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Why Do Whores Want To Be Called Studs?

In Views On Life on 21/07/2012 at 7:30 PM

I am sick and tired of girls wanting to claim some kind of title just because they know how to sleep around. If a girl sleeps around she’s a whore/slut/hoe/hussy call it what you want. If a boy sleeps around he’s a stud, he is “The Man”. Simple mathematics.  The day that one plus one is three is the day that a female who chooses to sleep around will be praised and admired by society and called “The Woman”. Life is full of double standards – build a nice little bridge – AND GET OVER IT!

Personally I don’t condone promiscuity in males and females alike, it ain’t healthy, it ain’t morally right and if my child was promiscuous I’d slap them sideways to another race. Girls these days are just getting crazier about all this equality stuff, some of them must be smoking skittles since they are STILL asking for brownie points if they just so happen to be whores. These girls just sit up there looking and sounding as stupid as hell saying “Ohhh boys are dogs. They’d sleep with anything that moves. They are sluts too. Why does society celebrate them because they do exactly what a whore does it’s just they are boys Why don’t girls get called studs?” I’m about to answer this once for all. If you have a friend like this then please do something something good for mankind and my hearing and pass on the message.

I am not saying that you can’t call a stud a man whore. Below is the dictionary.com definition of whore.

The same way you get female body builders and male air hostesses, you can get male whore because stud does what a whore does! However, you can not call a whore a female stud! Ever. Even though a whore does what a stud does.  That dream should have died along time ago. Why? Here is how it goes. A female walks into a bar, it doesn’t matter if she’s a positive ten or a minus ten in the face if she wants to, she is going to get laid. Rest assured. However when a male walks into a bar, he’s skating on thin ice. He has to play it right. He wants to get laid too but he can’t just go up to a decent girl and say “meet me at the car park in ten” (a decent girl can say that to a man and his eyes would light up like a Christmas tree) Noooo! that’s how you get drinks thrown in your face. He has to mingle and be nice. Lets say that the girl who walked into a bar is called A and A is with a group of friends and this boy is only interested in A. He can’t just go up the group talk to A and ignore the rest that’s antisocial, politeness requires him to make conversation with A, B, C, D, E, F, G….. (you know how the alphabet goes right?) while still trying to move to A. He has to buy drinks, keep her and the alphabet entertained, he has to be the guy that she want him to be and all that and what for? So that he can get laid……

An average guy will bag A if he’s lucky but a stud will ALWAYS bag A. No girl in the world has to do such things in fact these things are unheard of in girl world. All we have to do, is look pretty and we can get our pick of guys. We don’t pay for date. We don’t have to worry about the alphabet talking down at us. In fact we don’t really have to do that much work (unless we are looking for a serious relationship) And what is the moral of the story? It’s not hard to be whore but it’s work to be a stud. (The other thing is that girls have all the power when it comes to sex. A stud is the man who gets the most girls to say yes as you can see that can be hard work.) Simple mathematics

That is the main argument that a lot of people especially males live by and this is my main argument: is there any honor in a girl opening her legs left right and center? I don’t care if boys do it, girls just need to stop comparing themselves to boys, straight up. Girls are one of the most important people around, we are so precious, we carry the fruits of life, the future of the human race depends on us. Us and us alone. We only get one body and if some of us chose to degrade and disrespect ourselves by giving out our bodies to just about anyone, we do not deserve any kind of  glorifying title. Boys don’t have to worry about no pregnancies, they can always say that the baby ain’t theirs but can a girl say that when it’s their belly that’s popping. Boys also don’t have worry about the stigma that comes with it either. That is the way it has been for the past forever and it’s not about to change.

If girls want to sleep around… they should go ahead! I wouldn’t advice it but my word isn’t the law and I didn’t give birth to any of them, so just do as they damn well as please. But can’t they, excuse my ears and shut the hell up while they’re at it. Why are they expecting respect for being the worldwide community bike. What the hell! As Mikeisverybored would say “this shit don’t make sense to me!” Girls who sleep around will always be whores in the eyes of society that’s how it is, remember this didn’t start yesterday, it’s been around for as long as man has been around. Girls really need to stop trying to give whores ridiculous titles and airs.

Thanks for reading, more to come

  1. I’m a guy and I think this is just…. There is no argument for this… It’s a dumb, out-dated double-standard and to promote that promiscuity is an absolute OBSCENITY for women, and only a “well… as long as you don’t get AIDS, HIV, or any STI (aka STD) it’s fine” for us guys is dumb. Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb. Did I say it was dumb? Well, just in case you didn’t understand the first time; IT. IS. DUMB! I’m not saying girls have other double-standards in their favor, but of all THIS certain one is the most common and enforced among everyone (just to deny the possibility of changing of the subject).

    If you think in any way it is justified to humiliate someone for being sexual, you honestly need to pick up a book and actually put your proper sentence structures and good grammar to good use. Humans are sexual beings. It’s who we are. We should not stifle what is in our very nature. And yet, even if we were to, we should not suppress it in some and encourage it in others.

    And LOL, “community bike.” Now that one was a kicker. Pointless metaphor for an ignorant ideal. It’s like the, “If if a key opens many locks, it is a master key. If a lock is opened by many keys, it’s a shitty lock” saying. Honestly, while metaphors are of course a sophisticated part of speech, ones such as these put all maxims in a bad light. Honestly, pick of a book and become enlightened or die in the shadows with the rest of society. The disgrace you bring upon humanity is much more excessive and abundant than that of the whores in which you claim bring upon us.

    We live in an ever changing world and ideologies such as these have lived out their use. I might have seen the point in keeping women as close to Jesus’ mother back in the day, where getting pregnant pretty much meant that you would die, but honestly, what is the point now other than creating unnecessary barriers, animosity, frustration, and accentuating how women and men should act. Seriously… what is the point? We have condoms, birth control, “Plan-B”, proper health care for women and sophisticated technology which allows us to properly and [majority of the time] safely bring the baby into the world without risking the woman’s life. Yes, condoms are not 100% effective, can break, and birth control is as well not a guarantee that you won’t get pregnant, but that’s still would be a problem even if you weren’t promiscuous.

    Either call them us all whores are leave make whores as much of an unused word as ‘xenolexica.’


    • Are you sure you read the post careful? Did I say that I condone male promiscuity? Errmmm…. NO! I said this is a direct quote “Personally I don’t condone promiscuity in males and females alike, it ain’t healthy….” the fact was, is and always will be that a stud is a whore, but a whore is not a stud. That’s the way I see it. Community bike is a good metaphor to use because the women I’m talking about are literally community bikes. The if a key open many locks saying is in fact true and it makes perfect sense.

      For your information I’m not talking about women who enjoy sex, no one should have an objection to that, I am talking about women who do nothing with their legs other than open-close-open-close-open-close there is a clear distinction. I’m not the one to “humiliate” women like these, I just want them to STFU about this whole “why aren’t whore called studs” campaign. We live in an ever changing society yes, but the fact still remains that women will never get props for being promiscuous, if a whore likes dick, she likes dick, she just build a bridge and get over it, that was the point of my post.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Sorry for misinterpreting your post.
    Why do you think such ‘bicycle’ women do as they do?


    • It’s alright, it happens, you are entitled to your opinion and entitled to express them.
      That’s a hard one, every ‘bicycle’ woman has there own back story and there are also so many different types of them. We have the ones who do it to please guys because they think that sex=love. Then we have the ones who want the attention from guys all over the place , we also have sight whores who dress like whores for the attention and then complain about not being able to walk down the streets with a mini skirt and a bra top without getting wolf whistled, which is really stupid. But I think that the number reason is that no one has taught them self respect. Some girls need guidance and the women who grow up to be bicycle get little to none of it, so they don’t know their value which is why they give themselves up aimlessly. Society also look down on them and labels as that for the rest of their lives so they are able to sink deeper into bicycle hood. And no woman in this world thinks to take in these females from early on, to nurture them and teach them how precious every woman including them is.
      What do you think?


      • I agree. Those who don’t do it for pleasure quite possibly have serious self esteem issues, or warped perceptions of relationships. As you say, guidance, nurturing and attention are important. [On a separate note, I think you should be able to wear whatever you like and not be abused. See here (http://view.koreaherald.com/kh/view.php?ud=20111213000858&cpv=0) or similar on Slutwalk or Boobquake.

        If we both agree that these women are to some extent damaged or in need of help, why demonise them further by strongly reasserting the term ‘whore’? I know you did mention self-respect etc, but surely a more positive, constructive post would convince ‘bicycle’ readers more than a vituperative attack?


        • The Slut Walk is kind of interesting, kudos to all those women who chose to put their issue in black & white, that police man was just……
          I think women should be able to wear what they want too, but the thing they aren’t. The society we live in today has been around for a very long time, & the whole mini skirt & bra top is a certain uniform for a certain type of people – whores. Would you like say, you 16 year old daughter to dress like that? When you know that first of all she looks like a hot mess, secondly society is going to judge her straight off. Society Labels, that is the order. Men in particular are going to treats her like a trash from the side of the road and she will eventually start feeling and acting like she is. When girls who dress like that get raped, society judges and say that, they wanted it because of how they dress. That’s just how it is, women will forever and always get the short end of the stick. So what are we to do….. “take that into consideration” when we dress in the morning.

          These bicycle women are whores, that is actually the term them, why should we lie to them & tell them otherwise? I think that even though we need to help them, we also need to tell them in black & white, what they are and why what they do is wrong. The first stage of moving on, is knowing your problems. So these women need to know what they are, essentially. They need to hear it. I have a post called “Why Do Girls Hate On Whores” & I just that every young person who is going in that direction reads that and realise the reality of the situation that they are getting themselves deeper and deeper into. And the fact that they will most likely loose in the end. And there is also the fact that a lot whores know what they are doing is wrong but carry on anyway, cause they like dick! & the attention from men who only want them for one thing.


  3. Seriously?
    OK, I understand your post. The argument runs, “It’s easy for women to get laid regularly, and difficult for men, hence the pejorative term for women-who-have-casual-sex and the admirative term for men who do the same.” In itself, I think this argument is valid, although it misses a whole lot of causality in two terms’ definitions, including the religious-based moral inheritance in European languages, that values female ‘virtue’ (sic. virginity) and savages women who are assertive, sexually or otherwise.
    You’re not really saying anything new, or getting very deep into the problem. What the women you savage are (often) attempting to do is to move beyond the assumptions you discuss, and enjoy themselves *however they choose*. For non-religious people (and some religious) there is nothing shameful or wrong with having, or acting upon one’s natural sexual urges. Whilst I agree with you in terms of maintaining self-respect and health, neither of these need be compromised by a more liberal sexual attitude. Hence, opposition to the term slut is attacking *the definition you use as proof*, not the term in itself.

    Moreover, the definition you quote doesn’t even strongly support your discussion – it suggests prostitution, which isn’t what we’re talking about. Surely it’s valid for people having consensual sexual relations, without money being changed hands, to protest being called prostitutes? Worse, etymologically, the term comes from the Arabic Muslim term ‘حورية, huur, huriyah’, which describes the infamous ’72 virgins waiting for martyrs in paradise.’ Such a term, and its derivations, are hugely objectifying to women, and it’s no wonder that feminists (promiscuous or otherwise) protest women being approximated to sexual rewards.

    I’d also attack your titular assumption, that significant numbers of women ‘want to be called studs’. Largely, they just want Not to be called pejorative terms for their morally neutral actions. The ‘stud’ comparison is usually brought in as a *reason* for this argument in illustrating the hypocrisy and patriarchal nature of our societal assumptions – not as a plea to be included in the term ‘stud’.


    • This post came about, because I was sick & tired of girls running around complaining about how males are called “studs” to sum up all their titles and females are called “whores” to sum up all names. I just call them whores, if I wanted to call them prostitutes, I would have called them prostitutes straight out. Yes the definition I put for whore is a bit sketchy and the correct term for such women I think is simply “promiscuous women” with highly in front of it. But these days all sort of terms are used to describe these women including; skanks (which actually means dancing, so there are skanks and there is “skanking”, sluts, hoe, ho(s), easy, slags, tricks (which is a relatively broad term) and one my favorite term…. bitches. So all these terms don’t even really mean promiscuous but are recognise as terms to describe women that are.

      I was not talking about the women who enjoy sex, that is a whole different ball game. They don’t do what whores do which is go through guys like a child goes through pencil crayons. This post is talking about the women out there who sleep around aimlessly, it’s like every night a different guy, they have no standards at all, drunk, sober, single, taken, just anyone with the correct equipment…. And these same women expect society to not judge them and to not put labels on them. And these same women complain that men do the same thing minus the labels as if they weren’t born into a world where society pats promiscuous men in the back and looks down on promiscuous women. I wasn’t trying to bring a new point to it, what kind of new point and depth can be added to an age old topic. It’s all been said already. What problem is there? What is there to get into? What would you say about the situation? There is acting on your natural urges then there is being a community bike. And then there is being a community bike who wants respect where there is actually nothing to respect where they want respect. I know that women who enjoy sex don’t want the title studs it’s the ones who want to justify sleeping around left, right and centre that want a title.

      The post was a get real post. Girls should stop thinking: “Why aint I stud cause I do what studs do which is basically go through sexual partners like a baby goes through breast milk ” because the answer is “No bitch you are a whore”


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