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My Top 10 Favorite Female TV Characters

In TV Shows on 24/07/2013 at 12:06 AM

It’s only fair that I do this. Check out My Top 10 Favorite Male TV Characters.

10) Laurel Mercer – The Lying Game

 “Tonight was kind of amazeballs and I hope it was amazeballs for you, too


Laurel is just one of those characters in a TV Show that you can’t help but love. She just creates this balance to the show. I can’t explain I just really like her. If I knew a Laurel in real life we would be BFF’s for sure. She is beautiful. Inside. And out. The girl can also dress to kill, I would wear everything she wears no problem.

9) Naomi Clark – 90210


 “I love each and every one of you just as much as you love me.”

Naomi Clark isn’t in 90120. Naomi Clark IS 90210. This show is freakin’ awesome. I rest my case.

8) Katherine Pierce – The Vampire Diaries

“Are we really going to do this again? We both know I could rip you to shreds and do my nails at the same time.”


Praise to the beautiful Nina Dobrev for bringing this gem to life. As I said before, I love to love villains because villains are not just black and white they are an entire colour spectrum. Katerina Petrova is no different. I can’t wait for season 5 of  TVD because I hear that Katherine will be a major part like she was in season 2.

7) Hanna Marin – Pretty Little Liars

Spencer: Just be careful and wear sensible shoes.
Hanna: I wear three inches or nothing.

Hanna is my second favorite liar. She is 100% herself always, a pretty girl who not only cares about what she presents outside but what she has inside. Yes she is the Queen of doing stupid things at the heat of the moment but she does them with good intentions and she learns that; the road to hell is paved with them. + I would so do her + she’s really really funny.

6) Daenerys Targaryen – Game of Thrones

 “I will take what is mine with fire and blood.”


I used to love Dany in season 1 because of her romance with my baby Khal Drogo and then she got him killed and I hated her. In season 2 I just tolerated her, I did love her scenes because the setting was just beautiful. However in season 3, oh boy! Dany is fire and I have developed the utmost respect for her. Her self righteousness, arrogance and her belief that the Iron Throne is her right does get to be, but what the hell, if a man had Dany’s attitude no one would bat an eyelash. Every episode Dany gets stronger and mightier as a Queen in her own right and a woman who in full control of her own destiny. Salute to you Daenerys Stormborn.

5) Emily Thorne and Victoria Grayson

“Every time I hug you, the warmth you feel is my hatred burning through.”


“But two wrongs can never make a right. Because two wrongs can never equal each other. For the truly wronged, real satisfaction can only be found in one of two places: Absolute forgiveness, or mortal vindication. This is not a story about forgiveness.”

I love these two characters so very equally. They are both mad talented, mad beautiful and mad conniving. They just bounce off each other so perfectly that I can’t decided who I love more, that’s why they are sharing the spot. I am all for strong female characters who have bigger balls that most men, these two are packing steel. Sugar and spice and all things not nice. The one thing I love about Revenge is that there are no real good guys in the central action. Yes, I think that Emily deserves justice but she is going around ruining people, Victoria Grayson deserves what she’s going to get for all the wrongs she’s done, but thinking about it, does she really?

4) Cersei Lannister – Game of Thrones

“Everyone but us is the enemy”


Cersei is the only woman smack bang in the middle of a game of  thrones. I have a complicated love and hate relationship with this remarkable woman. I really want her to die, but I love and respect her for her ability to look like a lady, think like a boss & act like bitch. Plus, Cersei taught me one of the most valuable lessons in life…. they say knowledge is power, that’s bull because “Power IS Power”

3) Blair Waldorf – Gossip Girl


“Haven’t you heard? I’m the crazy bitch around here.”

I love love me some Blair Waldorf. Blair is the third Queen to appear on this list, she ruled with a velvet gloved iron fist. I have a think for schemers and plotters, the life of those born in utter wealth and opulence and those few girls who make something of themselves without using their bodies but instead their brains. I have deep respect for Blair Cornelia Waldorf. She reminds of Victoria Grayson strangely enough.

2) Spencer Hastings – Pretty Little Liars

“The cat plays with the mouse before she actually eats it.”


Spencer is one of the few reasons why I still watch the train-wreck that is Pretty Little Liars. She’s a tad bit crazy, like most of the women on this list but she’s a good, calm and collected crazy. She’s brain and beauty, style and flair, personality and did I mention crazy. Without her the Liars would not be getting closer to find out who A is by the day.

1) Anne Boleyn – The Tudors


Anne Boleyn : [about Henry] They say all his liaisons are soon over. He blows hot, he blows cold…

Thomas Boleyn: Perhaps you could imagine a way to keep his interests more… prolonged?

Let me tell you this, I would do Anne Boleyn any time, any place, any how *wink*wink*.  Anne is normally portrayed as some kind of poisonous bitch who turned England upside down for sport. But in The Tudors, she is so much more than that. Natalie Dormer’s Anne Boleyn is a girl with fierce passion, she is strong and intelligent, unlike the other women of her time, she did very little to hide it. That is what intensified Henry’s love for her and my love for her too. You have this girl who is both a pawn and a player in a very dangerous game of politics. She is a victim of love, of Henry, of her enemies, of history, of England and also of herself. Natalie Dormer made Anne Boleyn, the most infamous English Queen immortal, if I ever meet her, I’ll thank her for that.

Henry: I love your neck. 


Special mentions; Georgina Spark & Jenny Humprey – Gossip Girl. Donna Noble – Doctor Who. Caroline Forbes – The Vampire Diaries. Anne Seymour, Lady Hertford – The Tudors. Faye Chamberlain – The Secret Circle.

Who are your favorites?

Love, Miss More.


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