over Bonnie. Freakin’ Bonnie, that’s how good the acting was this episode. Nina Dobrev deserves every single TV Best Actress Award out there because she’s the one who broke me, For Whom The Bell Tolls was by far the most moving TVD episode ever.

5×04  wasn’t as jam packed as usual because they didn’t want to take away from Elena and friends mourning Bonnie. They touched upon death which is one of TVD’s central theme. I looked into it and so far there has been 277 give or take (actually give) deaths in the show 48 of which were notable characters. I’m still pissed at Lexi’s death and I was very surprised that Andie lasted as long as she did, props to her.  TVD is probably the only show out there that has “Who Will Go Next” polls each seaosn and that’s one of the reasons why it’s so awesome.

Let’s talk about Stefan. The younger Salvatore seems to have gotten sexier since we last saw him. I’m hoping that they keep this memory loss thing up until the mid season finale and between now and then, Stefan goes off his head and trashes all these houses, has thirteensomes, feeds himself senseless and just acts like a bad ass. All while topless. When Caroline & Stefan were in his new home, sitting and just talking, I kind of saw them together. That dream died quickly because judging from all the electricity flowing between Stefan and Elena, Delena is in serious trouble.

Speaking about Elena. Why is she being a horny doppelganger bitch, it’s obvious that she’s still into Stefan, how comes no one ever calls her out for fucking between two brothers And why in the frig is Tyler back? Like for real his services aren’t needed. Why can’t he just be a dickhead somewhere else. As I told my friend, I hope Caroline dislocates his penis.

In other news, Matt has some new interesting story arc, for once, he has some relevance, congrats Mr Donovan, I hope they take this somewhere amazing. It’s also very interesting to see Matt play another character. Finally Jesse. Before I enjoyed his hotness and his awe inspiring voice but when that creepy professor turned him I went “oh boy, shit just got real”.

What Just Happened Moments

1. Stefan creeping on Jesse at the family crypt (I was worried about Jesse’s life)

2. Me crying over Bonnie’s death

3. Elena and Stefan’s moment by the Wickery Bridge

Tell me that I’m not the only one who cried over Bonnie’s death this episode, check out my last TVD commentary 3×03 Original Sin, see you next week.

P.S sorry for the lateness but I do have a life. Love, Miss More.

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