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The Vampire Diaries – 5×03 Original Sin | Commentary

In TV Shows on 19/10/2013 at 10:16 PM

Quote of the episode; “Have you not been listening to me!?..I have trust issues…I’m controlling…and paranoid…and a little crazy!”

This week, we had a little TVD history lesson. I LOVE TVD HISTORY LESSONS!!! My favorite 5×03 scenes were the flashbacks, especially the last one…. all that blood!

So, this episode was very Qetsiyah  central, she takes a woman scorned to a whole new level and I love it. I’m glad that they took Silas’s mental power away because if they didn’t it would have been a very boring season 5, you can’t have an unstoppable villain for too long.  Qetsiyah borderlines sociopath, she’s the kinda woman that I’d present with flower while wearing full body armor, because if I got the wrong type of flowers or she just happenned to not be in mood to be happy, she’d probably throw me out the window with her witchy super powers. Imagine Qetsiyah on her period, that’s a live in colour nightmare right there. I can’t believe that we have gone right back to the very origins of vampirism and doppelgangers, Vampire Diaries will also take you to the bottom of the pot.

I’ve been hoping that Damon & Elena will basically win in the end but this episode that dream got shot to hell. Qetsiyah’s stories about doppelgangers always finding each other and falling in love no matter what obstacles they face sounds about right. And since Stefan & Elena are the last set then they have to be the end game. Poor Damon, imagine being in love with two women, who look exactly alike that always want your little brother more, to make matters worse you’re sexier that he will ever be, I like me some Stefan but have you seen Damon Salvatore lately? He is sex…. with fangs – he can bite me any day of the week.


How do you solve a problem like Katherine? I am enjoying her lengthy stay in Mystic Falls, I read that she’ll be an important part of Season 5 like she was in Season 2 and now we know her importance; she’s the freakin’ moonstone! I’m still trying to figure out Nadia’s relevance, what the hell are travellers (if you’re American travelers) and what’s her agenda? At least she’s hot.

What Just Happened Moments

1. The beautiful woman Stefan wakes up to is actually Qetsiyah; the original woman scorned

2. Stefan has lost all his memory. That’s four seasons, about 10,000 flashbacks, 25,000 gallons of blood and approximately 62,000 sex scenes.

Carrying on from that I hope that the writers are going to take this opportunity to create a new Stefan, well maybe not brand new, I’d like his foundation to stay the same but instead of him being a modest 4 bedroom family home, turn him into a multicolored 6 storey mansion, with a swimming pool. Stefan is a nice guy but he need…. ummmppff, if  that makes sense. But something tells me he’s gonna go back to being his usual fundamentally boring, self righteous, always serious, perfect boyfriend self. On the bright side, this time around he’s the one who’s gonna be stealing his brothers woman.

Lastly, Bonnie stayed in the land of the dead this episode. Hallellujah! I know what I said last time but I still detest her. Check out my last TVD Review *coughs* commentary and see you next week.

Love, Miss More.

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