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Things That Cheese Me Off About Christmas Time

In Rants on 16/12/2012 at 1:30 AM

It’s that time of the year again when everyone & their mothers are running around like headless chickens. Let’s go…

Red-Christmas-decorations-christmas-22228021-1920-1200Firstly it’s freezing cold. Enough Said. And then the snow turns to slush & I’m walking like an old lady because I don’t like the idea of falling and cracking my neck. In addition you have all these people complaining about how cold it is (like please, excuse my ears) & how they wish it’s summer, & then when then when the British summer hits, the same bitches complain about how freakin’ hot it is and what do yo know…. how they wish it’s winter. You see why humans piss me off.

I hate the fact that Christmas has no value anymore, why in the fuck are people who aren’t even Christian celebrating Christmas? I have a friend, she knows exactly who she is, she’s Sikh & she gets Christmas presents, I’m not sure if she has a Christmas tree but I know my other friend who is Hindu & she was up on facebook on about putting Christmas tree up in her house. This shit don’t make sense to me!

Christmas has become so commercialised because humans mess up all things that should be good in life. This is the time, for people to be praying to God, thanking him for Jesus, reading the bible, going to church & what not instead  they have shit like Christmas parties, where people go to get drunk and sex a random who probably has HIV. They also like to piss me off, with their be happy Christmas spirit bull.  Whenever I turn the mother fucking TV on these days, I see all these dumb ass Christmas crap, you know exactly what I’m talking, all the perfectly normal TV shows, are replaced by elephant and donkey shit. Worse still, every advertising company on Earth tries to take a piece of the Christmas action, I swear to all that is good, holy and Ian Somerhalder’s life that if I hear the phrase “the perfect gift this Christmas” or something to that effect, I will kill a bitch.

The minute December shows it’s face you get all these “Christmas songs”. All the music stations sit up there and broadcast pointless programmes like… “every Christmas number one” and some celebrity that no one cares about top 50 Christmas songs. You can’t escape the Christmas bull! Every time I step into New Look or Dorothy Perkins or 99p I hear the same songs I’ve heard, in every December of the past 7 years of my life (that’s how long I’ve been in the UK). The 2 biggest offenders, are: Last Christmas by Wham. That chorus just presses all my buttons, it don’t even make sense. Like how she gave away his heart the next day… who the hell to? Furthermore,  if he knew she wasn’t special why in the fuck did he give her his heart in the first place? Huh! Huh! Worse is Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You. I hate her. She needs to die (musically of course). All she does is scream & act as if she’s too good to be true. Mariah, if your reading this…. ALL I WANT FOR CHISTMAS IS FOR YOU….. TO SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Anyways…. Christmas time bashing over. I love Christmas because of the mad sales you get, where they basically give things away for free & I love Christmas because that is when Kingsley does his Annual Overexposed Countdown, if you don’t know who that is…. go kill yourself (kidding). I hope you all survive the whole 21st of December end of the world fuckery, to have a wonderful Christmas & the best new year ever! I can almost taste 2013. You know, I wouldn’t mind if the world ended next week Friday, that means I wouldn’t have to do my January exam.

Thanks for reading, more to come.

  1. omg lol this is so funny but it’s true christmas has no meaning any more


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