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The YOLO Generation | A Poem

In A Little Bit Of Poetry on 24/02/2013 at 4:51 AM

I am in fact a poet as well as a master ranter, an avid reader and (I’ll get back at you, needed a list of 3). This is most probably a one off, since I do not plan on adding poetry to the mix on my blog, but I had to post this because this is my view on life. Enjoy….

The YOLO Generation by yours truly

This is a picture of the YOLO generation.

“Swag” generation. LOL generation.

This  is the facebook age.

Reality got dead.

Life lived in cyber space.

Creativity: extinct.

Individuality: banished.

Everyone trying to be different,

By being like everyone else.

Consequences: forgotten.

Dreams and aspirations: vanished

Attention the only motive.

Period videos and twitter beef.

Self-worth measured by followers and likes.

Self-respect: a thing of the past.

Snooki, Riri, Nicki, Kim.

Rolemodels of the YOLO generation.

13 year old; getting drunk, pushing prams, living “large”.

14 year old; drug addict, porn addict, sex addict.

This is a picture of the forget tomorrow generation.

DGAF generation. Music in, world out generation.

Who wants to save this messed up generation?

Whatcha think? Don’t be shy.

Love, Miss More.

  1. What you just wrote is a bad interpretation of YOLO. “You only live once” sounds to me like a very good philosophy of life for shy, diffident or not-so-confident people. Sometimes it’s not bad to stop thinking so much about consequences and live a little bit. Personally, it has worked pretty well for me.

    PS. I hate Nicki, Snooki or Rihanna. No idea about who’s Kim. Cool poem, though XD


  2. Oh and I JUST found out what YOLO meant the other day. Kind of wish I still didn’t know….


  3. This is actually really good! Nicely formed and so true!


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