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When… (those IsThisLife? moments)

In Let's Talk About It on 14/03/2013 at 11:13 PM

Hey it’s me again, welcome to my new post. I’m sure that you can relate to at least one of these.

Let’s go…

1. When you see that HOT girl in school without make up & you want to wash your eyes out with acid.

2. When you do something wrong and your parents state that this is “their house” but when “their house” needs cleaning or something “their house” magically turns into “YOUR house”

3. When  something that’s normally readily available just seems to go on vacation when you actually want it.

4. When you wake up in the middle of the night because you need the toilet, but can’t be bothered to get up, so proceed to debate with yourself whether or not you should go for like 2o minutes and then end up going anyways.

5. When you end up on completely random videos on Youtube through the recommendations.

6. When the day you don’t have your umbrella, is the day it decides to pour down rain.

7. When you realise that, that boy you thought was cute is the definition of a prick.

8. When you fall in love with a dress and can’t find your size.

9. When that girl who is so whatever thinks she’s nice just because she has weave.

10. When you’re out with some friends and they manage to get into an argument with some random waste people just when you’re about to go home & you have to stay with them to keep the peace.

11. When your little angel cousins turn rude and you have to physically restrain yourself from knocking their teeth out.

12. When someone who stinks like a sewer just had to get on your bus.

13. When you run into one of your parents friends and they seem to know you’re entire life story but you don’t know who the hell they are, so you have to smile, nod and laugh – A LOT  for  a minimum of 15 minutes.

14. When the wind rapes your hair.

15. When you’re stomach imitate thunder in the middle of a lesson.

16. When you finally buy that dress you’ve been lusting over for weeks and in a couple days it goes on sale and you can’t seem to find the receipt.

17. When you’re alarm rings just when you was beginning to fall asleep after a sleepless night.

18. When those beautiful heels you completely adore choke your feet after about 5 minutes of wearing them.

19. When that dress looked so much better at the store.

20. When you have a really bad cold and all you want is some ice cream.

21. When random men come up at you and say they want to be “your friend”.

22. When you realise that the man you swear you love is a fictional character.

If you not even one of these have happened to you, then you have not lived yet! Welcome to my life.

Comment, Like, Follow, Stay beautiful.

Love, Miss More.

  1. #22…! OMG my entire high school and college careers 🙂


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