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Pretty Little Liars Season 3 | Review (Ep 6-10)

In TV Shows on 15/08/2012 at 11:01 PM

PLL is becoming increasingly tedious. Mostly because this new A is impossibly boring. The new A was introduced in spectacular fashion but now he/she is just lazy in the main villain department. What hapenned to all the text messages and weird notes and that feeling that A is always watching? I loved it when the girls message tone would go off and you would jump with them with fear and anticipation. A used to be very hands on but now we we only see A in the end of each episode doing something stupid and pointless. The writers over at PLL are really failing to bring anything new to the table and after such a good run so far, it’s annoying and disappointing. They need to fix up – The Pretty Little Liars Ship is slowly sinking.

The other reason for this development is the fact that they are turning Maya into the next Alison. The girls are going all “go go gadget” on the investigation of her death and I’m like “please, we’ve already seen all this with Ali” why are they recycling the same shit? I believe that they are dragging her death out just so that poor Emily can have some kind of story line  because all she had going for her is “the coming out the closet thing” but since that’s all done and done now; they feel the need to have her depress me because of Maya’s tragic death. And then there is Maya’s supposed cousin Nate, who is just turning more creepy with every episode. I honestly don’t understand his purpose in Rosewood apart from causing sexual tension, I was quite annoyed when she and Nate kissed in episode 10 and Paige saw. “Oh my God! That is so original it has not been done a billion times before” The biggest fail however, when it comes to Emily is how the writers explained the happenings of “That Night”. I loved the whole “pills that cause memory loss when mixed with alcohol” thing but they just turned around and decided that Emily was with Paige “That Night” in episode 8……… no comment *bangs head on wall*

Then there’s freakin’ Aria pissing me off!! First thing first why does she pretend to be a big woman when she is a little 16 year old school girl. Like, Aria stop trying wear trousers that don’t fit – chill and go learn some Shakespeare. I hated how she just completely ignored HOT! Ezra in episode 6 at Jenna’s party. On that note; does is it not annoy you how the girls blow off their boyfriends, all cause of A. Toby, Ezra and Caleb are simply lush! What annoys me the most is Spencer and Toby, if Spence was my girlfriend – The way she would get dumped on the spot.! She treats him like a stray puppy and it’s soo sad. Hanna and Caleb are understandable since A did cause a car crash, even though I love HanAleb, I am now officially team HanWren (excuse the bad name mixing lol). I practically screamed with joy when Hanna kissed Wren. Excuse me while I go fantasise about the HOT! Doctor Eye Candy Wren and his sexy British accent. Yes Please!!!  I know that it’s useless to root for Wren since everyone and their mother knows that Hanna will pick Caleb – In The End! But I think that Hanna and Wren look good together, they’d make pretty babies, Wren is so sweet and loveable and kind and did I mention he’s HOT! and he deserves some kind of happiness since Spencer ditched him for Toby.

Back to Aria and Ezra… The second thing is all this Fitzgerald thing. Why does it bother Aria so much that Ezra has money he wants to do nothing with? Mrs Fitzgerald was a total fail I won’t even waste my time talking about that hot mess. The Maggie thing annoyed me and so did Aria trying to make fight about it? She’s such a hypocrite! How could she be bothered that Ezra mother’s bought off her son’s pregnant ex girlfriend when she is the one who helped make a girl blind and framed someone else for it? Are they that desperate for new story lines? Fourthly there’s Ezra’s little brother God knows what his name is (who brings me on to a next point). I actually sat down and wonder his purpose on the show? Which made me think of a few loose ends in the show… what happenned to Aria’s little brother? The rest of Spencer’s family? The whole “Meridith is applying for a job in Rosewood High?” Lucas? What’s going on with Mona damn it!!

On a positive note, Spencer keeps on being amazing!! I love her spy behavior although Toby suffers for it. Honestly, I just love all things Spencer Hastings. Her most memorable moment was in episode 9 when she was getting ready for the party with Aria and she told the story about how her grandma offered her $200,000 to shave her father’s sideburns off in his sleep. That was some funny shit and one of the best moments in episodes 06 to 10. The worse one is in episode 10 when Emily and Hanna get trapped in the Kahn shed or whatever it was by A. Seriously! That looked like a scene from a bad horror movie on crack. However I did like Doctor Eye Candy Wren taking care of Hanna is the scenes to come, he’s so……. *sigh*

With a mid season finale coming up in two weeks, I hope that The Pretty Liars writers get a chance to think about what they are doing and fix the hell up! And bring Toby back! And make A more A-some! And kill off Emily! And stop pissing me off!

  1. Same here! I love Pretty Little Liars in the first season but then it gets boring. Anyways, What I love love love Spencer being Spencer. She’s my absolute fave! :)) I do hope they do something about PLL so as not to disappoint many of its fans. 😦


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