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Reflected in You: A Crossfire Novel by Sylvia Day | Book Review

In Books on 11/12/2012 at 10:28 AM

“Doctor.” Gideon set one ankle on the opposite knee and settled back, creating a picture of unyielding decisiveness. “The only way I’m keeping my hands off her is if I’m dead. Find another way to fix us.”

“Reflected in You” the follow up to Sylvia Day’s amazing bestseller “Bared to You” is a pathetic, vile and disappointing piece of shit. It pissed me off so badly that it came to a point where I was putting down my kindle every 10 minutes because I was scared that I would dash it across the room. “Reflected in You” starts at the next morning of the end of “Bared to You” when Eva walked into a porn scene in her living room. The best part about this book is the first chapter, I absolutely loved it, it was a nice welcome back to the world of Eva & Gideon & sex.  And then the second chapter happened and I was like “What The F is this?”


I’m not even gonna talk so much about this, here it goes…. (yeeah, I lied)

The story was all over the place…. All the character development that Day did for her characters in Bared to you, went out of the window and into the forest fire, this is because she had too many unnecessary bullshit to make them shine. And that started by chapter 2. From the moment Eva slaps Gideon because she is an annoyingly insucure female. That scene was bullshit. I did not pay £3.99 to read bullshit. Eva Trammel was acting like Bella Swan the second…. For the most part of the book, Eva walks around practically looking like crap, and everybody tells her, this is because she let Gideon’s donkey & elephant shit completely consume her, I hate girls who fall in “love” like that. Grow a back bone damn it!

Day made me HATE Gideon…. In “Bared to You” Gideon is absolutely smoking hot, he’s the perfect man, he’s a conflicted man, he’s dynamic, he is complicated. In “Reflected in You” Gideon Cross just pisses me the fuck off. I made it rhyme for emphasis. Why is was he controlling? What kind of man demands complete trust like that? Although I did like how Eva got him back for her Vegas babysitter, that was probably the best part of the book.  I’ve got to give it to Day, the ending caught me off guard, I could never have guessed the reason why Gideon was acting like an ass-hat, (Eva’s favorite term), of course in the end his behavior made sense but by the end of the book, but I hated him too much even care to cut him some slack. 

The sex scenes were horrible. Bared to you, was HOT! But all we got in “Reflected in You” was Eva describing how much she likes sucking dick, and the swallowing his always heavy “load” and I’m like…. DO I GIVE A FUCK? Half way through the book we get the climax, and this bitch, gives Gideon a handjob in a restaurant, then goes on to get fingered at a freakin’ concert, then kisses her ex boyfriend, causing this big fight, then goes on to get treated like a freakin’ prostitute at the back of limo. WTF. That scene pissed me off big time. All you had is Eva talking about how she wants to suck his dick to wash off the taste of that kiss. I say again, WTF. What’s worse, Gideon was treating her like a prostitue to get  a point out of her.

“My gaze never left his. I watched him as I teased us both, looking for any sign of the passionate lover I adored. He wasn’t there. A furious stranger glared back at me, daring me, tauting me with his detachment”

Then the two of them go away to some house somewhere & have a sex fest. Everything seems perfect. But when they get back to the real world, Cary is in hospital, with broken bones & shit. At this point “Reflected in You” is just another 50 Shades. I’m more pissed off at this because Day can actually write, but this shit did not cut it. And… and…. and… and, he freakin rims her. That was the most disturbing thing I’d had read at that point of my life.

On a positive note, Day was carrying on with the whole Eva & Gedion are self destructive, it was very much a whirlwind romance, but I really didn’t care because I was too busy being pissed off. Oh yeah, and Day does this really good thing with the Nathan guy, could have been better but you knooww…

“The man I love was a ticking time bomb, and I shared a bed with him!

Last but not least, Gideon’s abuse story was just bullshit. Such a dissapointment. I know it sounds mean but after all the freakin’ build up, I expected something more horrid and haunting. Sylvia Day let me down big time. I want my freakin’ money back. But of  course I’m gonna be reading “Interwined with You” even though I honestly don’t see where the story can go next apart from marriage and children. But I can’t be reading 2/3 of a trilogy, which reminds me, I need read Hunger Games 3.

Next review up here is, The Dark Duet by C.J Roberts & To Marry A Prince by Sophie Page. I’ll so them when I get be bothered really, I’m just lazy like that. I give this 3 out of 10. Read this shit if you want & see for yourself. From other reviews I’ve read it looks like your either going to love this or hate this. No middle ground. And if you have read this shit, tell me what you think.

Thanks for reading, more to come.


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