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That Stuff I HATE & Don’t Understand

In Let's Talk About It on 16/02/2013 at 2:41 AM

I have recently realised that a lot of things in life generally cheese me off. This is therapy….

1. I hate me & my boyfriend girls. You know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s as if these girls have no life outside their relationships (to be frank that’s fine by me it’s their life) but why in the hell do they feel the need to rape my ears with their endless me and my boyfriend talk.

2. I don’t understand what possesses bitches to spend their fathers money on YOLO leggings. YOLO. Leggings. YOLO FUCKING LEGGINGS. Is this life? Out of all the YOLO merchandise, the legging just overkill in ridiculousness.

enhanced-buzz-19757-1356629494-11If you own a pair: go kill your self.

3. I hate the fact that a lot of these male characters that girls are supposed to swoon over in fiction are utter pricks. Would you like some evidence?

Edward Cullen & Jacob Black – PRICK. Gideon Cross – PRICK. Christian Grey – PRICK. Patch – PRICK.  Damon Salvatore – PRICK.

Need I say more? I you’re American: a prick is basically a dick.


4. I don’t understand how a parent can get to the point, where their little 4 year old child can raise hell in a supermarket, because of a chocolate bar. WTF. If that was God forbid my child, I’d get them the chocolate, take them home and beat the daylight out of them.

5. I hate seeing boys, wearing trousers that are practically cascading to their knees. That aint cute. Especially when they have dirty underwear with battle scars and all that.

6. I don’t understand how black girls come to conclusion that rainbow weave and extensions looks good. Yes hair is art. But that on your head is not art….. it’s a hot mess 3801

7. I hate how people acted when Michael Jackson died. They were these girls in my English class & a few weeks before MJ died, they were seriously bad mouthing him, on about how he’s a rapist, a child molester, a freak, on about how much they hate him blah blah blah. After he died, these same bitches were talking about how much they’ve loved him since forever. Like WTF. It’s one thing having respect for the dead but it’s another thing to be FAKE as HELL.

8. I don’t understand how someone can carry a fetus in their stomach for 9 months and decide to give it some ridiculous name. That should be classified as child abused. 3 categories of cruel baby names exist.

A) Celebrity Baby Names – imagine there are real life people out their called; Audio Science, Moxie Crimefighter, Pilot Inspektor & my personal favourite… Tu Morrow.

B) Ghetto Black Names – these are just freakin’ stupid and reliable sources tell me that they are real life names; Limousina, Reignbow, Starkeisha, Shavondalyn,  Moquefa, Fonquisha…… is this life?

C) Simply Ridiculous – these come about when parents make an epic fail out of trying to be unique, we have; J’dore, Yoga, Zealand, Aero, Google (yes, you read right) and Exodus.

Now I’m sure you understand why this is child abuse.

9. As an extension to #2 I don’t understand how bitches came to the conclusion that leggings are trousers. That shit ain’t cute. 


10. I hate how society complains about the high sexual content in the media, while refusing to acknowledge the fact that, the only reason why there is so much sex in the media is because we eat that ish up like it’s Christmas dinner. Until society disowns sex in the media, there will be sex in the media: simple mathematics.

That’s part one finished, trust me I could write a freakin’ novel about stuff I hate and don’t understand. What cheeses you off about life?

Stay beautiful. Love, Miss More.

  1. I loved this. Had a smile on my face the entire time I read it. (We say prick in America too, fyi). I COMPLETELY agree about Michael Jackson. Wasn’t that the strangest phenomenon you’ve ever seen? The reaction to his death was madness. And I’ll bet any amount of money that if he were still alive, nobody would be calling him a legend right now.

    And the celebrity baby names. I thought for sure you’d mention Beyonce and Jay-Z’s TRADEMARKED “Blue Ivy.” They also took over an entire floor of a hospital when that baby was born. Get over yourselves.

    I love your tirades. So honest and seething. The way a good tirade should be 🙂


    • You say prick in America! I’m kinda shocked, never heard it in on of you guys show. Oh yeah & I forgot about Blue Ivy & them trade marking it, which is one of the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in my life.


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