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The Objectification of Women In Society – My Take

In Views On Life on 26/10/2012 at 2:29 AM

Am I the only one who wonders why, when girls are approached by guys and they claim to be lesbians the guy’s eyes almost instantly light up like an over decorated Christmas tree and it’s these same guys that don’t like homosexuals? I was watching clips of “Game of Thrones” just the other day & everybody was projecting their disgust at two particular gay love scenes. You have to understand “Game of Thrones” is not for the faint-hearted, it’s full of horror, gore, prostitution, rape…. all sorts, but people don’t say shit about them but they chose to protest about a little gay action. However, if a something was to include some lesbian action… e.g. “Jennifer’s Body” it would be no problem.









I have reasons to believe that this whole thing that means lesbians are more tolerated in society than gays is a sign of the severe objectification of women. Think about it. Gays are disgusting and lesbians are fire because until tomorrow, society will collectively see women as sexual objects, just another hole to sink in. When a man looks at two women making out, he can think of a nice threesome, where he gets to be king for the night. But when a man looks at two men making out, he see no way that he can get something out it so he immediately reflexes from it. Simple mathematics.

What is a woman these days anyways? Please tell me? We are used to sell all sorts from cigarettes to cars to tell me what not, wait let me rephrase that our bodies are used to sell cigarettes…… no one even needs to see our face anymore, it’s all about them titties and that ass and thighs and shit. Most of the “successful”  women, the ones that the next generation admire aren’t exactly role models. What can Rihanna teach your daughter other that “rude boys have to be big enough”? Lady Gaga can teach your daughter that disco sticks are to be ridden on and Megan Fox can teach your daughter that an effective way to make money is to spend two movies practically bent over and pressing your boobs together. I think it’s fair to say that the next generation of independent women are screwed. Side note – how the hell did Beyoncé sing “nasty put your clothes on” and then have the audacity to go on stage booty out, half-naked & showing her knickers (if your American panties) and shit?

Women have fought for centuries to see eye to eye with men but we still live in a very collectively sexist society today, we shouldn’t be putting all our efforts in getting rights in the boardroom, we should also work to take an active role as the pillars of societies, by reclaiming our power. And it starts with every parent in the world telling and showing their daughter from the crib that she is not an object, but a breathing, feeling human being who has as much potential as someone’s son. If a woman knows her worth, if she knows that she is sacred and that she holds full power over herself, she will not sell herself cheaply and become an object. And if boys are also taught from the crib about the value of a woman it would be of the greatest help. That’s my take anyways. I know that not many people are gonna read this but oh well, I have left my mark forever on the internet. Thanks for reading, more to come.

  1. “I have failed for all my life to understand why people are so bothered by the acts of others”


    Who cares!!! Live and let live.

    Don’t get me started on Beyonce.

    I like what you say about straight men cringing over gay men because they can’t get anything out of it. I never looked at it that way before. It all boils down to selfishness.

    I liked you rant. Found myself nodding along!


  2. I hate seeing women objectified. I think it is sick and disgusting. The media has gone overboard in my opinion. Women have a mind and soul–they are NOT objects.You made a lot of great points in this post.


  3. I hope they do. Everyone should read this. MEN ESPECIALLY!


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