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What I Don’t Undersand About Homosexuality

In Views On Life on 09/02/2013 at 7:38 PM

As I said before, I have no problem with homosexuals. They can do what they like, but as a self proclaimed social scientist I still have some unanswered questions.

Liiikkkkeee…. How are you gay? When & how did you realise you was gay? Are you born gay? Or do you become gay?  Is there a woman out there right now that can turn me into a lesbian? And if that’s the case is there a man who could then turn me back straight?

Male was made for female, female was made for male.  That’s evident in nature. Animals purely have sex to reproduce not for oh ah ah like humans. As humans nature has put these “urges” in us, so that we can have sex to make babies, ensuring the survival of our species. Self-preservation is naturally in us and so is reproducing. Two men or two women can’t make a little one, isn’t that proof that homosexuality isn’t right?

But if you take aways the whole sex thing, what you have is two human beings who have feelings for each other and have no problems honouring and  expressing them to each other and the rest of the world. What’s so wrong about that? If we go with the whole God thing, and say that homosexuality is against the law of God, blah, blah, blah…. apparently the bible says nothing about homosexuality &  if God makes no mistakes why are gay people in the world? These are Gods people, your telling me that God plans & decides every detail of your life, why is that in this case you choose to forget your claims?


One time I got bored and came across some lesbian vlogs on youtube. And I found that the lesbians try and recreate the male and female dynamics of a relationship. You have “studs” the boyish ones and femmes the “girly” ones. Studs baffle me. Are they female who want to be males and that is why they are attracted to females? Is it cross dressing taken to the next level? Same goes for feminine gays. I really don’t understand. Why do homosexual couple always have someone taking the role of a woman & someone the role of a man. Isn’t that proof that it should really just be man and woman in romantic relationships?

I hope you realise that this post is no disrespect to homosexuals, I’m just trying to understand a couple things. I believe that the more people understand homosexuals and homosexuals, they will let them be for good. I know homosexuality isn’t right – for me. If it’s right for you, drop me a comment about why and if you can answer some of my questions the floor is yours. And if it’s also wrong for you or if you think it’s just plain wrong, put in your own 2 cents. I think people should stop focusing on the “gay problem” and look to what really needs to be sorted in the world, like world hunger & all these little 15 year olds with a big pregnant bellies.

Love, Miss More

  1. As someone who identifies best as “queer,” I was raised Catholic. For its part (and some of Christianity too), the claim is not that it is God’s fault, but that humans who are gay have “turned away” from God and are ignoring what he wants for them to do. I’m not sure I buy that.

    The Bible does have passages against homosexuality, but it also condemns cutting hair and eating shellfish, and if a woman accidentally touches a man’s genitals that are not her husband’s (say, to say her husband in a fight, which is the example given in the Bible), she has to have her hand cut off. The Bible says a lot of things that can be considered terrible.

    I think you pose some interesting questions. I have straight friends who have admitted to having crushes on girls in the past, and I think that sometimes you fall in love with someone or are sexually attracted to them and you can’t help it. So maybe it’s possible.


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