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Game of Thrones – 3×09 The Rains of Cashmere | Commentary

In TV Shows on 03/06/2013 at 9:50 PM

“The Lannisters send their regards”

Game of Thrones is the show that makes me look forward to Mondays. MONDAYS! That’s how much I love it.  As usual the latest episode was just…. WOW. And it was actually worth the week long wait.

Let me get something straight, I don’t give a fuck about Bran and his little journey to the north. I don’t give a fuck about Gilly and her Nights Watch friend, I care so little about him that I don’t even know his name & I have no interest in looking it up. To be fair I did like his closing scene last episode but I’m still trying to figure out why he left the knife on the floor. I don’t give a fuck about Jon Snow’s story (he used to be so cute, I don’t know what happened to him)I did like his relationship with Ygritte she is such an amazing girl, this episode he just goes and leaves her, what kind of prick is he?

Obviously this episode was centered around the Starks, a family that has been shattered into pieces by the war. I found myself mourning for this family in this episode they got the closest they have been to each other (kinda) in the 3 seasons, it was so heartbreaking. And now that Bran is sending Rickon to wherever the frig, the family is even more messed up.  We’re gonna talk about the wedding in a bit. I loved Arya’s scenes this episode, we see that she has gone past feeling pain and longing she nows feels pure murderous hatred this is so dangerous for such a young girl, you know she’s gonna grow up to be a bit crazy, because she officially has nothing to lose and people with nothing to lose are the most dangerous ones you can find. From the whole don’t kill the old man thing you can tell that she has a soft heart somewhere which I fear is going to be blackened in the future.

Daenerys. Ohh she’s just pure fire this season. This episode she just took a step back from all her self-righteousness. I’ve been thinking how crazy it is that she’s calling herself Queen of a people she doesn’t even know, and honestly her claim to the throne is as probably the weakest in the “game” but I’ve come to the conclusion that people don’t take thrones because they have a claim to it, they take thrones because they can. I’m looking forward to see how true power will change Dany. I love Grey Worm, he fought like a boss. And Daario Naharis can Daario my Naharis anyday of the week.


Now for the main event. I haven’t read the books but I found out everything that’s gonna happen on wikipedia because I actually love spoilers. Throughout the entire episode I was praying, hoping and wishing that they decided to cut out the Red Wedding out but I knew shit was gonna go down the minute Walder closed the doors of the hall. The show creatures played us so well, Robb and Catelyn officially made amends, Catelyn was starting to like Talisa, Edmure was so happy with his very pretty wife and I loved loved the sweet moments between Talisa and Robb. Everything was so great, well not really because Walder Frey acted like a complete bastard in his hall but still we were given a sense of hope. And Robb’s little speech at the begginning had me all excited, the Lannisters were finally going to get fucked. My mouth was hanging open in shock and shock shock the minute that Talisa was stabbed in the belly, that was horrible. The Red Wedding Scene is one of the best in the entire season. Although I must say that Catelyn’s acting in the end was just bad.

Okay, let us be realistic here, the Starks bought this upon themselves, they put honour and whatever the fuck above all else in a world where you simply can’t afford that luxury. It all started from Ed and just went south. Robb was a dumb King, he refused to look at the bigger picture, his mother TOLD him that Walder Frey is not the kind of man to cross, his mother TOLD him not to send Theon the Prick to his father, his mother TOLD him not to kill Lord Karstark (if that’s how you spell his name) but he just did as he pleased, in reality Kings can’t afford to do that history can back me up in this, in all fairness Catelyn isn’t all that innocent, I will never forgive her for releasing Jaime.

This episode demonstrated that in the game of thrones you win or you die. I can’t wait for the epic season finale. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncmV8iSv998

Love, Miss More


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