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The Vampire Diaries – 5×01 Know What You Did Last Summer | Commentary

In TV Shows on 05/10/2013 at 12:02 AM

Quote of the episode; “Urghh please Liz, I came first. Vampires are nothing more but disgusting perversions of me, I’m unkillable, I’m immortal and I’m physic and to function I need human blood, but, don’t e-ver call me a vampire”


Oh My God. Oh My God. OH MY FREAKIN’ GOD!!! There is once again meaning to this life of mine. First thing first, did Damon get hotter? Like for real, I thought it wasn’t humanly possible but I guess Mystic Falls isn’t driven by human limits. Secondly, Matt has had a very eventful summer, you can not imagine the gasp I let out when I saw that scene, I mean I expected Elena and Damon to be hanging off each other like rabbits all summer but Matt, daaamn boy.

“I Know What You Did Last Summer” reminded of the many reasons that I love TVD. For example Silas, how many vampire shows dare to take you back to the beginning, I thought that we have reached the bottom of the pot with the original family but that’s the thing with TVD, you think it’s all straight forward and then you fall on your ass. Paul Wesley is an awesome bad guy, I knew he had it in him. Yes I know that Stefan goes a bit cray cray when he has his ripper on but you knew for a fact that  this Ripper Stefan was a temp but now, Paul Wesley is portraying a truly evil man.  love the fact that Silas has Stefan’s face but he doesn’t look like him as in mannerism blah blah blah, props to the TVD actors who Julie Plec happily exploits.

If you’ve read my last TVD commentary, you’d know that I still hate Bonnie for no good reason, but I do understand her merits and like that they have found a way to keep her in the center of the action even if she’s not physically in the action. Jeremy going all hunter in the hallways was just beautiful, l I enjoy watching bullies get knocked out. I didn’t know how much I missed him until, this episode. Katherine is an actual bitch for leaving Jeremy to die again, but you can’t even love her less because it’s the most Katherine thing to do in the world, imagine how scared she is after 400 years of having a monopoly over everyone and everything, and it’s really sad because she’s lived so long but hasn’t really lived at all since all she did was run and now she’s gonna be doing exactly that but this time, with blisters for goodness sake.

Finally, college, errrrm I’m only interested in this part of the story because of Jesse, he is soooo beautiful, why do they keep on doing this to me?


I’m sure they are gonna make this whole mystery around Elena’s father interesting and all that as they always do. I officially want to kill Tyler, why, why would you do that to my girl Caroline, she gave up sexy Klaus for him goddamn it, I would have cried too.

What Just Happened Moments. (The moments that made me go huh, gasp or say didn’t see that one coming)

1. Matt’s threesome, I’m so jealous, cause Claire Holt is H.O.T

2. Matt being witch-napped by Nadia, I smell a new problem villain in Mystic Falls

3. Silas killing Bonnie’s dad, was purely heartbreaking

Favourite Scene

It has to be Silas’s little chat with Elizabeth Forbes, the only character who isn’t a main one to survive every season in TVD, this is another reason why I love this show…. everyone dies! Anyways, the scene really gave you a look into Silas personality.

This episode was a warm welcome back to Mystic Falls. Vampires, originals, werewolves, hybrids, witches, expression, expression triangles, humanity switches, ghost whisperers, sire bonds, hunters, curses, originals, Gilbert rings, the cure, white oak trees, doppelgangers, all-out powerful villains, twists, turns and trips – TVD never fails to take it to the next level, TVD has completely revamped vampires and I simply can’t get enough. Season 5 is going to be so fucking epic.


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