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Gossip Girl 6: So Far Not So Good

In TV Shows on 23/10/2012 at 4:28 PM

I really do not understand why I even bother watching “Gossip Girl” anymore when I know very well that it’s going to suck ass. Season 1, 2 & 3 were absolutely amazing, I was watching old episodes  a couple days ago and I was sad that GG ship sank so easily. The first half of season 4 was bearable. The second half of season 4 was shit. Season 5 was bullshit. And Season 6 so far is, utter bullshit. I am only excited about 2 things. A) seeing the face of Gossip Girl. B) there is no B.

This shit don’t make sense to me.

The writers over at GG have completely blew all the character development they have done for the past 6 seasons out the water. Are they on a mission to make us hate all of them? This is the last season & I’m seriously not sad to see the GG gang go. Okay first thing first, D stands for Douche. Dan has turned into a monster & you know the worst thing about it, he actually has the nerve to carry himself o a high horse. From the minute he teamed up with Georgina, you knew that he sold himself to the devil. Although I do love Georgina, her character is 30% unrealistic and over-dramatic but that is the whole point. Georgina is a little piece  of the old “Gossip Girl”. Dan used to be the nice one & now I just wish him dead. He is in serious need of a haircut & he has gone so ugly it’s unbelievable, he wasn’t a complete hottie before but now I don’t even wanna see face. Serena is just a little bitch. Her existence has never particular excited me from day 1 (I’m in Team Blair) but I truly began hating her in season 5 after she gave Lola (the real Charlie Rhodes) a lil’ speech about how “she’s family & won’t hurt or abandon her or go against her” or some teh, teh, teh, like that when she needed her help, only to do exactly that when she found out that Lola is her half sister. I think that was when it hit me that “Gossip Girl” has truly finished. Now back in real time, how dare Serena tell Blair that she ain’t her family no more in episode 3? After all that they have been through she has the audacity to blow her BFF over and chose middle aged man & his brat. Talking about brats, what the hell is Sage meant to be? So apparently Sage is meant to represent Serena and Blair back in Season 1. Pshhht please. Am I the only one who doesn’t see the resemblance? Sage needs to die.

And what is the deal with Rufus & Ivy. Am I the only one who hates the sound of Ivy’s voice? She needs to take that shit back wherever she bought it. Rufus is a vagina. I’m looking at her through a screen and I can see how fake she is & he’s right in-front of her but fails to detect a liar. Rufus has been a vagina from the second he turned into Lily’s trophy husband/bitch. The thing is that was legit love but Ivy, WTF. This man is screw banging, the con artist who is, his ex wife’s fake niece. What grown man does that shit in real life. Seeing them lying on the bed post coitus at the end of episode 1 was the most disturbing thing I have seen in my life, even though I only saw it for 1/2 a second. The worst thing about this is that Ivy is doing this as part of her plan to take down Lily and I don’t understand how riding Rufus like a stallion is going to help achieve anything, since Lily is happily married to a gazillionare. Ivy should just get aids and die.

I have 2 words for you. Chuck & Blair.  The writers have been dragging on their relationship for 6 seasons now. You would think that for the final season, they would give us a break and stop insulting our memory by not recycling the same old shit. The lowest point in their storyline was the whole “God pack” shit they tried to pull. Like seriously… WTF! I understood in season 4 that Blair wanted to be someone before she became Mrs Chuck without the ring but, 2 seasons on, a sham marriage and a car accident you would think that they would have learnt that together they are invincible. The two of them should concentrate on growing together, the end of season 3 suggests this and I’m glad because this all Chuck uncovering his father’s secret is seriously getting old and Bair’s career as a fashion designer or whatever the hell she’s meant to be doesn’t promise any good storyline. The return of th minions in episode 2 was just cheap.

Poor “Gossip Girl”. This is a severe case of….. God knows. For the money question; Who do you think is Gossip Girl? In the books it’s Eric. Leave it in the comments.

Thanks for reading, more to come. XOXO Forever More. (sorry I couldn’t help my self)


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