Miss More

Life Is Sloooow Death.

In Rants on 27/04/2013 at 10:56 PM

Hey, it’s me again and it’s time to have a little rant.

I’m currently going through this thing that I go through a lot, where I just contemplate the point of life and usually come up blank. Life to me is nothing but years of just breathing and respiring only to end up six feet in the ground. Think about it and you’ll find that I’m right. Life Is Slow Death.

I think that is why everybody works hard to make a mark. They want something physical to mark that they were here because they understand that when they die, yes people are going to mourn and cry but in time, they will move on and get on with their lives, some people will forget you and some will put you in the back of their minds because grief is useless. When you’re gone you’re gone; the clock still ticks, the wind still blows & the earth still spins on this axis. It’s actually kinda sad.


I am highly aware of the fact that I’m here, I go college, learn, joke about with my friends, blog, read, write, make up characters, make up entire lives and hopes and dreams, make up entire worlds, I face-book people, email, spend time with the family, watch TV on the internet, jam to my music, text, eat mangos blah, blah, blah. I plan to go to uni, I plan to meet not the perfect guy but the right guy, I plan to carve out a good life for myself, I plan to raise four glorious children, I plan to be very successful at whatever the hell I end up doing, I plan to own a great big house, I plan to live to truly live……

But wait, I’m just gonna die so WTF is the  point of all of this?

Seriously I don’t understand why the fuck humans are here other than to waste oxygen, fill up toilets & destroy all that we found on this earth like other humans and animals and trees and shit. That’s my view on life. We live in a world where death is king, because life is like this big ass complicated equation and death is always the final answer.

SO WHAT THE HELL IS THE POINT? Nobody can tell me. And don’t try and say that life is a test from God because I will just have to cyber bitch slap you.

Stay beautiful. Love, Miss More.

  1. Contentment is natural wealth, luxury is artificial poverty
    i just wanted to comment something about being content because i know exactly what your talking about.


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