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Giovanna Plowman’s Period Video | REACTION

In Reactions on 20/01/2013 at 10:44 PM

What are people doing with their lives?

We are only on the 20th day of 2013 and bitches are already trying to top each other on the attention seeking scale. First we had Cut4Beiber & now we have some Giovanna girl sucking on her own tampon. Is this life? Is this what it has come to? Are people so desperate for attention that they do crazy shit like this. Here is the link to the video….. only if you dare.



Honestly, I’m not even disgusted by it, it didn’t horrify me, I wasn’t screaming at the screen or anything. I was just thinking WTF throughout the whole thing. This bitch is so stupid. There is speculation that the video is fake, to me it looked real enough but I won’t rule out the possibility that it’s not legit. The thing is, it don’t even matter if it’s real or fake, that’s irrelevant, what matters is the fact that this is yet another reason for me to move from Earth. That little faith I had for humanity is slowly but surely seeping away. People really want attention so badly that they do shit like this? How can she sit up there and say “If anybody thinks this is fake then something is seriously wrong with them”. WTF! Is this whore for real?

This video mad me feel TWO things….

1. Pissed off.  That bitch had the audacity to use an Azealia Banks song while doing her nasty-ness. How dare she? This is actually what bothered me the most. Honestly. She could have used some cheap Nicki Minaj or Rihanna shit but nooooooo! Azealia should sue.

2. Sadness. That people are so desperate to get those 15 minutes that they result to such filthiness. The thing is, she is actually a pretty girl, she could have been going places but now, she has forever tainted her existence. Shit like this follows you to hell. Giovanna will always and forever be that girl who sucked on her own period blood.

I can’t wait to see, who & what is gonna top this one. Bitches should really stop smoking skittles.

Love, Miss More.

  1. Damn…I hadn’t heard of this. I think I’ll skip the video. There was a band in the nineties…an all-girl grunge-ish band–the name is escaping me–but at some concert the lead singer pulled her tampon out (yes, from inside her) and tossed it into the crowd. And somehow yet, this girl in the video TOPPED that! Not in a good way of course. And I probably shouldn’t even say that, because it’s probably what she wants.

    Putting anything on the Internet makes it worse. And I agree with you completely…she’ll never escape this. I’d be disgusted with myself now if I had done anything like that as a teenager.


  2. Oh god… The comment about Azealia’s song. I love that song, I saw the video and, omg I will never hear that song on the same way I used to.


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