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A Movie To Watch | O (2001)

In Movies on 01/08/2013 at 9:36 PM

“Hey D, umm you’d never give out no love behind my back, now would you? I mean maybe I’m not the enough for you, you know especially, with you being all  hot and shit”

This is the movie that made me fall in love with Julia Stiles and also inspired a beloved short poem about doubt.


Doubt is a seed;
Once planted and exposed to false light,
It will grow big and mighty,
And uproot sanity.

M poem completely encloses the movie in four lines. “O” is a loose modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s Othello. Now I have not read nor do I have any desire to read Shakespeare – By Choice, so I can’t really say how close the movie sticks with one of Shakespeare’s “4 Great Tragedies”. What I can is that this movie is very much a tragic tragedy. We have three central characters; Odin, the basketball star and only black kid in a preppy white school, Desi, Odin’s or as they call him O’s hot girlfriend and Hugo, the son of the basketball coach who runs circles around O like he was born to do.

I really love the basketball element of the movie, I mean I’m not a fan of basketball but what girl can complain about boys in shorts? And Mekhi Phifer looked oh so good doing a slam dunk. This movie is also a high school but not the conventional kind, yes there is backstabbing and manipulation and all that jazz but there is no need for mean girls and cliques, “O” took high school movies to a whole dimension, so boys can watch this film without wanting to pull there brains from there nostrils. There is also violence, I won’t spoil the movie but I have warned you. Lastly, I have to say I loved the soundtrack, there were no fruity songs involved it was just straight beats and that added to the whole feel of the movie. I think I’m correct when I say that all the songs were rap, and not just rap, the real rap, it just had this effect I can’t explain.

“All my life I always wanted to fly. I always wanted to live like a hawk. I know you’re not supposed to be jealous of anything, but… to take flight, to soar above everything and everyone, now that’s living.”

“O” explores three main things;

1. Jealousy; the fucked up stuff that someone, even a male will do when they are pumped up with jealously.

2. Doubt; how planting a single seed of doubt can literally uproot sanity as I said. Odin loved Desi but that doubt planted by Hugo wrapped it’s claws on his mind and just twisted it up.

3. Love; not just romantic love but also what lacking love will make you do and not forgetting how the betrayal of someone you love can also uproot sanity, because if Odin didn’t really love Desi, he would not have reacted to that doubt the way he did. None of us know the hold love has not only over our hearts but also our minds.

“O” is one of those films I’ll never get tired of watching and I recommend you try it out. It stars, the very handsome Mekhi Phifer, Julia Stiles, Josh Hartnett, Andrew Keegan, and Martin Sheen ect. ect. this cast was truly well put together.

“My life is over, that’s it. But while all ya’ll are out here livin’ yours, sitting around talking about the nigger who lost it back in high school, you make sure you tell them the truth. You tell them I loved that girl! I did! But I got played!”

Love, Miss More


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