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The Meaning Of Life + A Poem

In A Little Bit Of Poetry, Views On Life on 20/06/2013 at 11:30 PM

Often I wonder if I’m suicidal because death is something that I find in lack of better word “interesting”. I think about it all the time. I honestly can’t wait to die because I want to know what the hell happens after. One of my friends once said “the only thing guaranteed in life is death” and she was completely right, that is the sheer reality of it.


For so long I’ve been trying to figure out the meaning of life and I think I may have found answer. Life is simply to be born, to live and then to die. There is no set meaning. Life is what you say it is. Life only has the purpose you attach to it. Still life is beautiful, we must live it to the full, because we are here anyways so we might as well. I plan to dedicate my life to making myself happy, and no there is nothing selfish about it because making others happy, will also make me happy, for there is no truly selfless act in the world other than the actions of a parent to a child.

The meaning of life is to give life a meaning. 

Now I leave you with a poem, one of a personal favorite of mine. I believe one day there will be silence. I don’t believe the world will end, I believe that we will end, because Death, the King that conquers all hates life, more than life (as in us) hates Death.


Death snatches, steals, loots.

Does whatever suits.

Death a creator. Death a destroyer.

Death cripples hearts,

Crushes health.

Death cruel. Death ruthless.

You better be scared.

Death is your arch enemy,

You will one day shake it’s hand.

It will smile at you,

Knowing exactly what it’s done.

Death has to be a man,

As it like to conquer all.

It takes and takes and takes and

Takes again.

Until one day, there’s nothing but silence.

by Maisha More, 2013

Love, Miss More.



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