Miss More

The 21st Century Girl & Her Non-Existent Value – My Take

In Views On Life on 13/07/2013 at 4:05 AM

Hey it’s me again. This is another View on Life. Can you imagine the number one search term that leads to my blog is whores. Yes, I do talk about them a lot and some people have tried to accuse me of (in essence) slut shaming. The truth is I have no problem with whores I just have a problem with how some act with it e.i. demanding the respect of a “stud” a.k.a a penis possessing whore.

Anyways, on to the post. Lately I’ve been thinking about the dire situation young girls are in at the moment. It appears to me that we have turned ourselves into nothing but a vagina, which is both undervalued and over valued the same time.

Overvalued because us females like to play pussy games or to be more precise how-long-can-I-make-him-wait-until-he-gets-the-kitty games. And after the game is over and he gets it eventually we expect him to stay. Many girls think that vagina alone will make him stay, forgetting that sex is not the only major part of a lasting relationship. Us girls have forgotten that we are more than ass, titties and thighs and we need to developed ourselves as human beings and because of this we over value the vagina because we think it’s what will make him stay. So we make him work hard to be with us for a night, maybe two or even fifty but never for life. We don’t sell the woman experience only the vagina experience

On the other hand, we undervalue it because some of us give it to anyone. I think girls sometimes mistake their bodies for a trash can, my theory is further proven as many of us look the same. Us young girls forget or in most cases aren’t taught that our bodies are sacred to us and so we should not simply give it away to anyone with a sweet tounge. Imagine many of us young girls are very particular about the shoes on our feet, the make up on our face, the polish on our nails and the earrings in our ears and yet we are not particular on who goes inside of us. It baffles me if anything.

It is the simultaneous undervalue and over value of the vagina that is a dominant cause for the over all low value of a woman. Popular culture teaches girls how to be sex objects from a very young age. Many of us then grow up wanting to be sex objects and measuring our value by how men we make want us. You want proof look at the profiles of young girls in many of these social networking sites, look at how young girls; the future mothers of humanity carry themselves. And then try to tell me that young girls don’t have a hand in their down grading.

Please help your daughters, sisters, nieces, cousins to know their worth.

Love, Miss More.

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