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Cut4Beiber |REACTION

In Reactions on 13/01/2013 at 3:37 AM

What did I say in my Kirsten & Rob cheating scandal post…..  Belibers are the most collectively psycho fans going on this Earth. They don’t only take the biscuit nooo… they take the whole tin. large Is this life? IS THIS LIFE? Imagine girls are actually drawing blood because the richest teenager on earth allegedly smoked weed or cannabis or something. People are sitting around waiting for the world to end, little do they know that the world is already finished. Dear reader, you heard it hear first, I hereby declare the world finished, we have son killing mother, man raping a two month old baby, five year old got pregnant and the dumbest dumb bitches in the world, self harming because of some celebrity who don’t even know that they exist.

You see why I want to move from earth, people have actually decided to pull their brain out through their noses and now use their vaginas to think. That is the only reason why Belibers are doing this, this can’t be their head filled with common sense telling them to risk their lives, this is the vagina speaking. This is how they want to prove how much they love Beiber, because the skittles they’ve been smoking have convinced them that  once he sees those pictures he will appear before them by magic with hearts and flowers and worship the ground that they walk on for the rest of forever.   Who ever started this, should go and bury her head in her mother’s anus, in shame. Instead of her using her energy on something useful (like killing herself), she decides to start the most dumb ass trend I’ve seen in my entire existence, one that could actually cost young girls their lives.

One last thing, if your child or someone you know does this, bring them to me so that I can slap them into another race – black, white, blue, purple, grey, red…. I, Miss More is very very versatile.


Love, Miss More.

  1. This wasn’t real. Just a bunch of dudes being fuckheads.


  2. This post makes absolute sense. What is with Bieber fans? Why is it that that kid elicits such strong reactions (did you hear about the two men that set up his murder plot?). I mean really. Those pictures were horrifying. Too many people in this world have such mixed up priorities. Great post.


    • Thank you, I try my best.
      Every once in a while someone comes it and gets more popular than they owe to be, Justin is it now. It still continues to baffle me, how people can hurt themselves like so over a celebrity. No I haven’t heard about the murder plot, but now Ib have to look into it… that’s a next level of madness.


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