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The Vampire Diaries – 5×02 True Lies | Commentary

In TV Shows on 12/10/2013 at 12:49 AM

Quote of the episode; “I think we need to set some ground rules for when boyfriends come to visit.” – Caroline

Can I just begin by saying that the new professor guy is quite a sight to see but isn’t he a little too young to be a professor?

I am actually beginning to appreciate Bonnie now that she’s dead, I saw her like the less annoying version of Emily from Pretty Little Liars because like Emily, Bonnie had one thing going for her; witchy stuff, then she had her little thing with little Gilbert but I don’t ship Beremy/Jonnie/Bonremy (I know I know I’m terrible at making couple names) and I never really saw Jeremy’s relevance in the show until he became a sexy hunter. Anyways, now that Bonnie is dead, she actually has a personality, she has a struggle, she’s a dead girl who’s not ready to be dead, she’s a dead girl who is in love with her ghost whispering ex-boy and best friend. It’s tragic.

I wish they included a bit more of his sexiness Jesse this episode, apparently he’s meant to be Caroline’s new love interest, I approve. Although I know in my heart that it’s gonna be Klaus & Caroline forever, Jesse’s just practice. I am loving Elena’s new fashion sense, before she was  wore gloomy crap that aren’t even worth to be remembered but in 5×02 she looked great, especially in the last scene where she’s leaving college, those shorts and those wedges…. damn girl! I liked her main scene with Damon and of course it’s raising question about whether she’s still in love with Stefan because the only thing stronger than her anger at Damon was her worry for Stefan the thing that you’re all forgetting is, that this is Elena Freakin’ Gilbert she’s compassion are us. Elena will always love Stefan, their love was epic but obviously if she truly loved Stefan, her feeling for Damon would not have come on top and Damon would not have spent most of Summer on top of her. I rest my case. Plus! Taking a love triangle angle for this season will just be cheap on the writers behalf, I think four seasons of torture is enough thank you very much.

I’m excited about this Nadia person, there I was getting happy that Silas has some mysterious powerful enemies as always TVD pulls the rug from under me and I fall on my ass. Finally the star of the episode…. Katherine, Katherine, KATHERINE. I feel for her and I’m happy that even though she is now weak and defenseless after half a century of being a fundamentally diabolical vampire she is still fierce and tries to control her own fate as much as she can. I love her “I’m the freakin’ moonstone” qoute. I just love Katherine really. And I can’t wait to find out why Silas is seeking her, which will be revealed next episode.

What Just Happened Moments. (The moments that made me go huh, gasp or say didn’t see that one coming)

1. Elena chocking Damon with vervain water after luring him with sex, at first I though that it was her way of punishing him for lying to her but then shit got real

What was your favorite 5×02 moment?

Love, Miss More.

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