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Back With A Bite… The Vampire Diaries 4’s First 3 Episodes

In TV Shows on 26/10/2012 at 5:27 AM

Excuse me as I go jump like a maasai in celebration for his sexy sexiness Ian Somerhalder’s return to my TV screen along with the rest of the Mystic Falls crew. I feel like the third episode was truly the beginning of another great season, don’t get me wrong I liked episode 1 & 2 but they were just an introduction to TVD 4 in my eyes.

I’m gonna start on a negative note. Am I the only one who hates the new intro to the show? I find it so cheap. What kills it is when Stefan is like “Mystic Falls is my home” and Damon and Elena come out of no where with “And mine”. I can’t explain it, but it just annoys me & it needs to go. Also, am I the only one who hates Bonnie? I’ve never really paid mind to her and Caroline in the beginning. But from season 2 on wards Caroline has grown on me and I now adore her. But Bonnie such and irrelevant  personality. I don’t know if it’s the story lines or the lines themselves. Kat Graham is a beautiful talented actress but Bonnie needs to die. Whenever she came on “1.Growing Pains” & “2.Memorial”, I didn’t really pay attention all I know is that she’s been playing with some dark magic shit and her Grams was got tutored for it, she lost her magic because of it and I really couldn’t care less and she was trying to save Elena from becoming a vampire, which is honorable, I know. I wish I had a friend who would die for me. But seriously, Bonnie needs to stop acting like she has balls and start growing a pair.

Moving on swiftly, I’m loving Elena’s transition, I’m hoping she turns into a female ripper and the the last scenes of “3.The Rager” promised  a blood mad Elena for the next few episode I wonder how Stefan would deal with the one he loves become the thing he hates. She’s losing control, she has been doing so from episode 1. I really want to know more about the rage, I want to see this new Elena that has been buried in the old one for 18 years. Nina Dobrev once again deserves a standing ovation for her work.  They seem to be trouble in paradise already, since from the conversation Stefan had with Caroline in the end of “The Rager”, we know that he’s scared to enjoy himself along with Elena, in case the ripper comes out. So it’s gonna be interesting to see if Stelena will survive with Stefan holding back. I am a Stelena fan partly because I want Damon to myself and partly because I think that the best relationship for both Elena & the show is Stelena. If Damon got tied down with Elena, she would surely change him and tame him, we would lose an anti-hero. And even if you are a die hard Delena fan, you don’t want that! Strangely my perfect TVD couple pairing would be, Elena and Elijah, Stefan & Katherine, Damon & Rebekah and Caroline & Klaus. Call me forever more a match maker.

Speaking of Klaus, I loved Michael Trevino’s Klaus game in episode 1 and the Tyler (Klaus) and Caroline make out in the wood scene is by far my favorite scene in season so far. (Closely followed by Damon’s graveyard scene, that almost made me cry… almost) it just flowed so nicely and the “love” bit was on point, to the T. I am all for, hot vampire hybrid sex. For the past season the writers over at TVD made us believe that Klaroline can’t happen but the arrival of Hayley, the new werewolf chick in town who just happens to be Phoebe Tonkin (love her, love her, love her) says otherwise. As if, Tyler had werewolf hanky panky while he was supposedly trying to break his sire bond to Klaus, and he has the audacity to have a go at Klaus for making out with his girlfriend? Puh-lease! A break up is supposed to happen to happen in episode 6. You wanna bet who is dumping who? It’s most possibly gonna be Stefan & Elena because apparently Caroline and Tyler don’t appear in episode 6, but a girl can still wish.

In other news, Damon is still a smoking HOT sexy sexy vampire. Ian Somerhalder if your reading this will you marry me? Damon is trying to get over the fact that Elena picked Stefan. I’m actually glad about that, because then at least Alaric died in the arms of his best friend. Them two had the one of the best bro-mance ever. and the writers honored this in “Memorial” when Damon asked Elena to not sit on his right because that used to Alaric’s spot. The grave yard scene truly showed Damon’s soft side. I really hope that Damon and Stefan go back on good terms because….. just because. What else is there? REBEKAH! I love her! Who doesn’t love a blonde vampire mean girl who is all powerful, all bitchy but very vulnerable? I can’t wait to see how she copes in a normal “friendship with April, who I really didn’t care about until her scene with Rebekah. I also don’t care about, Matt, since he’s a weakling. Jeremy, who is just as irrelevant to be as Bonnie. Meredith, pretty face  but so. I really don’t care about Tyler either but since he got with Caroline, I’ve tolerated him. Good acting, good script but I just don’t care.

Last but not least.. Connor Jordan! This is why I’m saying that episode 3 is the real beginning of season 4, this episode is obviously sets up story lines for the rest of the season. We don’t know much about the new vampire hunter in town, expect for the fact that he’s bad ass and willing to hurt humans, to hurt vampires and he’s kinda hot. How fool was Tyler to think that he could just man handle him in the beginning of episode 3? I can’t wait for the next episode, to know more about the mysterious “five”, what else to look forward to in episode 4, well… Damon’s teaching Elena how to hunt and Mr suave swag Elijah is going to grace us with his presence, in flash back but oh well.

Thanks for reading, more to come.

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  2. I agree the new titles sequence is awful. Very cheesy and amateurish!


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