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Miley Cyrus’ New Image | 2013 VMA Perfomance REACTION

In Reactions on 04/09/2013 at 11:48 PM

I’ve just gotten back from a nice holiday from England and cyber world and it seems that everyone is talking about Miley Cyrus’ raunchy *coughs* trashy *coughs* VMA performance, everyone is just so shocked and I’m shocked that everyone is shocked. The girl has been trying to fade out of her squeaky clean Disney star image since she cut her hair, who can blame her for trying to reinvent herself, it’s what every artist has to do if they want to stay relevant. Hannah Montana is dead, that was Miley Cyrus 1.0 this is now Miley Cyrus 2.0 that is the simple black and white of it.

The Full Performance


May I say that the performance itself was crap, why is no one talking about how terrible it all played out.

1. The set up didn’t match the song

2. Miley looked terrible

3. That tongue out pose is not cute

4. There was just tooo much going on

5. Miley was trying to look sexy and provocative, well she got the second part on point but if hot mess equals sexy these days then kudos to her

With all that aside, if nobody is talking about you, then you are nobody – Miley got precisely what she wanted –  Her performance stole the night and became the most tweeted about event in history.

I don’t give a frig about Miley Cyrus or her little phase and I am not outraged, offended, insulted, angry or whatever about the performance  I respect her for making more money than I care to count up to and I understand why she’s gone ratchet. Frankly, I am sick and tired of hearing about her latest BS and shocked that the world goes crazy when one girl does exactly what Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Madonna, Britney Spears, Christina Aguerila and even Beyonce did and do. And please don’t take a “Think of The Kids” angle on this, Miley Cyrus is hardly turning us young girls into wildlings, there’s bigger fish to fry when it comes to that.

Love, Miss More.


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