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Save Africa Is A Myth

In Views On Life on 28/11/2012 at 12:17 PM

I have come to the conclusion that all this save Africa stuff we see all over the place is utter & complete feel good bullshit. I know it sounds stupid but how long have they been saving Africa? They ask you to give this a month, put all these depressing advertisements on TV with a little starving kid, (i hate when they recycle adverts, tell me why they are showing me the same starving 2 year old girl called Aishah that I saw 5 years ago?) but there is still no change. Secondly, what do the super powers of the world have to gain by saving Africa? Let’s be honest here, the only reason why Americans can eat themselves to their death bed is because somewhere in Africa and Asia and South America millions have not eaten in months.

Let me give you a little lesson on how shit works. For there to be good they has to be evil. For there to be happiness they has to be sadness. For there to be pleasure there has to be pain. All that I have mentioned above cannot have values unless it’s opposite exists. Simple mathematics.

Side note… lets take a trip to The Forever More Dictionary….

Simple Mathematics: since mathematics is a fact, referring to something  as “simple or pure mathematics” means that the the thing is an obvious and an unchangeable fact of life. e.g. violence begets violence, simple mathematics.

For there to be rich, they has to be poor. Someone has to pay the price of luxe and in our day & age, Africa & African’s bear that burden. Imagine if all these African countries went up to Western level? If Somalians & the Congolese put their guns down. Imagine if Zimbabwe & Swaziland eradicated HIV. Imagine if Ethiopia stopped starving?  Just imagine. Now imagine YOUR life if THEIR life improves. Admit it. You would be on the losing end. Do you think Primark would sell their shit so cheaply if poor little Bangladeshi kids didn’t work long hour for close to nothing? This dear reader is how the super power of the world thinks, Africa to them is nothing but a continent filled with all sorts unlimited resources that they have been raping for more than half a century. Africa & Africans are in no way or form free. Yes I know that all these black people countries are independent, Jamaica just celebrated 50 years of independence. I’m African & Jamaican (kind of, it’s complicated) but I didn’t even bother with all the hype, because as far as I’m concerned, all these black/African countries, are not independent they are IN-dependence this is  because the systems that European countries left in black/African countries were designed to oppress and exploit the people long after the oppressors and exploiters gave these countries “independence”.

I’m not saying that all these aid organisations aren’t helping. But did you know that not even 1/2 the money gets to the people you are giving for? The World’s powerhouses run shit. They have been fuelling African wars since the slavery days to today. Just this morning I saw on a newspaper that Zimbabwe owes  UK £197million, he has been using that money to spread terror in his country. Let’s look at the bigger picture. The UK government knows what Mugabe is like so when the gave him the loan, do you think that they thought he was going to invest in education, to sort our hyper inflation or to improve women’s rights? No! Of course not!

Between 500,000 to 1,000,000 African’s died in 100 days during the Rwandan Genocide, who do you think the weapons to conduct the genocide were bought from?Liberia has been through 2 horrible civil wars, the last one ended in 2003, basically yesterday, the country is a mess and to this day Liberians are still trying to recover? This is the basic set out of trading between African countries and else where. Africa gives raw materials for a relatively cheap price and gives it to say China. China manufactors goods that African countries can’t because most of them aren’t industrialised and then sell those goods at a crazy price back to African countries. Tell me, who wins here?

And the moral of the story and why I say that Save Africa is a myth…. The ones who want to save Africa are the same ones who are making sure that the situations stays the same for their benefits.  In the end whatever schemes and plans they have for “saving Africa” is going to serve them. I could go on and on and on and freakin’ on but I’ll leave it there.

Thanks for reading, more to come.



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