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The Illuminati Does Not Exist 2.0 – The Reality Behind The Myth

In Views On Life on 20/07/2013 at 6:59 PM


My “The Illuminati Does Not Exist” post is by far most popular post on my blog and has raised a lot of conversation on and off line, if you haven’t read it yet be sure to check it out….. here. I must admit that the post was just a pure rant, I wasn’t really working towards proving anything, this post right here is all serious, I want to shine a light on several realities that you fail to notice because of this Illuminati BS.

If you look into The Illuminati Myth you are going to come across something they call “the new world order”, the foundation of that part of conspiracy is the The Illuminati are trying to control the world, I know that no one is trying to control the world, because the world has already being taken control of. In any country on Earth, you have a minority at the top of the food chain, a group of people who are at the melting point of power, they own and or control all the countries wealth and exercise all the real power. If this is the case for every country in the world, why is it so crazy that this is also the case for the entire world. All of us are getting raped on the regular by the minority at the top of the food chain, and it has nothing to do with the devil.  This new world order you illuminati-heads love to talk about so much, isn’t all that new, it has endured centuries.

This is the world order as it is now: You are born, you go through years of education to win a job, you work your ass off all your life, they pay you to work your ass off all your life and most of the money that you are paid goes straight back to them. How I hear you ask, well, ever heard of materialism?


Karl Marx said “the church is the mouthpiece of the state” or something to that effect. How did he come to that conclusion? It’s because the church worked in the best interest of the upper class, for centuries, church teachings have made the poor be content with being poor (and their for leaving the order undisturbed) while the rich just kept on living that life. In our day and age, religion no longer has that relevance in the lives of the masses and the people at the top have long adopted a new way of keeping their world order; materialism. Apparently modern Marxist say that “the media is the mouthpiece of the state” because like the church, the media promotes the best interest of The Minority, by filling their head with what they want our heads to be filled with so that we spend our entire lives as slaves to them and their world order. The poor stay poor and the rich keep on living that life.

For your information the media does control us, nothing they do is by accident. The media is brainwashing your parents, the media is brainwashing you and the media is  brainwashing or will brainwash your children. It has nothing to do with the devil. Back in them days, people wanted to be as close to Jesus or this saint or that disciple or other, and how did they do that, they were kind and goodhearted and loyal to the ruling class blah blah, all to be closer to the church and there for to God. These days instead of Jesus and whoever else, we want to be close to celebrities, we idolise them and immortalise them the same way they did with Jesus and whoever else. This one of the way that the media has replaced the church. Celebrities are used to draw us into that materialistic lifestyle. The other day we went dress shopping and I saw a window display of this dress and next to the dress was a picture of Kim Kardashian wearing that same dress, I know that many girls would buy that dress because they idolise Kim Whoredashian and want to get as close to her and her life as possible.

Materialism is one of the things that keep the world order running. Many of us become slaves to the media and what it dictates. Get this. Get that. Or you won’t be happy. Buy Beyonce’s perfume, Rihanna’s lipgloss to be closer to them and this way your life will be so much better. Give us all your money and we will give you happiness for a while until we shortly bring something new out that you need. E.g. anyone with an iPhone 5 can tell you that it’s just a  thinner re-named iPhone 4 but they told you that you needed it and so you bought it. And you know what the joke is, word was out that they are making an iPhone 6 barely 2 months after they released iPhone 5 and many went crazy.

Finally I leave you with this, the reality behind the Illuminati Myth is that us humans are evil and we know it but we don’t want to acknowledge it. This Illumanti Myth is just further proof that humans will believe anything sensational anything that makes them look good because if a SECRET society is controlling world, nothing is our fault. Instead of us blaming The Minority for all that is wrong with the world and instead of us looking into out own evil, selfish, messed the hell up race, we blame some secret organisation.  Humans collectively don’t want to face up to the fact that we are the cause of our own problems. For centuries we have tried to blame something out of our control for our evil doings, before it was witchcraft among other things now it’s Illuminati.

Illuminati is not real, wake up and smell the bullshit.

Love, Miss More.

  1. I LOVE U FOR THIS…. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏


  2. If the church was for the rich, than why does Jesus speak out so much about how money is the root of all evil. The new testament pretty much describes the depravity of man, and its interesting that so much of it aligns with what’s going on today. to say that the church supports fame and wealth is a complete contradiction. I would like to assume that your are referring to catholisism but it’s not at all fair to make a general statement that the Christian church in its entirity is for the rich or poor. It literally speaks out plainly against such behavior in the new testament when it talks about elders who showed favor to men who were rich and left poor people in the back of the room. As far as illuminati goes I agree that I think it is for the most part a hoax.


  3. I agree with you missmore,im a Christian and im getting tired of people saying bull about some crazy myth,and if you wanna challenge my GOD any one…come try me


  4. As a political science major and learning about the media and its relation to politics, I have learned a great deal of information on this topic. I encourage everyone to go read the book “the society of the spectacle” By guy Debord. He explains all of this and How the media impacts society and such. Please educate urselves and honestly if you think ppl have kept this secret for “centuries” explain how the U.S. government couldn’t even keep watergate under the wraps or how Edward snowden could be a whistle blower and escape to Russia with out being killed. Don’t be ridiculous the illuminati isn’t real. Grow up and expand ur knowledge


  5. You are so correct Miss More, the Illuminati is nothing more than government propaganda.


  6. That was a fuckin amazing view I just read and illuminati is bull shit or if it’s real it’s for sure not what people think it is. “Illuminati is real I know cause I researched this and that”… great good 4u, you know what I think drives people crazy the most is not knowing what the real truth is, and if you talk about research that is proof you weren’t there so you don’t really have any idea what is the real truth then do you. People do yourselves a favor stay off the illuminati hype I’m pretty sure it will take you nowhere or not where you were hoping and whoever is in charge is probably loving watching so many peole hype up illuminati.


  7. […] illuminati de siglos pasados ya no existen, pero su leyenda es tanta que no nos es difícil caer en los mitos sobre su rol en hechos tan […]


  8. Whoever wrote this poor excuse for a blog is a complete idiot. Out of all the material and documents available to the public and well known facts- you can’t possibly believe any of this S*** you wrote. Wow.


    • Material! What material ha! I’m here telling you common sense and all you can do is read off a script. Cheri, show me this magically proof. Please enlighten me.


      • Goes to show you didn’t research before creating this blog. Theres many logical evidence pointing to the direction of nwo and the illuminati. JFK revealed their organization, then he was shot. Aaron russo who was good friends with the rockafeller family revealed their plans, he is now dead. You probably have no idea what im talking about, do you? They arent “demons” in disguise, alot of videos on the web are way out of hand. The illuminati basically believe we arent efficient enough to protect our earth, they see us as slaves and nothing more. They have been planning for a nwo since 17th century and ita all the what not leaked evidence and insiders and background research thats given its status today. Don’t go around saying people need to wake up, most people are and its you who needs to wake up. I highly recommend doing research because when it happens…you will be soo lost.


        • Oh believe me I did research back when I was an illuminati-head. I fiercly debated with friends, I enjoyed others “the light”. Until one day I woke up and smelt bullshit.

          If you have any actual evidence about this secret society that breaks every principle of a secret society seeing as you know their inside business, kindly email me that shit.


  9. Who do you think owns the media?????, Yes humans are stupid humans are gullible humans are greedy humans follow like sheep, but why who influenced it into them, who influenced the parents, It is extremely hard to get people to think outside of what they see each and every day as normal, Where as some of us think that materialism is quite ridiculous (self included) the formatting of the mind is within the first 3-4 years of life and its very hard to break that format when it has been forced or doctrinated into materialism, it is then doctrinated by the current education system’s that were started and lead by none other than?????????? Maybe one of the rich banker family’s that are a great part of the Illuminati,

    I see what your saying here but I think you may need to study a little further

    Just my 2c


    • I understand your point and I agree if I took the subject at hand very seriously I would have researched and studies about. But since I see myself simply as a spectator and observer of what you correctly stated as “human’s stupidity” I have no desire or interest in looking into it. But why does The Illuminati have to be controlling everything, the “organisation” itself is all over the place and what people claim it stands for is way beyond absurd. I still state that the dark times that human face at the moment is not due to outward evil (The Illuminati) but instead inward evil.
      Thank you for the comment.


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