Miss More

I Ain’t Saying I’m A Gold-Digger, But I Won’t Mess With No Broke Bro…

In Rants on 08/04/2013 at 6:02 AM

Hey it’s me again.

So, a loooonnggggg while back me and my friends were in art (where we basically chilled for 2 hours straight until how many months past the deadline for the complete art folder) & we were talking about guys & our requirements, me being me comes out with something to the effect of “he needs to have money”. They gave me the “gold-digger alert look”,


I don’t blame them but it’s their fault for jumping into conclusions & I explained to them in short…. “I won’t marry for money, I’ll marry where there is money”.

When I say money, I don’t mean big bucks, 15 bedroom mansion, 2o cars, rubies and diamonds and all that. When I say money, I mean enough to live a comfortable life, I don’t want hardship, I don’ want struggle, I want to give my kids the best, I want to look after my parents the way they’ve looked after me through my life, I want security…  that’s not too much too much ask for is it?

The way I see it, a man’s job is to provide and to protect for me (and our four kids). Simple. Yeah, I want there to be love  & all those fireworks but love alone doesn’t put food on the table, love ain’t no currency. Every woman needs a man who will provide for his family, especially in our days, times are hard my friend, no one needs a waste man to add dead weight to their lives. And, it applies to both men and women. I hate leech bitches “Buy me this, buy me that, buy, buy, buy” Like – can’t you get a job? What I’m trying to say here is that I’m also gonna work to build my family.

Which builds up to my other point. I had the whole “he has to have money” attitude back in school & obviously many people drew up their own conclusions, I didn’t tell them what I’m telling you now, so I don’t blame them. I remember one of my friends, she has you-tube channel as well (Hazel Dhami), she must have told me something about how she thought I was one of those leech bitches, she didn’t say it in a bitchy way or anything, it must have been banter & in a rare moment of me being all sincere & shit I told her something like… I plan to be successful, I plan to build a life for myself, so I’d want somebody on the same wavelength as me, because I don’t want to live off someone & I also don’t want someone to live off me. Hazel was like “that is one of the most meaningful thing I’ve heard you say” (or something to that effect) & it’s true I talk crap 80% of the time, that’s just the dominant side of me. Stay beautiful. Love, Miss More.


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